The new Bishop of Mamfe

The new Bishop of Mamfe;
The new Chief Shepherd
Of Mamfe,
The new Pastor
Of the one family Diocese
Of Mamfe,
Do you know him?
Anxiety is rife;
All want to know
Who is that favoured one?
He is unknown;
For now, God alone knows;
But he can be no other
Than a Shepherd of great qualities;
A dedicated and devoted fisherman;
Who has proven his worth
In the eyes of the Lord?
In his divine wisdom,
With his unfathomable mind,
God alone knows;
He alone makes the choice;
From among his shepherds,
He calls the Chief Shepherd,
The choice is his;
Yes, the Chief Shepherd
For the Diocese of Mamfe.
Is somewhere among us
In the Holy Catholic Church;
He is among many;
The one on whom God’s hand
Is placed;
You cannot know
Even if at this moment
You are looking at him;
God alone will tell the world,
At his chosen time;
Through the signatory power
Of the Holy Father,
Let us pray
That this choosen one
Will best please the Lord;
That this chosen one
Will best deliver the goods;
That under his leadership
The Gospel will courageously
Continue its journey
Throughout the territory
Of the Diocese of Mamfe.
Almighty God,
Thank you immensely
For the new Bishop of Mamfe,
Who you have already chosen
in heaven;
May you grant him all the graces he needs,
The wisdom, good health,
Stamina, courage and passion
For the spread of the gospel;
The times are challenging
With many uncertainties;
Only you can protect him.
into your hands, we commit him
All the rest of his life;
This is our prayer
Through Christ our Lord, Amen!


New leader for the Church

The newly appointed administrator for the diocese of Buea, Bishop Michael Bibi, arrived in his new diocese on Thursday January 2, 2020.

The young Bishop replaces Bishop Emmanuel Bushu who has taken his retirement after 13 years as Bishop.

I was part of the delegation of some twenty persons who accompanied the new Bishop.

At a bridge at the gateway to the diocese, there was a mammoth crowd of Christians waiting for their new Shepherd.

As soon as the convoy arrived, they burst into singing and dancing.

When he came out of his car, there was euphoria in the air. Singing and dancing rose to a frenzy.

Neither the bishop nor those of us who accompanied him had expected this. It was moving.

Overjoyed, the new Apostolic administrator started hugging whoever he could reach. At one point, the protocol had to step in for the journey to continue.

As we drove to the Cathedral, there were as many stops on the way as there were mission stations and Parishes and even some small Christian communities.

The Bishop stopped often to hug the excited and anxious Christians. At one place, I saw a security guard running after the Bishop’s car, shouting that the bishop should bless him. When the bishop noticed it, he asked the driver to stop and he blessed the man, making his day.

The climax was in the Cathedral where there was benediction followed by speeches. The first to speak was the laity council representative who eloquently expressed the joy of the Christians. Then the Bishop himself who thanked the people for their warm reception and said he was counting on all for their contribution to build the diocese.

From the look of things, the entire diocese is very happy with their new leader. There is no doubt that they will work so well. For one thing, the new Apostolic leader, Bishop Michael Bibi is a very likeable person, very nice to work with. He has time for everybody, parents and children inclusive just like the haves and the haves not.

He displayed this quality when he was the Director of Maryvale institute. He brought in many priests. And as the auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Bamenda, he went to the remotest areas, shared time with the young and the old.

We call on all our readers to put this young, dynamic, competent and committed Bishop in prayers.

August visitor

Today is January 1, 2020. We are beginning the year in a big way by having in our midst an August visitor. This distinguished personality is the newly appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Buea, Bishop Michael Bibi, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

It was on Saturday, 28 December, 2019 that the Holy Father, Pope Francis made the surprise appointment which was announced simultaneously in Rome and in the Diocese of Buea at mid day.

Our Parish, St. John the Baptist Parish, fondly called The Emerging Vatican was the first to receive him as he celebrated a pontifical High Mass with us the next day, the feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

The big event that day was the celebration of the jubilee of the erection of the Diocese by the Family Life Apostolate. It was a real privilege to have the Bishop with us.

Today, he comes again, to start the new year with us with a Pontifical High Mass. It also happens to be his last Mass in the Archdiocese, prior to his departure to his new station. Again we are blessed to receive his episcopal blessings.

We have an Archdiocese with 45 perishes and quasi Parishes and each one would have loved to be the one to be distinguished to receive his pontifical blessings, but it is the Emerging Vatican alone that is blessed with that opportunity.

We cannot thank God enough. As we say, love begets love or a good turn deserves another. We will be represented in Buea tomorrow when he lands there to take up his new function.

Above all, we are joining the rest of the Archdiocese to dedicate him to the Lord in prayers; that the Almighty God may equip him with the necessary health, strength and wisdom to accomplish his mission in a way pleasing to Him.

Auxiliary Bishop Michael Bibi visits destruction sites in Balikumbat consoles couples, families, population

Bishop Michael Bibi has been consoling couples, families and entire people of Balikumbat left in the cold after their homes were destroyed. He was on the spot. We must intensify our prayers. Couples are suffering; families are suffering. See pictures thanks to our reporter Paschal Chengeng in the field with the Bishop:

Bishop Michael Bibi braving the odds (Be inspired today 174)

We got more pictures of our Bishop’s pastoral trip this week.

It wasn’t an easy trip at all. But wherever there are people of God, Bishop Bibi is resolved to reach.

Bishop takes Gospel to people on mountains and forests (Be inspired today 169 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

The Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Bamenda Michael Miabesue Bibi has rounded off a four days pastoral visit in St Paul’s Quasi parish Menka, during which he had the opportunity to visit all the for Zones that make up the Parish.

Upon arrival on day one the Prelate had Mass with over two hundred youths of the Parish who were in a youth rally organized within the context of the Bishop’s visit in prelude to the Archdiocesan World Youth Day celebration. The Prelate was eloquent in his appeal to the young people to shun all the vices that come with idleness because of the shut down of schools.

Day 2 of his visit was a very difficult one. 7:30 am in the morning saw the Prelate mounting a bike to hit the difficult roads to Tanka Zone. His bike man was the energetic Parish Rector, Fr John Vianney Bangse who proved beyond reasonable doubt of having a good mastery of the twisting, winding, stony and muddy roads. Where the bikes could not continue, the Bishop had to continue on foot with a long and strong walking stick. Upon arrival, he met a huge crowd of Christians waiting for him at the edge of the two kilometers forest leading to Tanka. While celebrating the sacrifice of the Mass , in his homily, he called on all those present to have faith in God, holding on to their faith and believing in the Church as the only way out during this difficult time.
At the end of the Mass the two speeches were delivered, that of the chair man of Efang zone and Tanka zones respectively. One theme ran through both speeches – thanking the Bishop for coming and also wishing him a safe stay with them in Menka. They further expressed their regret for not participating in Diocesan events because of the current socio-political impasse in the affected regions. They strongly appealed that the Bishop brings back their curate who escaped because of insecurity and also that the Parish be made a full flesh Parish. In response, the Bishop encouraged them and promised taking all their worries to the Chief Shepherd and college of Consultors for examination. The day ended with merry making.

Day three was another difficult experience through the difficult topography. This time around, the Bishop was going to the 3rd out of the 4 zones that make up the Parish. The difficult journey to Baraka zone took the Prelate close to 3 hours on foot through the thick dense forest characterised by fast flowing streams , and rocky foot paths. After spending an hour thirty minutes in the forest , he hit the difficult part of ascending the steep mountain. The walking stick and the pair of sports shoes he wore did not stop the him from falling and wounding his hand.

The second falling attempt saw him rescued by the Parish priest who appeared like a guardian angel to rescue him. At the crest of the mountain there was a happy waiting crowd of Christians in their various group uniforms singing and waiting for the Bishop. Baraka, it should be noted, is a Eucharistic center in the parish. Mass was celebrated during which the Prelate delivered his message of Hope , peace and reconciliation. In the course of the Mass, he administered the sacrament of Confirmation to one sick candidate who couldn’t make it to the main mission the next Day because of his health situation. On his way back through the difficult roads descending the hills, the Bishop was caught by rain which poured on him and his crew until they reached the parish .

Day four saw him in the main mission where he celebrated Mass with the church jammed to capacity. In his homily, he called on the Christians to keep trust in God for he is the beginning and the end , that only God can vindicate us from the current problems in our two English speaking regions. He promised the people the full attention of the Bishops and also promised to take their appeals to the Archbishop.

The day ended with snap shots and feasting.

Report by Pascal Chengeng out with the Bishop.