I don’t blame

I stopped blaming people
At random;
For any reason;
I don’t blame you;
I don’t blame anybody;
I don’t blame people
Left and right
Because things are
Wrong in my life;
Unless I am sure
Who is at fault,
I will blame nobody;
At times, we blame people
We should not blame,
We leave the people
Who have done wrong
And deserve blame,
And blame people
Who are innocent;
That is unfair;
It can cause great pain
In one’s heart to receive blame
For another’s wrong;
Instead of blaming others,
What I do is,
I look at myself
Straight in the eyes
When anything goes wrong,
To see if the fault
Is not mine.
It could well be mine.


I don’t blame you (Be inspired today 286 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I don’t blame you
For starting late;
Instead, I praise you
For starting
At all;
Not that starting late
Is good,
But starting late
Is better than
Not starting at all.
Many give up
When they are late;
It takes courage;
And deserves praise
Not blame.
Hence, I don’t at all
Blame you
If you start late.
All is finish well;
So I praise you.

Quote ( blaming leaders)

“Every society produces its leaders. Your society produced the leaders you have. Don’t blame others if they are not the type of leaders you want. Either you are part of the mess or your parents or grandparents. If You are unwilling to take the share of the blame that comes to you or your family, that casts doubts on your ability to be different had you been the one on the pilot’s sit.” (Romilia quotes)

Who is to blame? (Be inspired today 53 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Who is to blame?

Stop blaming wrongly;
Things have not gone
As you want;
You blame Bad luck
For coming to you;
You blame Good Luck
For not coming to you;
Bad Luck blames you
For making him come
To you;
Whereas you hate him;
Good luck blames you
For going away too early
Before he came to you;
So he did not find you
When he arrived;
As you were already gone;
The blame game fills the air;
So who actually is to blame?
Is it Bad Luck for coming?
Good luck for coming late?
Or you for inviting Bad Luck;
Or leaving too early
Before the arrival of
Good Luck?
If you have an answer,
Don’t keep it to yourself;
Share it in the comment box.
For me,
I would say
Stop blaming;
And do what is right;
Stop leaving too early;
Good luck never hurries
To come;
So don’t hurry to leave.
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Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for participation!

Who is ready?

ho is ready to succeed?
You have no reason to fail;
You have no excuse to fail;
You shall take the blamed
If you fail;
You weren’t born to fail;
You were born to succeed;
You have the potential
For great things;
Use that potential
To do great things.
Take a decision now,
To make your mark in this world;
If you take that decision,
And mean it,
You will make it;
Are you ready?
Tell me if you are.

A great obstacle to marital harmony

We all like to have harmony in our marriage, don’t we? I guess we all do.

Unfortunately, harmony is a far cry for many couples. There are many reasons. I will talk about one: blaming.

I have seen how blaming has turned a very happy marriage around into a sad one. My own marriage runs into difficulties from time to time with blaming. Luckily, we have become aware of this evil and are working on eliminating it.

If you blame your spouse for every thing under the sun that is not working well in your marriage, you are not helping your relationship.

If your spouse blames you for everything that does not work out well, I can bet you do not have happiness in your marriage.

Blame makes the blamed one feel responsible for whatever does not go well. And usually people do not like to be seen as being the cause of what goes wrong.

Blaming generates bitterness. And bitterness in many cases leads to squabbles and fights.

Instead of blaming your spouse and creating stress or violence in your relationship, start to praise and appreciate.

Your spouse is making an enormous contribution to the well being of your family and expects this to be greeted with praise and appreciation not blame and condemnation.

If blaming and condemning your spouse is your stock-in- trade, do something about it. Each time you feel the urge to blame your spouse for anything, make a deliberate effort to turn it around or transform it into praise and appreciation.


Can you think of a day when blame and condemnation spoiled your day? What happened? And how did you handle it?

Pardon me!

Please, pardon me, my dear;
I am sorry to hurt you;
It was not my intention;
Please, pardon me, my love;
I am sorry to disappoint you;
It was not my intention;
Please, pardon me. sweet one;
I am sorry to fail you;
It was not my intention;
Please, kindly understand;
It’s our filters, that’s all;
Nothing wrong with you;
Nothing wrong with any of us;
Just our filters;
That have led to blame game;
Let’s stop the blame game;
It doesn’t help us;
And letting the whole world
Know what concerns only us;
But why?
How does that help us?
Let’s correct what went wrong,
Let’s reconcile;
Reconciliation is noble;
It comes from forgiving hearts;
And forgiving hearts,
Are noble hearts.
So, pardon me;
Let’s reconcile!
See us world’s apart;
It doesn’t help at all.

If you are defeated

If you are defeated,
It’s your fault;
Don’t blame other people;
Blame yourself;
No one can stop you
From getting
To the winning point
And carrying home victory;
Only you can.
So if you are defeated,
Don’t blame another person,
Not even circumstances;
Blame yourself.
You have every reason to win;
Make sure you win;
Don’t accept defeat;
You are a winner,
Not a loser.
if you lose, blame yourself;
If you are defeated,
Blame yourself;
But don’t throw in the towel;
Go and prepare and come back;
And take home the trophy.