Low Octane

Certain formulas just make sense, as in the Hi-Performance engines of my younger days. We raced muscle cars every Friday or Saturday night if the weather cooperated on those days. Low octane fuel was for little less-powered engines. But, if we wanted great strength and power, high octane gave us a much better performance. Our health and well-being run on the same performance factors, and it’s equated to the relationship we have with God.

I’m sure some of us have observed people who sat in the back of a church and appeared as though they slept in their clothes. Some believers come to take up space and really don’t take part in the songs of praise. But in the front pews of God’s church, sat the brilliant Christians, praising the Lord, and magnified by God’s glow. Those beautifully dressed believers in the front rows, with their hands held high to receive God’s word… need I say more? They are full of high octane. Then, I examined those of ill-faded color, dull complexions, blemished, and disheveled, and it was apparent their spirituality may be (or was) filled with low octane. Their engine’s performance could be directly related to the quality of octane they put into their bodies.

“If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.” 1 Corinthians 3:17

Though a remarkable difference in the congregation is clear, there appears to be a more profound correlation not so noticeable. My theory is purely hypothetical, so I did some research to discover the accuracy of my prognosis.

“You shall serve the Lord your God, and he will bless your bread and your water, and I will take sickness away from among you.” Exodus 23:25

Jesus proved in His healing work that it is God’s will we have good health. Many examples in scriptures reveal the miracles of Jesus healing those with ailments. Our health is the inevitable result of knowing God and living a life filled with His love and direction. Let’s look at a few of these examples.

My wife’s mother was a devout, God-fearing Christian who lived her life by God’s commandments. When she passed away at ninety-five years old, she barely had a wrinkle on her face. She glowed in God’s spirit, and He took her from us peacefully, without pain and struggle. I have a high school friend who has not had a natural heartbeat since 1995. Pacemakers have been the source of her existence, but she praises the Lord for her health and life. Looking at her today, she is the epitome of health – glowing skin, smiling ear-to-ear, and shiny, beautiful hair. She runs on high octane and lives every day to the fullest. God bless her heart!

On a more notable scale, the evangelist, Billy Graham, was ninety-nine years old when he quietly passed away. He struggled with cancer and eventually died of pneumonia, but until the day he died, he looked healthy. He had God’s glow of high octane. The late Bishop Eddie Long, head of one of the largest mega-churches in the U.S., is another example of one who passed away from cancer. He maintained his youthful appearance and high octane looks until the day he left us.

Our health is a gift to all of God’s children. We can overcome disease and sickness, in some sense, by living a faithful life to Christ. Now do not misinterpret my words to mean we will never get sick or recover from terminal conditions if we live on high octane. God doesn’t promise us life with no pain or sickness. But one has to wonder… why are those with spiritually low octane, appear not so healthy, yet those who run on high octane rarely show any illnesses? Pay close attention to those around you who are suffering ailments and tell me if my observation isn’t correct.

The principles of well-being are not only our mental health but the condition of our physical health too. It’s simple – God is the highest octane you can receive for your body. Where can you get it? We obtain it through prayer and living a godly life. The more the Lord resonates in your life, the better you will look and feel. Let the love of God be Your octane bust!

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Many blessings

You ought to be happy;
You are blessed;
You are abundantly blessed;
If you think you aren’t,
You are mistaken;
Take a good look
Around you
And count your blessing;
Tell me what you see;
Many are not as blessed
As you are;
And yet they are so happy;
You have every reason
To be happy;
And to give thanks
To Almighty God.
You have many blessings.

My Carol

‘Tis this season closing and the word which comes to mind is ‘rejoice.’ It’s a perfect time to thank the Lord above for our many blessings. I think of friends I’ve met throughout the year – some mere acquaintances, but some so very dear. Praise God for every one of them!

I want to sing for my peace in life has come a-caroling. The joy I received from everyone is immeasurable! The joyful sounds of the holidays sustained my heart. People were smiling and singing their favorite carol, always trying to stay in harmony. They sang from deep within their soul for life is good. God abundantly blessed them.

The colors are so bright, illuminating the sky, and even the stars shine down upon us as we carol throughout the night. What child was this which brought us life and demanded us to praise God? This infant, born in Bethlehem, in the poorest of conditions, shed His grace for us to live. Let us rejoice in His company!

It’s my carol I want you to hear today – not in your ear but, in your heart, for I sing of joyful hope as another year closes. Rejoice and thank our precious Lord for everything! As for those who lost loved ones, yet still try to chant… rejoice! Those who perished are now on high.

Praise be to God! It is these words I carol. Keep our hearts in harmony, smiles in symmetry, and our love will never part. As we ring in a new year, let us look forward to another carol… one we may sing together for the rest of our lives!

May you have a blessed and Happy New Year, my friends!

You are blessed

You are blessed
Each time you obey
God’s command;
You are blessed
Each time you share
Your blessings;
You are blessed
Each time you offer
The world a positive
You are blessed
Each time
You smile
To the world;
You are blessed
Each time you send out
Love waves;
Yes, you are blessed;
Abundantly blessed;
Wonderfully blessed.

Special message for you

Hello! It’s a real pleasure for me to talk to you today. I have a special message for you. Short, but very important. This is the special message I have for you:

 you can achieve your fondest dream

You can become the person you are dying to become. You can achieve anything you strongly desire to achieve. 

Do you know what is stopping you? 

You are stopping yourself. You don’t believe you can do it. You don’t believe in yourself. You sell yourself short. You think you cannot do it. 

I want you to know you can do it. If you can conceive it, you can do it. All it takes is for you to believe you can do it. Set out to do it; put all of yourself in it, and never stop until you have done it. That is how the great achievers do it to become great. You do like them. 

This is the simple

 message I have for you today. It works for those who make it work. As you go about your life today, know that you can achieve anything you strongly desire to achieve. Thank you for your kind attention!

Blessed ones

We are such blessed ones;
But I did not know until someone
Came along and opened my eyes;
Then I began to see how blessed I was;
At first, I only saw what I did not have;
My eyes were blind to what I had;

Are you blind to what you have?
Only seeing what you do not have?
Open your eyes as I’ve done;
And you’ll see how much you have;
And only then will you know
You are such a blessed, one.