Today’s morning prayer 42

Dear Father,
Today is another gift
You have given me,
From your divine.heart,
I do not deserve it;
It is out of your own accord,
The fruit of your kindness
And not my worthiness;
What a generous heart you possess!
Give me a thankful heart,
O loving Master,
Let me know how to thank you;
To express my gratitude
To you many times this day,
For your blessings
Too many to count.
Why should I not thank you
A million times today?
May my lips praise
And glorify your holy name!
May my heart dwell on you,
And love you without limit!
May I serve you selflessly,
With a pure and contrite heart
Throughout this blessed day,
And for ever and ever,

It may be the best thing

Whenever what I wanted
Never came,
I usually felt bad;
But I shouldn’t have felt so;
What we need
To understand is
When we don’t have
What we want,
It is because
God doesn’t want it
For us;
Which means
It is not good for us;
Hence, He wants
Something else;
And that something else
Is better
Than that which
We have failed to get.
This is what we mean
When we say
A disappointment
Is a blessing.
Never cry over a disappointment;
It may be the best thing
That ever happened to you.
Thank God for it,
And start looking
For that better thing
Which he has for you

Fortunately unfortunate

How fortunate!
That this, unfortunately,
Has happened to you!
You shiver
When you think of it;
But take a closer look,
It has offered you
The opportunity of your life;
One you would pay anything
To acquire.
It has taught you
Many precious lessons;
Unforgettable lessons;
Invaluable lessons;
Transformative lessons.
Far from being negative,
The experience is positive;
It is so fortunate
That you had this misfortune.
Fortune delayed
Is not fortune denied;
Your best thing
Is your misfortune.
Your greatest blessing
You should thank God for
Is the disaster
That befell you;
That is what is taking you
to the top.
You are so fortunate
That this unfortunate thing
Happened to you.
Thank God you had such
A great misfortune.

Are you a curse or a blessing?

I want you to be
A blessing to me;
I want my life to be better
Because of you;
People can be a blessing
Or a curse to others;
Don’t be a curse to anyone;
Be a blessing to everyone.
You are a blessing to another
When good things happen
To the concerned
Because you are there;
You are a curse to another
When bad things happen
To the the concerned
Because you are there.
Were you born into this world
To bring pain or pleasure
To someone or others?
Those who are evil bring pain;
Those who are good bring joy.

Being a blessing to the world

You are born to be
A blessing to the world;
God wants everyone of us
To be a blessing
To the world.
He has given us guidelines
To follow to achieve
This noble objective.
These are contained
In his handbook for the purpose:
To show people how to become
A blessing to the world.
This handbook is called
The Holy Bible.
It is our duty to feed on
Its content called
The Word of God;
We must nourish
Our hearts and minds with it;
And let it make us
What He wants us to be:
A blessing to the world.

Are you Generous?

Do you make a point of being generous to those around you? Generosity isn’t just about money.

Generosity can be in the form of:

  • Spending time with others.
  • Sharing your skills or expertise.
  • Being a good listener.
  • Taking an interest in people.
  • Being compassionate.
  • Making quality time for your family.
  • Helping out a co-worker.

Yes, you will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous. And when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God.
2 Corinthians 9:11 NLT

Your GREATNESS is not what you have, it’s what you GIVE.

One of the joy in helping humanity is that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Many thanks for stopping by, until next time..
Love and blessings always,

Today is the greatest blessing

Today, you may take for granted;
Are you aware of your doing?
A great error it is;
Today is your greatest blessing;
Imagine you were refused today!
Would you be here?
Not at all;
Having today is having life;
Had God not given you today,
You would be in the next world;
Today is a gift to be valued,
And well utilized;
So easy it is for this gift
To be refused anyone;
Many are those who were here
With you Yesterday,
But do not have today;
And here you are my friend,
Freely enjoying this gift;
It’s a priceless gift;
Thank the author of your life,
The one who controls
The heaven and the earth,
The Almighty, all powerful God,
For the wonderful gift of today.
The greatest blessing
We all have everyday.

He will not fail you

Everything in life,
Comes from God alone;
He does not fail
Those who rely on him;
Nothing depends
On how hard you work;
Success appears to be;
But that is far from it;
For sure, that hard work counts;
But it’s God who has
The final word.
Through hard work,
You get your file
To the table of the Lord;
And he alone decides
Whether or not
To grant you what you want;
That is his reserve;
What is it that you want?
It is left to him,
To give it to you;
Put your trust in Him;
Work hard, yes; but put
Your heart in him;
And get the blessings
That you want,
He will not fail you.
He never does anyone;
All those who put
their trust in him
Always end with a smile.
If you have never known,
You better do so now.