You are my blessing

You are my blessing;
Did you know that?
You are my special
Blessing from God;
You have come straight
From Heaven above;
I am happier and better
Because of you;
You’re a sweet blessing
To me;
I thank God for you.


What a blessing!

What a blessing,
To have someone
To hold your hand
Through the stormy times
Of life!

What a blessing
To have the grace
To know the value of prayer
And live a prayer life!

What a blessing
To be alive
When many worthy ones
Have gone ahead!

What a blessing
That God is always there
For us;
Especially as we walk
On slippery ground!

What a blessing!
What a blessing!
What a blessing, indeed!
What a blessing!

Please, add your own!

Blessed with a disappointment

Thank God that things went
The way they did;
You can’t say
What might have happened.

Thank God you are blessed
With a disappointment;
A disappointment is always
A blessing;
We don’t only have eyes
To see.

Thank God for blessing you
With a disappointment;
Move on
To make the most of it.
It’s nice to be blessed
With a disappointment.

The thorny path

“Every thorny path in life is a blessing in disguise; an opportunity in dirty clothes. Unfortunately, many of us do not have eyes to see and so become bitter, discouraged and frustrated when we find ourselves on such a path. Meanwhile, if the power that controls life on earth places us on a smooth path, full of buttered bread and blooming roses, we may become feeble and lazy. But on a path with hard rocks and difficult to travel on, we have a great opportunity to become stronger if we struggle on. As we commonly say, those who always go uphill end up with strong legs.” Romilia Quotes

Be a blessing!

How shall you spend
This day?
Shall you spend
This day
Doing good or doing evil?
Let us spend
This day
Doing good;
Let us spend
This day
Thinking good thoughts;
Let us spend
This day
Serving our creator;
Let us try and spend
This day
In a way that will add
Good to the world;
Not evil to the world;
Let us spend
This day
Blessing others;
Let us be a blessing
To someone today!

What a joy to be a blessing!

Many blessings I have in this world;
Many blessings I cannot count;
Many blessings that bring me joy;
Many many blessings indeed;
One blessing stands out above the others;
One blessing I so much value;
One blessing which has made my life different;
One unique blessing straight from God;
A blessing of love;
My sweetheart is that blessing;
I pray to be a blessing to her too;
Are you a blessing to someone?
Are you a blessing to your sweetheart?
What a joy to be a blessing to someone!
May God make you a blessing to someone!
And may your sweetheart be a blessing to you!

Blessed with a difficulty

Today has been a difficult day;
Only in one sense.
Where I live,
There’s been no electricity
Until now;
Many things I would have done,
I did not do;
But that was also a blessing;
Many things I never would have done,
I did.
Are we not told
Every disappointment is a blessing?
That is what it has been;
Blessed with a difficulty.

Sweeter than sweet

If there is a word,
That is sweeter than sweet,
Tell me;
That I may use it to describe you;
I call you sweet,
For lack of a better word;
You, definitely, are more than sweet;
You are sweeter than sweet;
Thank you for being
Such a sweet friend;
A blessing to have
As a friend;
A wonderful gift
To humanity.

Source of inspiration
I was inspired by a comment on my site by Leland Olson Hoel to write this poem. Leland is such a nice person. I enjoyed reading about him on his site. He always HAS sweet words of encouragement for others. I love Leland and wrote this poem for him and all other wonderful people like him including you who are reading. If you like to read Leland’s comment on my site, It’s found below.
I encourage you to visit Leland on his site and share some love with him. The link is found at the end of this page.

Leland Olson Hoel
4 hours agoMy Mixed Blog
Dear friend, Success Inspirer I do not think a bucket list is something you have to worry about.
From what I have read about you the Lord has blessed you very richly, with a lovely wife and a lovely family. You have a successful business as a journalist, blogger,writer, been in Cameroon broadcasting for over 32 years. I would say you’re one of the few people in this whole, wide, world that actually has his ducks in a nice little row.
I do not think your life became this way from a lightening strike, out of luck or circumstances. From watching you, you must the started at a very young age, shaping and planning your future and holding it all together with a life of faith in our Creator.
I want to commend you for sharing the good news and sharing your ideas with people all over this world. You lifted Thia last week when she felt alone. I am glad to call you a friend and hope you continue to visit my blog site and give me encouragement also.
Have a very successful 2016, best wishes, the Lord’s blessing on you and yours.
Thank you.

Continuous beautiful melody


What a difficult day I’ve had
With network!
No network all morning at my end;
But what an opportunity too!
I took advantage and did some reading;
I turned my disappointment
Into a blessing;
And now I feel richer because of it;
When disappointment comes,
Don’t fail to turn it
Into a blessing;
Then your life will be
A continuous beautiful melody.

The home

IMG_20151102_132717What a blessing, indeed!
To have a loving home,
To which you love to return
After a day of hard work;
When you are worn out;
And what you need most
Is a comfortable place to relax;
And loving people to show you love;
Or just be quiet
And let your mind and body take a rest.
Many homes are far from this;
Instead of a heaven on earth,
They are a hell;
How sad, indeed!