Solidarity Support Challenge day 82


We welcome everybody to meet today’s bloggers of the day. As usual, let us visit them and do as we have always done.

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Here we go for today:

64. aleblogs4u

65. rhonda moore
Rhonda Moore

Happy blogging!

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 81


As we draw to the end of this round of Solidarity Support Challenge, we feature two great friends today. Discover them.

W are waiting for you to tell us what you propose we do. Take a break? Start all over. Start new registration? Kindly take a minute and tell us what you think.

We count on you.
Now to our blogs and bloggers of today:

28. sharmishtha basu

29. simpledimple

Happy blogging!

Solidarity Support Challenge day 80


Hello sweet Solidarity bloggers! This round of our challenge is drawing to an end . It should be over in a week. We definitely have not been perfect. Forgive the shortcomings. If by some oversight you have not been listed for this round, please do let us know so that we can do it before this round rounds off.

We do appeal that you begin to think about how we can improve on our working in solidarity. Don’t forget this belongs to all of us – support me, I support you. I haven’t seen the logo on many sites and wish to request that we appropriate it and be proud to belong.

We have two sweet bloggers listed for today as usual. Let’s do as we have always done. The positive comments that many of you write keep me in the highest spirits. Thanks a million and don’t relent. Let those inspiring words from you make my heart glow.

Here you go:

30. nananettie1969

31. Lifehelps

Happy blogging!

Solidarity Support Challenge day 55


Hello sweet bloggers! You keep on being so nice. I keep getting great encouragement from many of you. You are all the best.

Let’s keep shining and building our little world. None else will do it for us. We have to speak for our voices to be heard and that is what we are all doing.

I continue my tour of our community with real pleasure. It will take a while to complete that tour. We have grown big; and are still growing.

Warm congratulations to those of our friends who were not with us at the start but have joined us. We love them and want more to come on board.

Our blogs and bloggers of the day are right here:

No. 20. Heart of Refuge
The beautiful, sweet Heart of Refuge will help you unveil “the hidden beauty of your heart.”

No. 21. Tessa
Our own darling Tessa is also waiting at her door to welcome you. Things have not been the best for Tessa of recent; but the love of all of us, her friends, has kept her going. Stop by to keep Tessa some company. Touch her heart with love. She’ll appreciate it.

Keep shining and lighting up the world around you. That’s what the light in you is meant for.

I love you!12935160_1053075468071953_916968871_n12935160_1053075468071953_916968871_n

cjstorm (Solidarity Support Challenge day 35)


Our blog of the day is The Cookie Jar. This site “promotes health, wellness and well-being through “in the news updates, healthy living, tips and tiny bites of inspiration.”

It is our joy to invite you to meet our participant number 19. cjstorm

If you like to know about this writer, I quote her: “CJ is a huge fan of quality family and friend time. She’s an optimist, realist and health promotions trainer/writer (Original St. Louis Healthy Living Examiner – SLHLE). By day she trains and advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault. At night she doesn’t sleep…”
But why? If you visit her site, you may have this unveiled to you.

I enjoy he company of this dynamic blogger a great deal. She is always there. Thank you CJ. You are such a sweet friend.

I invite all the family of Solidarity Support Challenge to go to read, like and comment.

Kah Choon’s blog (Solidarity Support Challenge day 32)


Our blog of the day is Kah Choon’s blog. The author of Kah Choon’s blog is Kah Choon, from Malaysia, currently working ‘as a research assistant focusing on Malaysian Chinese heritage and cultural studies. He has a bachelor’s in geography and likes to learn foreign languages, cultural differences and marine ecology conservation.” (cf.Kah Choon’s blog’s about page)

It is an interesting blog that “covers inspiration, education, application, and reflection on various topics…”

35. Kah Choon

I invite you to visit Kah Choon’s blog at:

If you are new and interested in participating in this challenge, indicate in the comment box below giving your name and blog link.
Happy blogging.

Solidarity support challenge day 28


40. Jackie Jain


2. zwesto
3, AlluringEby
4. SpiritualJourney17
5. Majka
6. Carolina
7. Deanne
Deanne’s World

8. timelesswhee

9. Soul Gifts
2 hourssoulgifts

10. roach59

11. lifehelps
12. zwesto
13. AnecdotesOfSuccess
14.Mliae site url:
15. Gradmama2011
(Wonderland Is a State of Mind)

16. jade0207
17. lovehappily
18. Nicole Martin
19. cjstorm
20.. Heart of Refuge

21. Tessa
24. Shiva Malekopmath
25. Erika Kind

26. Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding
27. Nena

Yentl Lega | Health + Balance + Beauty

28. sharmishtha basu
29. simpledimple
30. nananettie1969

31. Lifehelps
33. vidishakaushik
34.Myan Tres
35. Kah Choon

36. Amanda

37. theutopiauniverse

38. Ameena’s Musings

39. jsackmom

40. Jackie Jain

41. manyofus1980

42. meloheart Paramita

43. Katie

44. Miss Kymmie


You can still register if you have not yet joined. Give your name and blog url in the comment box.

Happy blogging!

Solidarity support challenge day 26


(Wonderland Is a State of Mind)

We are happy to be starting the week on day 26 of our Support challenge. I hope you had a great week end and are feeling refreshed as you start another exciting week. I have been having fun with the Democratic debate for the White House between Hillary and Sanders. Did you see my poem?

Happy week! Happy blogging!

Solidarity support challenge day 12


1. Carolina
2. Deanne
Deanne’s World
3. timelesswhee
4. Soul Gifts
2 hourssoulgifts
5. roach59

All participants visit all the bloggers or blogs of the day, like and comment on their posts. Bloggers of the day return the visit; the like and the comment.

If you are new, you can participate but make sure you sign in here so as to be enlisted as a blogger of the day at an appropriate time.

Participants are encouraged to freely visit the other participants and make friends. At the end of the day, you may like to share your day with fellow participants. Walk over to How was your day today no 9

Have a great day blogging!