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Weekly blog review day 1: Deanne’s World

The blogosphere is replete with awesome blogs. Every day, I visit many of them and interact with their owners. Although a lot of blogs can be described as smashing, from time to time I come across some that strike me in a very special way. One of them is Deanne’s World.

It is not long since I discovered this blog. And ever since, I have never visited it and gone away without being thrilled, inspired, edified and lifted above the ordinary. To say the least, it is a strikingly inspirational blog.

It is just a little over one year since Deanne’s World was created; but already, it has won many hearts and minds. According to the WordPress Blogging Annual Report, this blog was viewed 33.000 times in 2015. The busiest day “was February 7 with 342 views. The most popular post that day was About.”

The star behind the lofty dream of Deanne’s World is Deanne. Not much is available on this site about her. What she does outside blogging and where she hails from she doesn’t say. But that is not what matters. What attracts me to the site is the quality of what is published there.

Deanne’s World is a poetry-focused blog where you find an outpouring of the content of the author’s heart – a veritable outflow of a panache of joys, sorrows, heartbreaks, frustrations, disappointments and hopes.

Many of the poems will touch and delight your heart and put smiles on your face. But while some will make you laugh; some will draw tears to your eyes and you may find yourself actually crying. There are those who will challenge you and send you thinking and reflecting on the vicissitudes of life and the world in which we live.

I have not found a poem on Deanne’s blog that has not spoken to me in a special way. In this, I am not alone.  For, although I pride myself as one of the most regular visitors to this site, I only managed to come fourth in 2015, with 86 comments. Top of the list was Thump Up with 316 comments. Nicodemas, another wonderful blogger on WordPress came second with 117 comments. In third position was Lynz Real Cooking with 98 comments.  Steelnglass came after me with 82 comments.

When you read poems on this blog you are left with no doubt that the author has gone through heart-breaking emotional experiences that took her to near shattering point but she was able to steer herself back to safety.

Early this year, Deanne’s World celebrated its first anniversary. In a touching post titled ‘Almost One Year Blogging,’ Deanne announced:

“This is the end of the road for my emotional baggage. They’ll not be traveling with me any further on the journey.  There were some gooey, mucky and slimy gunk I needed to  get out of my system; and I believed I vomited them all out over the past year. So my focus can finally be what I’d always wanted it to be:

Beauty, Love and Harmony.”

Deanne is without doubt one of the shining stars that I have met on WordPress.She is doing extremely well.  I wish to warmly congratulate her on the work she is doing and urge her to keep on shining. Let the sky be her springboard. The world is and will be better because of her.

I invite you, fellow blogger, to visit Deanne’s World today and say a warm hello to sweet Deanne.  She will surely be overjoyed and will welcome you with the warmest smile. These are some posts I recommend:

Hurt After Hurt.

Time to Smile Again.

Love is wicked.

I want my heart back.


Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. See you next week for another review.



Feature: Blog Choice Review

In response to Day Fifteen of the Blogging 101 course for January 2016, I am Creating a New Posting Feature.

The assignment says “One of the best ways to inspire loyalty (of followers) is to publish regularly. And the best ways to make sure you publish regularly is with a recurring feature — it’s like making a pact with yourself and your audience.”

The task then asks the participants to “develop a regular feature for your blog.”
Thus I am starting a new feature for my blog titled “Blog Choice Review” and it shall come up every Friday.

I shall choose a blog I like and say what I find great about it. I shall invite my friends to visit the blog to support and encourage the blogger.

I am currently working on my first review and intend to publish it before the end of the day. I invite you to watch out for it. Also tell me what you think of the whole idea.

We’ll continue with the interviews we were already doing since they were doing very well and we always felt happy and proud to interview fellow bloggers and others.

No magic wand

Limerick Challenge week 3

There’s no magic wand;
That’ll hand you all you demand;
There’s no magic man,
That’ll give you everything in a pan;
Peer into the magic mind;
And no truth you shall find;
If you give them a little dime,
They will promise big magic time;
But it all boils down to lies;
A fake gets your money and flies.

This poem has been written in response to the prompt for week 3 of the Limerick Poetry Challenge.

Blogging activity

I am becoming more and more knowledgeable on why some bloggers get a lot of visitors to their sites.

WordPress blogging courses are equipping me with knowledge on this. I have learned that participating in a blogging event can bring you in contact with many bloggers who’ll make a great difference in your blogging.

I like the fact that WordPress goes as far as guiding you on how to choose a good event that meets the needs of your blog. For instance, they have an event listing and highlight a few of their favorites.

What I still want to get is a recommendation from someone who has actually participated in a thrilling activity and enjoyed its benefits. If there is an activity that you know well, which has thrilled you and you think it can benefit me, I’ll appreciate if you let me know.

Also, I would like anyone who has organized an event to share their vision with my community. Tell us what prompted you to come up with your activity. If you have concerns about blogging events, you may also air your views.

Those who have followed the guidelines given in the assignment and have chosen a thrilling event may also do well to advice on what they considered before choosing their event. This might inspire others to choose the same event.

Eyes that don’t see

I have eyes that don’t see;
Do you have eyes that see?
Some have eyes that see;
And some eyes that don’t see;
It does not suffice to have eyes;
You need eyes that see;
Not eyes that don’t see;
Not such eyes that look
But don’t see;
But such eyes
That look and see.

From A,B,C to literary giants

Daily prompt

Take us to school with your photos this week, and show us some ABCs.

I am sure when you see the literary giants of the English language you hardly think of where they are coming from. They all passed what you passed through. The difference between them and the majority is they worked harder and persisted when difficulties arose.

When we start language learning (English and French, the ones I know), the first thing that we are taught is the alphabet. This is also called the A, B, C. It takes quite a while to know the A,B,C.

As we learn to recognize and write them, we also learn to pronounce them. Next, the letters are used to form words. It is a step by step process. From this we move on to sentences, paragraphs and compositions.

A few years after that humble beginning, those who work hard and persist find themselves shining.

Did Shakespeare, Chinua Achebe, George Orwell, Mark Twain Wole Soyinka, Charles Dickens and Jane Austin and other literary giants pass through this? Yes, of course.

No one flies to the top in life who has not come from the bottom. No one is born and they just succeed. You cannot walk without crawling. After crawling, you walk and the you can run. If you want to, you can fly.

Success in life follows the same pattern. Many people go into business and think they should fly on day one. They cannot fly on day one. They have go through the stages of crawling, walking and running before flying. A plane doesn’t just take off. The engine is started. It takes time to get warm. Then the plane taxis on the run way before it takes wing.

Start by learning the A, B, Cs of whatever you want to do. Progress surely and steadily through every stage. Persist. Things will not be easy. If you work hard enough and long enough, I have no thread of doubt that you will come out on top as the men and women who start like every other person with the alphabet and end as literary giants.

Book saves a marriage

It’s thrilling, isn’t it; that a book saves a marriage from crash landing? Have you come across such a book? Get ready to hear about one. I have found a whole post on one such book and it found it irresistible.

I have read many posts and left my comments on them especially posts by my new friends. Many of them are amazing; but the one that has caught my attention in a special way today is  A Vast Explosion of Love by Timelesswheels (maybe not the author’s real name) from Round and Round and Round blog .

The author held me spellbound with the thrilling and edifying story of how Dr. Brian Weiss’s  books pulled her marriage out of a wilderness of love into a flourishing garden with an overflowing stream of love and happiness.

As the author puts it, she and her sweet heart had a stressful marriage. Then by what I want to see as divine providence, she stumbled on Dr. Brians books and devoured all five of them. They had a great impact on her; but still, not much changed in her marital condition.

Was it another stroke of providence that sent her on holiday? I am tempted to think so; for she returned to a brand new husband. The same physical Richard, for sure, but with a different heart. We can talk of new wine in old wine-skin. Things changed for ever for them. The man had undergone a transformation; and life became as sweet for them as they had always wished it to be.

If you are wondering what magic wand was used to procure this, no one can better say it than the author of A Vast Explosion of Love. She narrates it so beautifully:

“I went away for six weeks to visit our children and when I returned, Richard was different. He too had read Brian’s books. With delight, we found that we could now talk openly together about anything, and the following months were the happiest that we had ever shared. We were able to say that we loved each other unconditionally for the first time, and we both began the changes that were necessary, but now possible, together.”

What touches my heart here is the impact that the work of an individual can have on another or others. I have always known that we need others to grow; and that we are what we are because of the contribution of many others in our lives. But it still came down powerfully on me to see a couple removed from the darkness of a bottomless pit of bitterness in their marital home into which they were falling to the joyful sunshine of love.

We should never minimize the effort we make to inspire others. Many of us are inspiring one another on the blogosphere. And it’s hard to know how far that inspiration can go. It could affect eternity. We are touched and transformed by the words and ideas of people who may be near or even thousands of miles away from us and whom we may never meet in our life time.

I hold no iota of a doubt in my heart that ‘A Vast explosion of love’ is the kind of story many people need to read especially those who may not be fully aware of the importance the written word as a source of inspiration that can do marvels for humanity in different settings – marriage, work, relationship, Ministry etc.

I see  a full-fledged book emerging some day from this story which has been very beautifully narrated; and such a book would be a major illustration of the beauty of inspiration.

If this strikes a strong chord in me, it is mostly because inspiring people to transform their lives is my life passion; and I have seen it do marvels for many over the years. This story motivates and encourages me more to pursue my chosen path; and who knows? Maybe some day someone would love and reward my work as the work of Dr. Brian has been rewarded here.

I do encourage you if you have not read A Vast Explosion of Love to do so. It’s hard not to be touched by this shared experience; and what’s more you could seek out Dr. Brian’s book and it could do for you what it did for Timelesswheel.






Sweet friends

My sweet friend Robert Blackhorn has been a source of inspiration to me for quite a while. He runs a blog NOT IN MY WORLD which started off small but is growing into a big circle of caring hearts.

Each time I come in contact with Robert, I am sure to take home something that inspires me. The last thing I got from him came in a comment he left in my box. He promised to send Mr. Pintowski to me. I do not know what this means but what is important is the thoughts that immediately came to my mind and that gave birth to this poem:

Sweet friends

I have a lot of sweet friends;
Who like to do some sweet things;
To make my heart a sweet heart;
Are you among my sweet friends?
Who do a lot of sweet things?
To make the world a sweet place?
For ours will be a sweet world;
If we can do the sweet things;
To make the world a sweet place.

I love this poem and very heartily thank my secret inspirer who though separated from me by thousands of kilometers continues to touch my heart and life in a very special way as do many of the friends that I have been led by a lucky star to meet on the blogosphere. If you find time, don’t hesitate to check on Robert and see the marvelous work he is doing for the world with his circle of friends.

Blogging 101

Who is like me?

I am confused;
I am very confused;
I mean very confused;
I am a confused and indecisive
Is there another blogger like me?
Who is like me?
How many themes have I chosen
For my site
And changed?
How many background colors
Have I chosen
And changed?
And then the blog title;
See how many times I have changed it;
Don’t mention the tag line;
This today; that tomorrow;
What a confused man!
Is there anyone like me?
Unable to take a simple decision
And stick to it?
I really can’t believe
There is another like me;
Is there some blogger like me?
Who is like me?