Solidarity Support Challenge vol.2.20


Kamal is our blogger of the day today. This blogger is such a charming person for whom my heart goes so much. Thank you Kamal for the lovely comments you make on Success Inspirers’ World. Your presence is felt and highly appreciated.

Kamal runs an amazing blog called Boundless Blessings. I love it. Many people love it too. What I really love is Kamal’s warm heartedness. You will feel it and love it too when you two interact. Take a look at A Wondering Monk and you will get what I mean.

I strongly invite you to visit Kamal’s sweet blog at:

A nice day to you. Keep shining!


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Hello Community!

We are all agreed the world needs more love, aren’t we? If the people of the world love themselves there will be kindness, justice, understanding, tolerance, peace, sharing, solidarity, etc.

I can speak for most of you in this community. You are people whose hearts are full of the milk of human kindness. You are among those who are appalled by the wickedness, the wars, the injustice, hunger, poverty, suffering that goes on around the world.

You like to see a world where the virtues enumerated in this post prevail. You also know as I do that no amount of wishing without action can make even the slightest change. We can wish till the world comes to an end nothing will change; but action, no matter how small it may be, is something.
I want to propose some action. Let us start somewhere.You do not need to go out of your room to the streets to advocate for a better world. We shall not organize or attend conferences.

We shall use this modern communication technology that God has given us and we shall carry out a formidable Crusade – a crusade for love, justice, understanding, building of bridges, pulling down walls, in short, making the world an excellent place for all.

Everyday, we shall come to the Excellent World page and say anything that can light up the world – greet somebody, say words of love, kindness, compliment, say a prayer, just spread good around the world through the net. We’ll keep this going for the next one year and then we’ll make an evaluation.

In advance I wish to thank those who buy this idea and are going along. Are you in? Starting date, Sunday 18 September 2016.

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 146

Hello Winners!
Its time we identified ourselves. Do you have this log on your site?
Here we are winners. Once you join this community you join a winning team. Haha!

Let’s go with today’s assignment.
Here are the rules:

1. Visit all the bloggers of the day;
2. Read at least one post on each blog;
3. Like the post you read;
4. Leave a comment.

If you are on this list of participants, you are welcome to participate. Check!

Bloggers of the day and their blogs:

111. Urvi

112. Marcus Ampe

113. Joe Rogers

114. boompawolf
Joe Rogers

115. Peaceful Journey

Happy blogging!

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Who likes to join our team? We are a winning team. Take advantage!

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We are shining because we help others shine. When you help others shine, you shine!

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 136


Hi everybody! Welcome to day 136 of our blogging challenge. We really need to have feedback from you and interaction so we can know if you are drawing satisfaction from this exercise. Without feedback it is hard to know if we are giving you the best as it is ardent desire. Please, help us to help you enjoy blogging more!

63. Thinkdigest
64. George

The rules of this game:
1. Visit the bloggers of the day;
2. Read a post each;
3. Like the post you read;
4. Leave a comment.

List of those participating in this challenge.

Happy Blogging!

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 127


These are our bloggers of the day:
Solidarity bloggers are invited to visit them, like and comment.

44. Miss Kymmie


Happy Blogging!

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 86

aka K Knight


Happy blogging!

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