Solidarity Support Challenge vol. 2. 13


I hold her in very high esteem. She is among my favorites in my community. She has remained a committed and faithful friend on the blogosphere for long. She is loved by many because she has a sweet heart.

She was born in Vienna but grew up in another part of Austria and in the Principality of Liechtenstein (within the Swiss Alps). There, she still lives. She is “a part-time working mom and running a Practice for Aromatherapy and Self-Development – next to being a singer and author.”

As she tells us, for a long time, she was dominated and controlled by fears and outside influences. From teenage times to adulthood her life was overshadowed by destructive thought patterns. One day she stood up and started to face her fears one by one. Her life changed completely. Today she leads the life she always wished for.

She is a writer.

Her wonderful blog is “a place for everyone to pause for a moment, to lighten up the heart, to smile, to get inspired, and to fuel with good vibes.”

She holds that we “are all wonderful beings who came into this world in order to explore, discover, experience, create, and simply enjoy the lifetime in a human body with all senses.”

She wants “you to open your heart in order to hear, see, and feel clearer about yourself, your life, and the world.”

She “can be angry, stubborn, impatient, sad, and frustrated as well.”

She is “profoundly happy as a basic condition of her being.”

On her blog you will find inspiring stories, thrilling, profound and soul-searching quotes and melodies.

I am most delighted to invite you to meet our blogger of the day at:




My city Challenge day 2

Tell us anything about your city today. Is it quiet? Turbulent? What activity has caught your attention? Have you told us the name of your city already? If not please, do. Is there anything interesting about your city that you think others can come to visit? Say something no matter how short it may be.

My city is called Bamenda. It is a small city in Cameroon. If you don’t know where Cameroon is, let me know. I will be delighted to tell you.
Thanks in advance for being part of this challenge.

#blogging-challenge, #city

Solidarity Support Challenge day 53


Our bloggers of the day today need no introduction.

As far as I know, these two are friends to everybody around here. They’ll welcome you warmly home.

If you are not yet friends, this is a chance to meet two people who are most likely to rank eventually among your best friends on the blogosphere. Enjoy your visit to their sites.

24. Shiva Malekopmath

25. Erika Kind

Happy blogging!


You are free to join the Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum and start participating in this challenge.

Solidarity Support Challenge day 48


Our blogs of the day are Seeking God in every detail and Beehive your blog.

Seeking God in every detail is run by Rose. Rose is number 45 in the Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum register. Find this blog at

Beehive your blog is run by Magy Harfoush who is number 46 in the Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum register. Find her blog at:

I am sure you will enjoy the company of these two bloggers. I took a walk round Rose’s blog and one post that caught my attention was Your ways are higher indeed  with 54 comments.

For Beehive your blog, I was attracted to The dream with 23 comments.

Now, sweet friends! Let’s go!

Make it more alive

Dear friends, I am thinking of how we can put more life into our Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum. If we interact more, we’ll enjoy it more. Here are a few suggestions:

When you do the day’s assignment, indicate on the post announcing the blog of the day that you have done so. This will enable us to know the rate of participation in the challenge.

To encourage the host blog always like the post that announced the blog of the day.

When you visit the blog of the day, feel free to comment on fellow bloggers’ comments.

It is important that all those who have registered for this challenge participate in it.

Thanks for keeping it alive.

How was your day today? No 32 Speak out

When was the last time you shared on this BLOGGERS’ SHARING FORUM?
Don’t forget that here we share our day, and our week. We speak out on issues that touch us; issues of public and even personal concern.

Are you a Christian? Share on that. What is going on this week?
A Muslim? Share on that.
What else? Let’s hear you.
You haven’t said a word about what happened in Brussels; neither have you said how you see the US elections.

The things happening around you will interest fellow bloggers. Share!

You have many things indeed, you can share; please do.
This BLOGGERS’ SHARING FORUM is open all round the clock.

Inked Thoughts (Solidarity Support Challenge day 37)

33. vidishakaushik

Hello sweet friends of Solidarity Support Challenge! You are warmly invited to follow the link above to get to our blog of the day. You will like it.
This blog was created and run by Vidishakaushik, a sweet participant in our challenge.

I just sailed to it. It’s titled Inked Thoughts and Midnight Monologues; and I find it awesome. Vidishakaushik writes great. She created this blog to write for the love of writing.

You will not regret knowing this beauty and journeying with her in the blogosphere.

To take a plane to her lovely blog, this is the door:
You will be taken straight to the airport.
Happy blogging.

cjstorm (Solidarity Support Challenge day 35)


Our blog of the day is The Cookie Jar. This site “promotes health, wellness and well-being through “in the news updates, healthy living, tips and tiny bites of inspiration.”

It is our joy to invite you to meet our participant number 19. cjstorm

If you like to know about this writer, I quote her: “CJ is a huge fan of quality family and friend time. She’s an optimist, realist and health promotions trainer/writer (Original St. Louis Healthy Living Examiner – SLHLE). By day she trains and advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault. At night she doesn’t sleep…”
But why? If you visit her site, you may have this unveiled to you.

I enjoy he company of this dynamic blogger a great deal. She is always there. Thank you CJ. You are such a sweet friend.

I invite all the family of Solidarity Support Challenge to go to read, like and comment.

How was your day today? No 28 Speak out!

More and more people are sharing in this forum which is good. A lot of people are also sharing their views on the US presidential primaries. I like the frankness in the comments. It is good when we share.

Did you see the post on the way the US media are reporting on the election? The truth is bitter but must be said.

So how was your day today? Anything striking? What is the state of your mind or feeling at this moment?

I hope to publish a serious post on the Us elections before the end of the day as announced. I hope you enjoyed the post which introduced our blog of the day in the Solidarity Support Challenge.

Don’t forget to visit and support that fellow blogger.
We have a new sweetie in the Solidarity Support Challenge.
Iseone Lawal

Please, visit and say hi to her!
Nice day and night as you share your day and thoughts.