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Holding on to your voice

One great aspect of blogging that a good number of bloggers overlook is holding on to their voice in the huge world of blogging.

The tendency is that in the bid to gain readership, they don’t take the time to understand that their voice is what drives their blog and in running helter-skelter one’s voice gets drowned out.

Your readers don’t care to follow your site as much as they care about the person/voice behind the site.

What’s your message? How distinct is your voice in the cacophony of voices? Take the time to find your voice and stay true to it. Read More

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As a writer cum blogger, we all know how much effort and time it takes to craft your words, curate your images, tag, categorize, primp, polish and publish courageously, only for you to sit back satisfied, twiddling your thumbs anticipating a deluge of comments from expected readers, but, gasp and with a lump in your throat, no one hits that like button or even leaves a smiley face behind. It could dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

The situation is tougher when you are just starting out with your blogging or writing passion and you need that validation that comes from others – of course, your few good buddies and mom would probably support you, woe betide them if they don’t, but we all do need that extra validation because we are social beings, so spare yourself the rhetoric of ‘I’m writing for myself,’ and let’s get to the cause. Read More

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Don’t expect to be an instant online hit once you press that publish button. As a matter of fact, your post may sit at the bottom of the blog ocean for some time, before any interested reader mercifully fishes out your soggy post. Read more

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 16

Hello friends! I hope your steam is on. When your hands are on the plow, no turning back. We are on day 16.

We welcome on board sanjeevkumarpandey. Hope you enjoy this family Sanjee.

Charlenekez has also indicated her intention to join. What is left is the blog url and it’s done.

Here are the Bloggers and blogs of the day. We thank those who let us known when they are done. It helps us know how each one is doing. Don’t forget that here we take and also give.

1. mliae

2. http://Www.seekingyoufirst.com


4. Katie


This challenge is ongoing. If at anytime you feel like withdrawing for any reason, you are free to do so, but please, let us know. We want to be sure of the people in the forum. It is interesting only if everybody who is in is active.

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Five best posts

I asked my friends to share their best posts. Here is what I got. Would you mind taking a look?

  1. http://thezombieshuffle.com/2015/07/22/forever-is-now/. To me this is something that is so important, and so many people lose sigh.
  2.  http://johannamassey.com/2015/11/27/many-faces-of-santa-claus/
  3. https://thei535project.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/my-conversion-story-or-the-day-i-went-insane/
  4. https://authenticitee.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/dedicated-to-our-son-of-color/
  5. One of my favorites is “Called me old fashioned”. It reminds me of my dating relationship with my husband and how God with His great faithfulness led us through it. We have a very sweet and loving marriage with Jesus as the center of it. I believe God’s plan for His children is to bless our marriages. We just have to trust Him. http://www.staymarried4ever.com

Thanks for reading what my friends have written.

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