How to find your way to eternal euphoria.

I really wanted to write an inspirational blog for Success Inspirers’ World, but I just couldn’t think of an idea. When I asked my sister, she replied with a ‘Read their blogs and try to think of ideas, da’.

Not convincing.

And after some time, she asked if I wanted a Ferrero Rocher. That bougie, high-class chocolate that everyone wants to lay their hands on. And naturally, I said ‘Yes, please’.  It was frozen pretty bad so she said to eat it after a couple of minutes. And I have 6 cavities. Yes, 6. Feeling pretty rad, I am like, ‘Bruh, Who cares?’ After I finish it, I think of a brilliant idea! I think, ‘Why can’t I write this experience of mine into an ‘INSPIRATIONAL’ blog, eh?’ So this is how I found the emotions and things you will face to experience eternal euphoria.

Outer Crust- Biting through the outer crust was pretty hard. And with having 6 cavities and it being super frozen, it was that top-top, that north-north, kinda hard. This shows the type of hard work and effort I have to put to experience all the riches of life and nature. It might be super hard, but hang on there bud. It will all be good. If you chicken out or are too afraid to even try, man up bruh.

Inner crust- It is easy to bite, but not too easy. It is sweet in taste, but not too sweet. It hypes me up for the next layer which is eternal euphoria in this sense so that I put in even more effort to get there. No amount of effort is enough effort. I learn from your previous mistakes. I slowly start to get the reward for my hard work.

Chocolatey inner layer- This is the part where I start to feel the reward for my hard work and diligent efforts I put in. I get what I wanted in life. I realize that I am old and should get some rest. And then,



ETERNAL SUFFERING! All of my teeth start to get cavities, in this sense, my body. I can’t do anything. I start to feel devastated and melancholic at the same time reminisce all the things and die in a state of solitude.

And I wake up from my dream, my face damp with tears and go back to binge watch my favourite anime.




You just got click-baited, idiot.


SIWO’s Daily Online-Directory Referrals-7

Welcome to day 7 of our Directory project. Hope you are having a great time!

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  1. What happens if you marry the wrong person? Marriage is at the center of our lives. We have to take all measures to make sure that our marriage is successful; and it is hard to be successful if you marry the wrong person. A successful marriage, enhances one’s chances of succeeding in life. You will find a lot of things written about marriage. On Real Time Love blog, I found a good post on marriage titled Marriage and purpose. This is  a beautiful post worth reading.

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2. What is success? There is no unanimity on the definition of success. What are the true signs of success? In her blog Encouragizers, Anita has published  A Success sign. It is a short but beautiful post which I recommend to you.

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3. Do you like to make money at home? These days many people are making good money right in their homes. If you don’t know how to do it you may be tempted to think it is not possible. Jennifer tells you how you can do this because she is making good money at home. Meet her. You will not regret it. Make good money at home.

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4. How firm are you in your faith. Do you stand strong in your faith when challenges and temptation come? In Quiet Moments with God, Blogger, EILEEN gives us a beautiful post, Standing Strong. It will help you to stand strong during those moments when a lot of people are swept f off their feet.

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5. If you love poetry, you may like to savor two poems – I am a woman comes first; followerd by Let me be light. This should resonate with you. We should all strive to be light. If these two poems touch your heart as I know they will, you may want to read more. It will be easy to find Walk with Your Power and Rise like SUN.

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Immense thanks for staying faithful to your call to be here. We always enjoy having every single one of our readers with you. We write because you read. If you like the posts we have recommended to you, beautiful. We keep looking for ways to keep improving and offering you our best. Watch out for more beautiful things on this site before the year runs out.We invite you to get more on this page.

Thank you again and Happy Blogging!

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Hello friends!

We are happy you are with us on this journey. We enjoy what we are doing. To go through the web and fish out great posts for you is challenging but worth it. Can you imagine what it means to us to recommend a post to you that can transform your life! So much joy. Please, enjoy our recommendations today!

1. Who is in love? Are you in love? Don’t be surprised I ask this question. I got something on the web by Anne WANGECHI which can actually save you from a disastrous love relationship. Her article published on Pulse Live is titled 6 clear signs you are in love with the wrong person. I love the points Anne gives. And if you want to dig more into this subject, there are many other articles on this, like she gives 5 types of women you should never marry. I know you are asking: what about men? She has something about men: 6 types of men you should never date.

2. I found a post in which Sandra Wu makes an incredible revelation about an amazing woman’s reading prowess. The lady admits it’s true. Therese, a business Development manager living in Berlin, Germany, read 100 non-fiction books in one month. Amazing, isn’t it? You will read this in This Woman reads 100 books in one month. The sweet part of it is everyone can do it. All is to know how. Therese actually discovered an app which made it not only possible but easy and enjoyable. Imagine how this can help at a time when we don’t have much time to read whereas we cannot operate well and succeed unless we are reading.

3.  You might have heard of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  This is actually the title of a classic by Stephen Covey which has sold more than 25 million copies. But have you ever known these habits or taken time to read about them? Jonathan Jenkins has done an excellent job on his site  Motivation and Marketing, by giving us a summary of the book which is easy to read and an excellent red for any one who wants to climb the ladder of success.

4. We are used to reading quotes by great writers and leaders of the past, haven’t we? But there are many among us who are saying things that will be quoted and quoted for many years to come. You might have said or written many things worth quoting. Take a look at these 45 Quotes by great Contemporary writers. Don’t be surprised if you find your words among them.

5. Have you seen anyone who earns a very good salary but who is always poor? There are many people like this. They earn well but do not know how to protect their money. It is necessary for us to take measures to protect our money otherwise we may end up poor. I found this post about protecting your wealth. It’s a very interesting and useful article which I recommend to you.

I like to thank you for reading and supporting our Directory project which is at the heart of SIWO – which is out to help people succeed; realize their dreams in life.

Have you seen what has already appeared in our Directory to help our readers attain their goals? Take one step back to see our last recommendations which will lead you to where we began. Save much time on the web by visiting SIWO’s Daily Online Directory Referrals.Thanks again; and if you have written anything you think we can recommend on SIWO, please, indicate in the comment box.


Happy blogging!

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In SIWO’S Online Directory today, you will find tips for blogging. Belle Beth Cooper of BUFFER BLOG gives us 16 tips top tips from blogging Experts for Beginners. Belle says these tips are, in fact, good for all bloggers. Hence, if you are looking for help in blogging, Read 16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners by Belle Beth Copper.


Are you looking for tips to enable you succeed in anything you want?  Success Blog has enough to help you in that. Red these 16 tips They can transform your life.



Do you know how important a good CV can be? The importance of a good CV cannot be over emphasized when it comes job hunting. According to an expert,  “A top-quality CV will considerably boost your chance of getting a face-to-face interview, so it is worth spending time and effort on the content and presentation.” We recommend to you “The Importance of a good CV published by Institute for Legal Secretaries.



Are there days you have found your motivation down? Many people do. There are things to do to motivate yourself when your motivation is down. Positivity Blog does an excellent job for us by giving us 27 Smart and simple Ways to motivate Yourself. Read this and have no reason to be down in motivation.


Every writer experiences writers’ block. But you can overcome it. The leading Blogger Jeff Goins has brilliantly handled how to solve this problem in How to Overcome Writer’s Block: 14 Tricks That Work. Please read it and you will be able to handle writer’s block when it comes as it must.


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Highlighted blogs Tuesday 29/8/2017

Hello! We are happy to present to you our new highlighted blogs. These are five lovely blogs inviting you to visit them. It doesn’t take long. Thanks for your spirit of sharing. “Sharing is caring.”

1. goldenspiritblog

Hi! I’m Camila and I started my blog very recently. It would be great if you could check it out. I will gladly check your blog, just ask me ! I’m open to suggestions and feedback. Thank you so much!

Come say hi!

2. Hi, My name is Nequia. My blog mainly consist of a daily journal of my struggles and how I overcame them. Also, you can find poetry on my blog and other random things.

3. Hey there, I’m Allison and my blog All About Allison Ann is a new lifestyle blog that will feature anything from fashion and beauty blogs to college life and advice posts. for more information, check it out for yourself at

4. emshortlifestyle

What a wonderful idea, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my blog! I’m brand new to blogging and have only been here a week or so, but my posts range from fashion and beauty, film and tv and lifestyle! I aim to create content my readers want to see so I plan on branching out into travel, cooking and reviews as my readership grows! You can check me out at I would really appreciate it!

5. missmurdermystery

Hello everyone! I’m new to blogging and I’ll be writing books reviews on my blog. I highly encourage the readers to suggest what books I should be reviewing. I hope that you can help me. In return, I’ll be checking out these new blogs as well since it would be a great guide for me too. Thank you and God bless!

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Highlighted blogs Thursday

Hello everyone!
We are happy to be moving on so well with our Highlighted blogs. Thank you for giving your support to these bloggers. You make them happy. What a great thing to do! Here are our current highlighted blogs. Do well to visit them as usual.

1. respectmyselfblog

I’m Penny from Minnesota US and I started my blog as a journey of self-discovery but now I’m seeing that I want to take it into different TYPES of self-discovery such as things I find that I like, dislike, that move me deeply and not just my growth as I’ve been highlighting. I’d love the feedback and any ideas you can offer. Thank you for reading my latest post and for visiting my site. I also thank you and your team for being here to help us all as a community to grow and improve as writers, poets, and artists.

2. Francis Edward

Diary of Life…
Please follow up to be motivated, inspired, educated and entertained… @

3. notfreudscouch

Hello my blog is called Not Freud’s Couch. It is about social topics, connections, aspects of life which affect us, society impact on individuals and vice versa. I am also aiming to feature real people with real (short) stories. If anyone is interested please contact me, I’d love to hear from you. My inspiration has arisen from me studying Social Psychology BA Hons. If you’d like to know more I’ve posted my first welcome post today which gives more detail about what topics I will be covering as well as lot more about me. After all, if I’m expecting people to invest time in me I felt I should be open and honest with my readers. I hope some of you will join me. I will check you guys out also. Here’s a link to my site http// or or better still


Hey thanks alot! My blog is a travel site with a bit added humour. I’m fairly new so any extra help would be great. My site is

5. bitsofjenn

Hey everyone,
I finished my first year in college and in my blog I talk about my college experience and tips/advice for those going to or in college. I also discuss topics that out society labels as taboo. Check it out even if what I mentioned might not specifically appeal to you.

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Highlighted blogs

Hi lovely friends!

Here we are with another set of highlighted blogs. Thanks for the positive way you received the last set of highlighted blogs. If we are all so supportive, we will all be putting smiles on one another’s face. That is love. That is living together and being each other’s keeper. Thanks for being so sweet!


  1. AATIF

Hi there,

Welcome to the most awesome source of romantic poetry “POETRY PASSION”.

Here you will find Poetry Composed by My self in English & Urdu as well (known as Ghazals).

Also you will find poetries of so many poets from all around the world,as my site allows guest posts of self composed poetry of other bloggers.

So,enjoy the heart-felt creations of poets from all over the world & do give your feedback or suggestion in a separate “SUGGESTION BOX” menu in the top menu bar.
here’s a link of my site:-

thanks & regards
Syed Sabah Ur Rehman-“Aatif”
Jaipur (India)


2. J | Beauty’s Expert Amateur
To Success inspirers’ world, thank you on the behalf of all bloggers for this opportunity, particularly for us newbies who are still finding our feet in the blogosphere! It’s wonderful to have a platform like this to help us get our work out there, and thank you for following mine too. I blog over at Beauty’s Expert Amateur, where I chat about all things beauty, wellbeing and philosophy. Feel free to pop over anytime you fancy a bit of reading to go with your cup of coffee/tea. 🙂


3. Bronwyn Salisa
Hi, I’m Bronwyn I started blogging a few months ago and then stopped and I’m back in for good now. I write short stories, poems, and give personal updates every now and then. Please read ❤️
My blog:


4. la fashion bubble
Hello! I have a fashion and beauty blog and I like to share tips, hacks, to talk about trends, fashion exhibits and more. Feel free to check out my blog:
Good luck with your blogging!


5. Hi. I’m Roger from New Zealand. I enjoy writing poetry which is the main focus of my blog. However my latest post is about being beautiful. Feel free to check it out . Thank you for the opportunity to share my blog. May the Lord bless you.

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Blogging Voice, Consistency, Find Voice, Audience, Blogging Topics, Building Connections, Take Time, Blogging Tips

Holding on to your voice

One great aspect of blogging that a good number of bloggers overlook is holding on to their voice in the huge world of blogging.

The tendency is that in the bid to gain readership, they don’t take the time to understand that their voice is what drives their blog and in running helter-skelter one’s voice gets drowned out.

Your readers don’t care to follow your site as much as they care about the person/voice behind the site.

What’s your message? How distinct is your voice in the cacophony of voices? Take the time to find your voice and stay true to it. Read More