The rocks will survive

Who dares to rock my boat?
Quietly you sip your sonel;
While me, I do my snec;
Listening to the drum beat;
It sounds so loud and clear;
Beaten from the rooftop;
It lifts my ears ever so high,
Like angry waves of the wind;
Madly fierce in a rainstorm,
Eye them while they rage on;
Did the message scratch ear?
Let it out that I might hear.
The times are more than scary,
Only the rocks will survive.
The rocks alone do massacre;
As the leaf turns to new page.

Rock the boat? (Be inspired today 78 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

You have to rock
The boat,
If you want to be
Taken note of.
If you have a point
To drive home,
Don’t wait;
Don’t doubt;
Don’t fear;
Go straight to the point.
Hammer hard;
Make the walls shake,
If need be;
You will be heard;
A fat and juicy toad
Tastes better than a lean
And cranky one;
Aim for the stars,
Not just above your head;
Dream big,
Even if you’re thought crazy;
Normal is never extraordinary;
A bird makes no news
When it flies;
That’s what it’s meant to do;
A plane flies;
But put on wings and fly;
That will rock all the world;
Don’t just speak crazy,
Do something crazy,
Rock the boat;
But don’t get thrown off;
The world
Will pay attention
To you.
Do go for the golden crown
Only when the road is dry
And safe;
Everybody does that;
So where is the difference;
Go when everybody goes;
But also when nobody else
Is ready to take the risk.
There you stand out
High above the crowd.

Sinking boat

Your boat may sink
At the banks
If you are not careful;
It looks like a
Sinking boat;
Isn’t that so sad?
To say the least;
It is;
After going through
A stormy sea,
After weathering
All the storms,
Your ship sinks
At the banks.
It is something
To mourn about;
Only a little effort
Was needed.
I do admit:
It is roughest at the
If you see that the boat
Is about to sink,
It is wise to jump out
Before it does.

Let’s save our boat

Our ship is about
To sink;
Our plane is about
To crash land;
What do we do my sweetest?
Allow it to sink?
Or let our plane crash?
How can we do that?
Let us fight for out ship;
It’s our thing;
We owe it to us
To fight for our ship
To stay afloat;
To fight for our plane,
To land safely.
That is my appeal to you
My sweetest;
Let us not watch it sink;
Or help it sink;
Let us save it;
It is our ship.