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If Satan Steals Your Thunder


If Satan Steals Your Thunder cover

In the quiet, a reverence silently proclaims a mysterious night. The darkness is haunting as the glimmering lightning echoes in the heavens. Every breath you take cuts like a knife. Alone, you contemplate, what if Satan steals your thunder? Does God really hear my thoughts or is Satan interrupting the prayers?? More questions than answers plague your spirit. Your conscience decides it’s time to play games. You wonder if this direction in life is what you want or could there be something better.

You can never predict where, when or how God wants you. There are lessons only God plans and sometimes preparations we make for ourselves are unwarranted. You can’t predict your life, but you can be ready if God wants to anoint you to serve His kingdom here on Earth.

Living in this world is a war zone headed up by Satan. The evil one rages the battlegrounds in our head’s. He’s deceitful and wants to murder us with his lies. Life looks so confusing when God’s gifts are clouded over, doesn’t it? But as the lightning creeps closer, God calls us nearer as Satan is trying to steal your thunder.

If Satan Steals Your Thunder verse

You must lie in state and pray. Ask God to receive your spirit and abolish the satanic strongholds that imprison your soul. Allow your emotions to fill with the Holy Spirit. Your harmony will beacon in the still of the dark. God is mankind’s only power, and Satan will run like rain into the storm sewer. Make no place in your heart for filthy water.

The downpour turns to a cymbal-sounding sprinkle. God tames the savageness of Satan once again and reminds him the power of the world is in His hands. You stood firm in faith!

Graciously, we drift off to sleep while something calms our hearts, and the stolen thunder is replaced with peace. God is always with you even if Satan steals your thunder.



We Work For God


We Work for God cover

The blackest of clouds stalk the night’s evening sunset. A phone call interrupts my joy of dreams. The update took precedence for a mother lost her young son to the practicing world of medicine. God forbid the professional caretakers who made the misdiagnosis! Her innocent child died of a curable cancer at the tender age of twenty-six. But, God anoints those who stay in prayer when questioning the validity of why He allows children to die young.

So full of mixed emotions at the devastating news, it’s ironic God brings my home and future so much love, and making Him happy is a priority. My wife and I share the miracles God gives us every day. But, it is times such as this, working for God is difficult… consoling the less fortunate, reflecting with the very ill, and nights spent reminiscing memories of those who passed.

In the gloomy daylight, we put our galoshes on and troop through the storms along with high expectations of a better tomorrow. God willing, there will be a rainbow at the end of the heavy rains. We become an armored troubadour on tough days, preparing to meet the tidal wave of life. So, let us rejoice!

We Work for God rainbow

It is not known to us, yet, why death occurs at any age. But, it’s safe to assume when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God cursed the ground of humans on earth. The Tree of Life fell prey to sin, and none are indestructible, including our offspring. A lesson to learn – there is nothing of this world we can count on for true contentment. Instead, we must look to God for our ultimate and eternal fulfillment. We should worship and trust in Him who is wiser than we are, knowing our final rewards are in heaven.

Sworn to work for God, I pray our faith waves like Old Glory in the winds of the stormy seas. Batten down the hatches from Satan’s wild, destructive forces which seep through the cracks as we proceed on our current course. Remember your faith as you cross life’s treacherous roads and stay humble.

God loves each one of us. So, let us unite when the fear of catastrophic winds attack us. As Christians, resist temptations when Satan closes in, and restore love in each other and our Lord. We work for God. Be that pillar under His wings.

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Life Has No Reverse

Life Has No Reverse cover

I wish I could rewrite my history. As a lonely child, I often cried in my room. I felt the entire world squarely on my shoulders. Maybe it was a maturity thing, and I hoped I’d outgrow it, but it didn’t happen. In fact, it worsened with the complexity of growing up. I reflect today and wonder how in the world I made it through the storms of previous generations. The residue left little for me to conquer, not to mention my compounding disabilities.

Saved by God’s grace, I rose to the challenge. He gives us choices in life. I was determined to be better than the inherited memories I’d just as soon forget, so I remained in prayer….

Life Has No Reverse prayer

Life has no reverse. There isn’t a miracle that can turn back the hands of time, even in God’s hands. But, if we pray consistently for answers, sometimes God will give us a hint into His plans. I believe there comes a time when the Lord says enough is enough and He lets us preview His intentions. Protecting what’s left of humanity, blessings will flow, and we will be born again in a summery spring shower.

Windows of light will ignite the spirit. Even though our future may appear grim to us now, God has a purpose for everything, but it’s in His perfect timing. We may not find out until much later precisely what God’s purpose is but patience must become a virtue. Eventually, God will let you in on His idea. I could not believe it when it happened to me.

In 1985, I was headed in a completely different direction when God gave me a sneak preview into my future. I inadvertently held a young blonde’s hand, and when I did, I somehow knew God was blessing something about to happen in my future. Thirty-two years later she became my wife! Living, life, and love – God abounds no matter where your persona lies. God is always with us. I quietly sit and reflect on the failures that I endured, but I know now it was worth it all.

Do not fear giving God your messes in life! He is the Great Comforter that calms the raging waters. He soothes broken hearts, relieves the pain of loss, and heals the sick. We should understand nothing in His plan will ultimately harm us. Give your life to him! Live righteously, love your neighbor as yourself. Don’t forget to thank God too for the new you. You’ll love it!

Life Has No Reverse verse

Book Release Notice FB

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A Personal Note

A Personal Note cover

To all my friends and followers,

It gives me great pleasure to announce my first book in the inspirational series, “There In God’s Grace” will be released for Pre-Sales next week. It is my goal to share the gift God graciously gave me. For me, it isn’t even so much about the content but more importantly, I conquered, against all odds, my dyslexia to write it. My disabilities, editing problems, and even a publishing company who went defunct before it could hit the store shelf were just some of the obstacles I had to overcome to get me here today.

But the most amazing part of my trials and tribulations was God making me wait for my wife. She came back into my life after a mere friendship thirty years ago. It’s incredible how God planned “us” all along, since 1985! About the same time I was anointed to be God’s writer, my wife, Anne, was accepted to work for a publishing company 1,500 miles away, unbeknownst to either of us. This whole synopsis is nothing short of a miracle. So, I pray you will get the opportunity to read our book.

With all of our growing pains, we outgrew our original website/blog format and it needed to be remodeled. When the blog was created in June 2017, we had zero followers. By December 2017, we jumped to 860,000 followers and now we have an influx of 20.6 million readers. Our website was not originally designed to handle that much traffic, so we are continuing to improve the speed and agility of it.

It was suggested to eliminate our blogs on some of the Facebook and internet platforms (13 in total) my wife has worked so hard on to spread my words. But because it was YOU who put me in this incredible position, my only way to thank you is to turn a deaf ear. I owe everything to you, my friends and followers, regardless of what platform you are reading my blogs!

I promise to continue our blog as my sweet wife starts to edit the second book in this series. My prayers go out to each and every person reading, liking, and sharing my narratives. God bless you and thank you so much! As children of God, we all need each other —

In God’s love,


Food for Thought


Food for Thought cover

I would like to give you food for thought today. The world is full of wonderment and unanswered phenomena. Archeologists unearth mysteries around the world. Miracles occur in the eleventh hour. Victims relay stories of accidents occurring where a man appears to comfort their head or hand while help is on the way. Disasters happen, and pets or wildlife are known to come to the rescue of humans. So, may I ask, what if God has already returned to earth?

Who was the person some survivors saw at the scene of an accident? What about those lying on their deathbed and they hear, “go back it’s not your turn just yet”? And in the name of God, who answers our prayers when we call on Him? Who calms the waters after raging storms? Explain the feeling of a shadow brushing by you, or the scent of a different smell when you’re all alone, interrupting your thoughts. Maybe Christ walks amongst us.


Here’s a true, personal story, and food for thought… I was standing in a check-out line at a grocery store. A very old, pale and thin little man was playing with four pennies in the palm of his hand. Annoyed, I asked him, “Sir, what are you doing?” He smiled and explained he owed the cashier four cents from his last visit, a month ago. I noticed his arms had no hair, his teeth were perfect and white, and his fingernails clean as a whistle. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, but his lips were a youthful skin tone.

Food for Thought Pic 2

I offered to let him step ahead of me. He looked at me, smiled, and said these words, “Thank you, son, you see I’m from another era, and I’m not used to people being polite.” I didn’t think at the moment about his words, but a few minutes later, as I was driving home and I figured it out. Questions arose in my mind. Why was he not buying any groceries? He said it had been a month since he bought food. Why would you waste gas to go this far to pay four cents? And folks just do not use the words “another era” in our language today. Later, I discovered that four pennies have a biblical meaning, a sign, if you will.


So, what if Christ is here on earth? What if He is living here and helping those who call on His name? We see the ill receive a blessing of rejuvenated health, miraculously, and some who walk away from serious accidents unscathed. Others drowned and met Christ in a shining light and survived to tell the story. We’ve all heard the stories, but is it really possible?

Food for Thought Pic

I know the Bible depicts God as not being in the realm of this world, but what if that is just someone’s interpretation? Remember, God brought himself to earth once before in the formation of Jesus. He can certainly do it again! More questions than not arise unanswered. Maybe Christ isn’t quite ready to call his children home. Perhaps heaven is under a little home improvement. Food for thought….


Maybe we should re-examine our thoughts once more. I, for one, am a believer in miracles as I’ve seen more than I care to mention. I can testify someone is listening to my prayers. Don’t you think it’s time to plead for mercy? Rest assuredly, someone in heaven is watching over us. So when you pray, the switchboard will light up, and they will answer your call. Just keep the faith!

I recognize many people carry doubts because it’s been that way for two thousand years – that’s nothing new. Christians, though, need to celebrate that Jesus is very much alive (not in past tense). Maybe He does perhaps walk amongst us!

Food for Thought verse



Humility: Sums of Ignorance

Humility Sums of Ingnorance cover

A star-studded funeral procession has me pondering if the deceased would have appreciated such a lack of respect. Many famous names donned their formal attire and tried to pretend their soul was clothed in reverence. I observed, in disgrace, this gift from God, a beautiful, gifted singer trashed by the sums of ignorance. I have to wonder how many of those sinful dignitaries felt uncomfortable in God’s house? Those who claimed the spotlight evidently will not inherit where they left their mark.

I turn my thoughts to Jesus who dragged His cross through the dirt streets of Jerusalem. The crowds jeered and mocked Him as they allowed no humility, an impression every Christian is left within their heart today…the sums of ignorance. Jesus was swarmed by bees – the yellow jacket soldiers reaching for the honey left in their hive, or so they thought!

Humility Sums of Ingnorance pic 1

God finds little pleasure in the sting. Humility, dignity, pride, and respect is what the dead deserves on earth. Where was it? Not behind the cameras taking selfies, or in a minister’s offensive eulogy, nor the soldiers hammering nails through the hands on the cross! Is that the picture you want people to remember – ignorance?

Notice the patrons of Christ who bear arms heavier than themselves carrying the weight of their own crosses. Never once did they embellish the claim of being self-servant. There, in God’s grace, we are a member of His home. Our place waits, a napkin folded and our humility intact as we patiently wait upon our Lord to return. Amen!

Be not persuaded nor afraid to stand against those who place dares. I, for one, would rather stand in humility, by myself, then to relish in the sands where there is no water. Let us share our pew with those searching for Jesus! Welcome the lost as they, too, seek refuge under the cross we will all bear one day. My arms are weary, but I’ll be there to take your hand and pull you out of the grips of disparity…. the sums of ignorance.

Humility Sums of Ingnorance verse