You become a boulder

If you are energized,
Your problem is half solved;
A human that is energized,
Is simply unstoppable;
Think of a boulder
Rolling down a hill;
You don’t try to stop it;
You step aside
For it to pass;
Lest it crushes you.
If you are energized enough,
You become a boulder;
Full of momentum;
You roll down your hill
Of life,
Until you reach destination.
No one;
And nothing can stop you.

Look for a way

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If a massive boulder lies
On your path;
And no way you have to proceed;
What are you to do?
Who can advice;
You want to go on to your
Chosen destination,
But there lies this boulder;
An obstacle so large;
You feel discouraged;
And confused;
What are you to do?
Give up and go back to where
You come?
Not my advice at all;
You must look for a way;
You cannot give up;
You have to do everything
To look for a way;
Once you’re in, you’re in;
No turning back.
You have to stay,
And look for a way;
To your destination
You must make sure you go.