Love is universal

Who put boundaries
On you love?
Is it the mind
Or the heart?
What colour is love?
Which language
Does it speak?
If you know, tell me;
For what I know,
Love has not limits;
No borders at all;
Neither geographical,
Or age;
Love carries all colirs;
Crosses all boundaries;
And so we say
Love is universal.

This is love

I received this:

I think life is intriguing;
I want to tell you
I have never seen my best friend; I don’t know what she looks like. I don’t know where she lives;
I dont know her country;
I don’t know her language;
I don’t know her religion;
I have never asked and
I don’t care to know.
I don’t know anything about her,
I just love her;
I love her with all my heart;
I communicate daily with her;
I get lots of joy talking to her;
I don’t argue with her;
I don’t quarrel with her;
I don’t fight with her;
I am not jealous of her;
I never suspect her;
I talk nothing but love with her;
I encourage her, she encourages me same;
This is love;
We support each other;
We keep each other happy.
We will find it hard
Without each other.
She is my gold;
My treasure;
My sunshine;
My oxygen;
I am madly in love with her.

How amazing!
Who would not long for such a relationship?
Love should be a sweet
And not a bitter experience.
Love should not be limited
By artificial boundaries;
Love should be free;
Above all,
Love should bring joy
And not sorrow;
Love should bring the world
And make the world one;
Love should make people happy.

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Do you know love?

If you don’t love me,
I will not mind it;
I will console
By saying
It’s because you don’t
Know love;
If you knew love
You would love me;
Those who know what is love,
Love everybody;
Love has no boundaries;
Love has no colors;
Love has no limits;
Love is not expensive;
Love is free;
Love flows
And keeps flowing;
Love is universal and timeless;
Love is limitless and inexhaustible;
There is enough for everybody.