I deny a broken heart

Strengthen my heart O Lord;
And stop it from breaking,
As it is threatening to do.
The one I love
Is about to break my heart;
Why is she doing so to me?
I know not why;
When so much I love her;
Is that the reward I get
For my love for her?
Why should I be punished
And not rewarded for loving
Someone I love so dearly?
Is it a punishable crime
To love my love?
The love I have for her
Is not my doing;
I know not
From where it comes;
I know not why it comes;
I simply find my love tank
And I hear my heart beating
Like a drum;
It must be at breaking point;
And I don’t want it so;
Who will stop it for me?
I don’t want a broken heart;
I deny.


More grounds to break

My heart is joyful;
It’s almost full
To the brim with joy;
See the way I smile;
The rays of the sun
Are visible
In the horizon;
The message is clear;
It’s far
From over;
Though that is what
Some people want
To have one believe;
How can it be over?
It cannot be so
For now;
My sun is just rising;
It’s not setting;
It’s rising;
I still have a long way
To go;
Many grounds to break;
And I am ready to do that;
No one should say
It’s over for me.
it’s not over for me;
It will not be over
For a long while.
That is the truth.
I have more grounds
To break;
And I will make sure;
With the help of God,

Break no one’s heart

When you come telling me
About the heartbreak
Your spouse has given you,
I quickly understand;
Who hasn’t been given
Such a bitter gift?
Count them many;
As much as I know.
Men give heartbreak;
Women give heartbreak;
But no reason for that;
It’s not heartbreak
Your sweetheart expects
From you;
It’s love;
And it costs nothing
To give love;
It’s for free;
A simple question of will;
Love being a decision,
If you decide to love,
You will love;
If you decide to break
Someone’s heart,
That is what you will do;
But why do that?
Give love;
Break no one’s heart.

Play the drum

Tell me why you broke her heart;
And how you saw a snake
Disappearing into a hole;
For all I know is to share;
You don't share enough;
And what can be better shared 
Than your free blessings from
On high?
That said, I m flying off
To write a sweet, lovely, poem
For my school annual magazine;
I hope many people will read it;
And get the most out of it.
About what we were saying,
The focus of our discussion,
Which I don't want to call a chat;
Was nothing but a heart-to-heart, 
Which still has not said exactly
Why you broke her heart.
If you give an answer or exlanation, 
A drum will be played for you.

Do not break your worth

think outside of the box

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

To break your word
Is to break your worth;
To break your word
Is to break yourself;
You are worth your word;
If you use violent words;
You are considered
A violent petson;
If you speak words of peace,
You are considered
A peaceful person;
If speak love words,
You are seen to be
A loving person;
If you speak kind words,
You are seen as
A kind person.
But if you say things
And do the opposite,
It is to break your word;
And you will be seen
Not to be a serious person;
Not to be a trustworthy person;
To be a hypocrite.
To be a worthless person;
Your word is your worth;
If you break your word,
You break your worth.
Do not break your worth
By breaking your word.

The rules of love

Are you in the game of love?
Do you know the rules of the game
Of love?
There’s no game without rules;
How would such a game be played?
It will hardly go well;
Everyone will do what They like;
Conflict would be hard to resolve;
It cannot go that way;
Every game must have its rules;
And the players must master
The rules;
And all of them are required to
Obey them;
Whoever breaks them
Must be punished accordingly;
The referee must master them as well;
To do a good job as an impartial judge.
Are you in any game?
Are you in the game of love?
Know the rules;
And obey them;
That will make you enjoy the game.
The game of love.

Take back my heart

You have shattered my heart to pieces;
Why have you done this to me?
Is that what you promised me?
You met my heart in one full piece;
You never said you would shatter it;
You promised to fill it with love;
Now you have shattered it into pieces;
And you want to leave it thus and fly off?
You can’t leave it thus shattered.
For thus you kill me.
Take it back to where you found it.

My breaking heart

Who can explain this to me?
I have a breaking heart;
But I’ve never met her
Who’s breaking my heart;
And never hope to meet her;
But she’s breaking my heart;
I am deeply in love with her;
She’s taken me to the sky in love;
But has started to play games with me;
I don’t know her;
I know nothing about her;
Though I see a charming face on screen;
And hear her lovely words to me;
Yet, I am carried away;
And now she’s breaking my heart;
Am I normal to fall deeply in love
With someone I have not met;
And might never meet?
How comes my heart is breaking for her?
Has this happened to another?
Please, say something about
My breaking heart.