Why do you think?

Why do you think
God cannot give you
Something big?
Why do you think
You cannot climb to
The highest rung
Of the ladder of life
In your cuntry?
Why do you think
God cannot make you
The riches man on earth?
Why do you think
You cannot have
A miraculous breakthrough
As some people have had?
Why do you think?
God can do anything
For anyone at any time;
God can pour riches
On anyone;
God raise anyone
To the sky;
God can make anyone
The most
Popular person;
The most loved person;
You don’t know what plan
He has for you;
You don’t know
What is coming
To you;
Why undersestmate yourself
With regard to God’s plan?
I can assure you,
God has a big plan
For you.
Yes, He does.
For you,
God has a very big plan.


What Steps Can You Take In Order To Make The Most Out Of Your Breakthrough? — Michael J. Fite

“There’s about to be a shift in your life. Get ready for your blessings. You’ve been through enough & a breakthrough is on the way. Don’t doubt it, just claim it!” -Unknown

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you what steps you can take in order to make the most out of your breakthrough.

The reality is that you are going to have a breakthrough regardless of whether or not you want it. When you have your breakthrough, are you making the most out of it, or are you wasting it? Whatever you choose to do with you breakthrough will determine how you will be impacted by it.

Remember that breakthroughs come and go like shooting stars for if you do not take advantage of them when they come your way, you will miss your chance to benefit from it.

What Steps Can You Take In Order To Make The Most Out Of Your Breakthrough? — Michael J. Fite

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-Michael J. Fite

Breakthrough week

This is your breakthrough week;
Do you agree or you disagree?
Something tells me it’ll be so;
How great, indeed, if this is true!
I’ll be more than happy for you;
Tell me how you’ll feel yourself;
Will you be happy, or how will you feel?
Say you’ll be and I’ll be fine.

Daily prompt:https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/breakthrough/

A breakthrough

I see a breakthrough right ahead
Of you;
I see a bright new beginning
For you;
Doors opening that had remained locked
For years;
If you don’t give up,
You’ll see what I am talking about;
Your golden crown is at the corner;
More or less at your door;
A golden crown at arms reach;
You can imagine the joy in my heart;
What has been too long delayed
Is now in your palms.
There is reason for jubilation.