Burning someone’s bridge

“It’s only a foolish person who has built and owns a bridge who will burn another man’s bridge because he knows what goes into it and what he will lose if his own were burned down.”

(Romilia Quotes)

Failure has many names

Failure has many names;
Three more as you can see;
The first is:
Bridge to success;
The second is:
Opportunity for success;
The third is:
Stepping-stone to success;
Which of these do you like the most?
Or stepping-stone to success?
The choice is yours to make;
As for me,
Bridge, Opportunity,
And stepping-stone to success
Are what I like the most.
When failure comes my way,
I don’t call it failure,
I call it, if not
Bridge to success,
Opportunity for success,
Or stepping-stone to success;
What of you?