Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #44

Today, I take a look at the bullies and I feel a structured extra  care that should be given to the bullies by their parents, teachers and education authorites.  I say care not punishment, because I believe the bullies are suffering themselves from some kind of hurt or lack.  They in turn put upon others who they think they can victimise.

This is the mindset of the bully that needs to be changed through talking, counselling, giving them quality time and love.

A Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich, Fruits and Green Tea sufficed while I contemplated the above.


Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #43

How wonderful to see children full of excitement and going to school.  School should be a happy experience.  However this is not the full picture because there are some children who are not so happy at school because of bullying.  Having to suffer in later years for things that happened during this time, having life prospects, physical and mental health derailed is a terrible thing.

The onus is still on parents to  notice the effects of bullying while it is happening.  Sometimes we put tensions and occurrences at school and home down to teenage angst, when the child is actually going through intense humiliation from name calling, hunger from pocket money being taken and emotional and physical abuse. So let’s be quick to  only to observe and save our children but to secure their future happiness. Cover them with prayers too.

Let’s also push for governments, education authorities and schools to put some policies of Zero-Tolerance to Bullying in place.

A simple but good Elevenses meal of Cereal, with Almond Milk, Toasted Wholemeal with Apricot Jam, some Fruits and Water.

Bullying in some bedrooms

Have you ever had a bully in your life? Perhaps you even have one at the moment. How does it feel?

I had a bully in my young days in school. I shall never forget him. He gave my friends and I the hardest times.  We saw  stars. He would chase us all over the place and fill us with fear.

I recall this because I see a lot of bullies in our world today. Many homes have bullies. The worst are in bedrooms. Can you imagine yourself sharing the same roof with a bully, not to talk of the same bedroom and bed? It can be tragic.

Life would indeed be miserable. Yet, millions of people in the world today share the same bedroom and bed with bullies. These bullies assail, maltreat, suppress and trample upon their victims who have no one to turn to.

Some of them endure the hell-on-earth this creates for them till death. Others cannot and find a way out.

I think the world should denounce all forms of bullying; be it in school, in the home, in business, the workplace, on the net, wherever it is found. Bullying is evil. Bullying is a shame. It leads to unhappiness.  I don’t think it’s far-fetched to classify bullying as a crime against humanity on a domestic scale.