Burning fire of love

What are you?
Are you fire?
Or you are love?
Why does my heart
Burn thus
For you?
Each time
I set my eyes
On you?
My heart will burn
Like fire in a furnace.
And even mere thinking
Of you,
It is not different;
And you don’t seem
to be aware;
At this rate,
How shall it end?
What shall we do
To quench
Such blaring fire?
I fear for my heart;
And my life;
My heart may burn
To ashes;
I am told only love
Can quench
This fire of love;
Shower me then with love,
That I may not die
Of burns
From the burning fire
Of love.
In my heart.


My ardent wish

Can’t we go back to where
We started?
Can’t we start anew?
I am thinking of how we were;
And long for it;
Do you recall those early days?
When the fire of love burned
In our hearts?
I want to see it burn again;
It burned like a wild fire on a hill;
Can’t it burn again?
Can’t you make it burn again?
That is my ardent wish.

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Hard to forgive but…

I forgive you;
You know not
What yo do;
You know not the heat
That I feel in my heart;
You know not the fire
That rages in this tender heart of mine;
If you knew,
That my heart were on fire,
Burning so fiercely like a wild-fire
In the harmattan,
You wouldn’t do this to me;
I see you are ignorant,
So I forgive you;
I feel deeply hurt;
You have played with my emotions;
And the wound is deep;
It’s hard to forget;
But I forgive you.