My dream country may sink

My dream country may soon sink;
She is at the brink of a precipice;
Some see it but some don’t;
Shall I be a coward
And stand by and do nothing
While my dream country sinks?
Or I shall be brave
Even if I hurt my friends
But help to save this dream country
From sinking?
If my dream country sinks,
The world may sink with it;
Everybody, rise and save
My dream country from sinking,
Else we may all perish when it does;
Shakespeare warned us many centuries ago.
Let’s join voices and save this giant
From the hands of a new King Richard.

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Online United World

What the world is finding difficult to achieve, one world, we will achieve online – an Online United World. This world has been baptized Success Inspirers’ World. Gain a free visa and citizenship in Online United World – Success Inspirers’ World.

Explore this world. Understand its vision, its dream, its mission. Stay here and be part of this world.

To be on the wrong side of history, do not be part of Online United World. To be on the right side of history, be part of Online United World.

Success Inspirers’ World – Online United World. Join us!

The world under one roof

One of the things we can do to progress in our human effort to make the world an excellent place for all is to create a roof and bring the world as individuals not nations under it.

The roof we are building is called Success Inspirers’ World. We will not have all the world under our dream roof – Success Inspirers’ World. That is not possible and not even necessary. Surely, we will have many. That will be enough.

Success Inspirers’ World is an Online United World. In this Online United World, we shall be cemented by love, and a positive vision for the world. Our dream shall be an excellent world for everybody. We shall focus our energies to spread good; love; inspiring, motivating, encouraging and helping others to bring out the best in them.

The way to get the best out of people for the world is to help them bring out the best in them.

Considering that the world has billions of people who are thirsty to see good prevail over evil, there is no doubt that great things lie ahead of us. We are sure and certain it is only a question of time for us to have millions of the world’s best souls cemented together under the roof of Success Inspirers’ World.

We are not here just to blog and follow people to follow us. We are here to build a love world where people can find love, friends, support, inspiration, motivation, encouragement, self-esteem, opportunities; in short, everything good you can dream of.

If you are not already part of this world, be part of this world and kindly spread the word. We are an ocean gathering momentum. No one stops an ocean; and an ocean never goes dry. One person at a time, Success Inspirers’ World will become a mighty ocean of people crusading for an excellent world.

We love you>

Excellent World Crusade day 6

Dear loving friends,

We all know the value of love, don’t we?

Let us fire the world with positive thoughts on love. The aim is to contribute our own quota to make the world vibrate with love.In other words, let us each say what we can to promote love among the people of the world.

Do not underestimate your own drop of water in the mighty ocean. The drops together are what make that ocean and that make it mighty.

Great day to you!

Excellent World Crusade day 5

Change the world without leaving your home;
Change the world just sitting where you are sitting;
Change the world without uttering a word;
Change the word just by writing something positive;
Change the world by joining others in this crusade;
Change the world by fighting for social justice through words;
Change the world by writing something in the comment box that can
Change the world.

Excellent World Crusade day 4

If you believe an excellent world is worthwhile, and that all hands are needed on deck for such a world, join this crusade. Say something, anything to add to the millions of positive ideas that are already filing the air in the world. Your voice is not small.Add your voice to other voices in the crusade for an excellent world.
Examples of things that you can say:
1. Let’s join hands and make the world an excellent place.
2. Working together is good;
3. Let’s build bridges not walls;
4. Let’s give peace a chance;
5. Let’s learn to tolerate others.
6. We are all human beings though we may differ in culture.
7. I love the people of Cameroon;
8. I love Americans;
9. I love Indians;
10. Best wishes to the people of Croatia etc, etc.

Be creative. We want positive thoughts and positive vibrations to fill the atmosphere and drive away negative vibrations.

Hello Community!

We are all agreed the world needs more love, aren’t we? If the people of the world love themselves there will be kindness, justice, understanding, tolerance, peace, sharing, solidarity, etc.

I can speak for most of you in this community. You are people whose hearts are full of the milk of human kindness. You are among those who are appalled by the wickedness, the wars, the injustice, hunger, poverty, suffering that goes on around the world.

You like to see a world where the virtues enumerated in this post prevail. You also know as I do that no amount of wishing without action can make even the slightest change. We can wish till the world comes to an end nothing will change; but action, no matter how small it may be, is something.
I want to propose some action. Let us start somewhere.You do not need to go out of your room to the streets to advocate for a better world. We shall not organize or attend conferences.

We shall use this modern communication technology that God has given us and we shall carry out a formidable Crusade – a crusade for love, justice, understanding, building of bridges, pulling down walls, in short, making the world an excellent place for all.

Everyday, we shall come to the Excellent World page and say anything that can light up the world – greet somebody, say words of love, kindness, compliment, say a prayer, just spread good around the world through the net. We’ll keep this going for the next one year and then we’ll make an evaluation.

In advance I wish to thank those who buy this idea and are going along. Are you in? Starting date, Sunday 18 September 2016.

My call to the good people of the world

God meant the world to be an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.
We have made it such an evil place.
We can change this if the good people of the world come together and combine their energies and promote good. Good will overcome evil.
Hence, let us come together in a common forum that breaks all barriers, and put our energies together to make the world an excellent place for all.

See this:

Will you ?

Will you leave your mark
Wherever you go?
Are you ready to leave your mark
In everything you do?
Will you leave your mark
Whether you are an athlete or
A football player?
Will you leave your mark
In the blogging world
As a blogger or writer?
Are you ready to leave your mark
In your profession
So that those coming behind you may see
Your footprints
And know you were here?
Will you?
Are you ready?

#call-to-action, #encouragement, #inspiration, #mark, #motivation, #poem

Don’t die in silence!

Don’t die in silence!
Speak out!
If you are silent,
Nobody will know what you
Are going through;
And dying of;
Speak out!
Say what hurts you;
Ask for redress;
Is someone hurting you?
Is someone cheating you?
Is someone trampling on your right?
Is someone playing with your emotions?
Is someone being violent on you?
Don’t be silent!
Don’t die in silence!
Speak out!
Let the world hear.

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