Play your part

Did you hear the call?
It was clear and powerful;
Though it came from
The silent voice of God;
God’s silent
Louder voice,
Than the loudest human voice;
He has called you
To take up cutlass and hoe
In hand,
And get into his vineyard;
Where there is work to do;
Each one their share
Of work they have;
You have your share,
I have my share;
Others have their share;
And working together,
God’s kingdom will be built.
No one can build it alone;
All hands are needed on deck;
So you answer your call,
And play your part
In the Lord’s vineyard.


Called into God’s vineyard

With gratitude to God
I have answered His call
To serve in his vineyard
As the Chair
Of the Pastoral Council
Of my Parish;
I am fully aware
Of the enormous challenges;
I am not equipped for the job
But I am willing,
And sure and certain
He will equip me
For it.
The Patron Saint of my
Small Christian Community
St. John Mary Vianney SCC
Was not equipped
But was willing
And God equipped him,
God will do same for me;
I place my mandate
Under the banner of
Prayerfuness, confidence and boldness
In professing the Gospel.
If you are prayerful,
And put God first
And at the center
Of your life,
You will be a bold and confident Christian.
All time belongs to God,
Give him as much as you can;
He gave it all to you;
Give much of it back to him freely and with love;
All the money belongs to him;
He is the giver of your success,
Give back to him generously
And see how pleased
He will be with you.
I thank my fellow Christians
Who accepted that God
Should pass through them
To call me
And my team to his vineyard.
May God bless and reward tbem!

Challenge to the USA

Hello America!
Lovely, nice people;
Good, great country;
Land of freedom;
Land of democracy;
Land of opportunity;
Today is 4th of July;
You celebrate
Declaration of Independence;
What a great day!
With a clarion call; A big challenge;
As you celebrate
The day you changed
The course of history;
And gave it a better direction.
You are a great nation,
By many, far and near admired;
Role model;
We count on v you
To continue to show,
And light the way
That the world must follow;
Of recent, worrisome signals
Have raised their ugly head;
Democracy appears to be
On the slab for slaughter;
The values of light
Gradually rubbed in mud
And trampled upon;
Integrity overthrown
By pocket power;
Letting out waves of worry;
And fear across the continents;
Can we continue to count on you, America?
Is America still ready,
And able to champion
The struggle
To free the world
From the fangs and tyranny
Of unscrupulous persons?
That is your challenge,
4th July country;
Land of freedom and democracy.

Many are called (Be inspired today 307 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Have you heard it said that many are called but only a few are chosen?

What comes to your mind when you hear someone say it?

This adage is not only used with reference to the Lord’s vineyard. It applies to all areas of life which deal with human beings.

Many will always be called. But it is not very common that all will be chosen.

To married life, many are called but only a few are chosen.

In the world of business, many businesses will close today because many are called but only a few are chosen.

In football, not all football teams last for long.

Many are called, but only a few are chosen to last.

Many players are called but only a few are chosen to became great players.

Many are called to the field of broadcasting but only a few are chosen to shine in the profession.

Choose any field and you will find that many are called but only a few are chosen.

What if you don’t listen?

If you don't listen to the Lord,
You will not hear;
If you don't listen,
You will miss what he has for you.
In her post Always be listening,
Eileen Guyadeen says,
"God is always calling to you",
You must "listen with a wise ear".
"...and respond to him ",
And ".. experience life at its best.
If you like to read Eileen's post,
I recommend it: 
Always be listening.

I missed your call

I missed your call;
And want you to know
How excited I am
That you called me;
Why don’t you call again?
I am in love with you;
Call and let us talk;
Let me tell you
How much I love you;
At this moment
That I talk,
There’s none I find so sweet
Like you;
To say you are the Apple
Of my eye
Is to say the least;
You are all that matters to me;
You are my all and all;
You are all that I have.

Can you know when God wants to use you?

Can you know when God wants
To use you?
God wants to use you today;
Will you let him do so?
God is calling you;
Open your ears and hear his call;
If you close your ears,
You will not know
That God is calling you;
He is silently, but insistently
Calling you;
He is inviting you into his vineyard;
Do well to respond;
If you say yes to Him,
He will be pleased with you;
And what can be better than for God
To be pleased with you?
Yes, dear friend,
God favours you and is calling you
To do some work in his vineyard;
Be happy and respond.
You can know when God is calling you;
Yes, you can;
You can know if you open your ears.
Open them now and you will hear
God's call.

His will you must do

Something is burning in my heart;
Fiercely, burning in my heart;
A fire to share in a big way,
The many blessings from Above;
Little village boy that I was,
All doors seemed locked to me;
But God, in his boundless mercy,
Carved out a place for me.
What an amazing gift from God,
I like others to have a taste.
And this is what burns in me;
In the day as in the night,
It keeps on burning;
Burning really fiercely and hot.
Now I know it is the voice of God,
Calling out hard to me;
I cannot fail to answer the call;
Asking he tells me what to do.
His will I am bound to do.
His will, you are bound to do;
To share his blessings to all.