Taking care

Taking care of others,
Is a good thing
To do;
The Lord wants it so;
It’s a corporal work
Of mercy;
That draws a smile
From heaven for you;
So you do it;
And do it well;
But, while you do that;
Don’t fail
To take care of yourself;
That is a duty
Bound on you by heaven;
You will pay dearly
If you fail
To accomplish it;
Take care of others;
But first thing,
Take care of yourself.


Walk with care

If there is so much mud
On your way,
It will be hard to travel through
Without being soiled;
Hence, you have to be very careful;
Take your time
And know where you put your feet.
This is how we must go about life;
There is so much mud on the way;
Walk with care;
Even if you cannot completely avoid soiling your feet,
The soiling will be limited.

Know what to care about

There are things you must
Care about in life;
Things you must not neglect;
You should care about
Yourself and your future?
If you do,
You will do what you need
To do to stay alive
And to succeed;
This shows responsibility.

You should care about
The security of your family;
The success of your family;
The happiness of your family;
If you do, you are responsible;
You will help them
In anyway that you can
To be safe,
To succeed;
And be happy.

You should care about God;
You should care about your faith;
And the growth of your faith.
If you do,
You will ensure that
You equip yourself
With the tools that will
Make you strong in your faith
Stay close to and love God.

Do you care about your
Country and fellow citizens;
And the entire people
Of the world;
You should care;
And if you do,
You will think of them
With love and kindness;
And treat those you meet
With love and kindness.

We could go on and on;
The list is endless;
You don’t neglect things
You should care about;
Know what is important
To you, your loved ones,
And other fellow human beings
And pay attention to them.

Do you still care?

Do you still care about me?
I ask this with a reason;
Where are the little signs
Which showed me how much
You cared?
I don’t see them again;
You think less of me today
Than you did yesterday;
You do not seem to care
What happens to me,
Or how I feel;
I am left more or less alone
To wiggle through life,
With my need to love
And be loved not met.
Do you see why I say,
You no longer care about me?
Tell me if you do.
Think if how close we were;
I needed you, you needed me;
We did things together;
And enjoyed it so much;
Where are those love moments
This is what I ask you
To let me know.

The Value of Thoughtfulness


The Value of Thoughtfulness cover

Doing a thoughtful deed for others has such high rewards, but when it happens unexpectedly to yourself, it dramatically changes the credence of kindness. I’ll never forget coming home one day to find a neighbor who lived across the street, mowing my front yard. How do you put a value on their thoughtfulness? The most significant action is the act of giving! It’s the only thing our government hasn’t figured out how to tax either. A simple smile, a ‘hello’ or ‘good morning,’ means so much and it costs so little to deliver to the receiver. It is the sweetness of Christian life – care, love, and consideration.

The Value of Thoughtfulness pic 1

Thoughtfulness denotes good character and earns respect. God expects us to model His love to others for it shows we have Him living inside us. Giving unconditionally is the value of thoughtfulness, and it becomes a domino effect. It’s the priceless heartfelt feeling when you witness someone smiling over such a little act.

The Value of Thoughtfulness verse

I am blessed to remain in these rejoicing moments. God promises to honor us tenfold when we give to others out of consideration and love for one another. It is my calling, too, to walk blindly into the valleys and spread His good news to the confused. Making others feel like they matter in a sometimes cruel and unrelenting world can be challenging, but the reward is so great. Be not afraid, our gracious God has a gentler side.

The value of thoughtfulness goes a long way in making so many people happy. It restores the faith in humanity. Christians, we have a calling to give with a free spirit. It will shine in heaven’s armor, trust me! Let us follow God’s path.


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On you our hopes we pin

God of love, mercy and care;
To thee we all turn our eyes;
As you can see, they so bleed;
So profusely our tears flow;
Who will wipe them off but you;
Who will stop this unending flow;
That they may not all come out;
God of kindness on you we count;
Do not leave us in such storm
As we see and go through now;
See how miserable we are;
Fear and sorrow fill our eyes;
And on you our hopes we pin.

Annoying things 2 littering

There is one annoying thing I see everyday in my town. It’s the habit of littering the town.

Do you have littering in your town? People throw pieces of paper on the streets or they throw banana and groundnut peelings, or wrapping of sweets just anywhere.

Littering makes the town dirty and nasty. I find this very annoying.

What do you find annoying in your locality? And what do you think can be done about it?