Bright future 2020!

Bright Future 2020!

Hi everyone I hope you are well, wherever you are all in the world..

Firstly I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, to be honest my heart hasn’t been it lately and I have also been very busy.

SO. I have some news! Soon this year I am going to be going back into caring on the afternoons whilst also staying in the kitchen on a bank contract as I feel READY! TO make the LEAP! AND to continue my career in health and social care. I have always wanted to care for the elderly since being YOUNG!

See you soon..



Lauren Rogers

“The place of the woman is in the kitchen.”

As a little boy, I started hearing “The place of the woman is in the kitchen.” I don’t hear it much these days. Many people think it discriminates against women, and frown at it; but there are still many people who hold uncompromisingly that the place of the woman is in the kitchen; that women are to be seen and not to be heard.

Some actually go beyond mere talking to put an embargo on any attempt by their wives to become career women or get any kind of paid job outside the home.

And it may surprise you that it’s not men alone who hold this view. Some women agree and say a woman should not get office work for a salary but should stay at home and take care of it and her family.

Of course, evidently, this makes the woman dependent on her husband for all her financial needs with all the humiliation that will definitely go with it.

Have you heard this debate in your community? What is your take on it? Are there disadvantages when a married woman is working in an office outside her home?