Quote ( ripe plums)

“If you are sitting on a plum tree and harvesting ripe plums, always bear in mind that they cannot be for you alone. Think of those standing on the ground. They equally have a mouth to eat ripe plums.” (Romilia Quotes)


I value you

I value you;
Isee how caring you are;
I am more than impressed;
I thank God from my heart,
For his kind gift of you
To me;
When my spirits are down,
You are there to raise them;
When I feel discouraged,
You are there to encourage me;
When my legs are weary
And I can walk no more,
You are there to hold my hand;
When the river is full
And hard for me to swim across,
You are there to give me a hand;
When you see me drowning,
You are there to rescue me;
Always, you are there for me.
Indeed, you are so caring.
You are precious to me.
I value you.

Loving and caring

You have a special father
Who is loving and caring;
Are you seeing his miracles
In your life?
Perhaps you are not conscious
Of his miracles in your life;
They are, indeed, countless;
Many miracles in your life;
He is avloving God
Who loves you so much;
And wants you to be happy;
You need to thank him immensely
For his miracles
In your life;
Call them his wonderful works;
He is a wonderful God;
A loving and caring father;
A very special father.

A nice person

I like your face;
I like seeing you
In your photo;
When I get up early
In the morning,
And see your photo
In your mail to me,
I feel very happy;
I see a caring face;
And, indeed, I admit;
You are so caring;
That one thing
Distinguishes you;
Makes you so special;
And I admire you;
Anyone who’s caring,
I find so admirable;
Thank you for having
A caring heart;
May God abundantly
Bless you for being
Such a nice person!

Amazing people

Dear friend, what I like
Most about you is
How loving you are;
I don’t know if this word
Is enough to say
What I have in mind about you,
But what I mean is
You are super caring,
And patient and selfless;
And I find it simply amazing;
I feel lifted in spirits
To a very high level.
It’s comforting to know
The world has some
Very good people like you;
How rewarding it can be
To invest time and energy
To seek as many of them
As possible,
And bring them together
To work as a team
For an excellent world.
The marvels they will do
Will amaze you.
Are you ready for such work?

Highlighted blogs Tuesday 29/8/2017

Hello! We are happy to present to you our new highlighted blogs. These are five lovely blogs inviting you to visit them. It doesn’t take long. Thanks for your spirit of sharing. “Sharing is caring.”

1. goldenspiritblog

Hi! I’m Camila and I started my blog very recently. It would be great if you could check it out. I will gladly check your blog, just ask me ! I’m open to suggestions and feedback. Thank you so much!

Come say hi! https://goldenspiritblog.wordpress.com/

2. Hi, My name is Nequia. My blog mainly consist of a daily journal of my struggles and how I overcame them. Also, you can find poetry on my blog and other random things.

3. Hey there, I’m Allison and my blog All About Allison Ann is a new lifestyle blog that will feature anything from fashion and beauty blogs to college life and advice posts. for more information, check it out for yourself at http://www.allaboutallisonann.wordpress.com

4. emshortlifestyle

What a wonderful idea, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my blog! I’m brand new to blogging and have only been here a week or so, but my posts range from fashion and beauty, film and tv and lifestyle! I aim to create content my readers want to see so I plan on branching out into travel, cooking and reviews as my readership grows! You can check me out at https://emshortlifestyle.wordpress.com I would really appreciate it!

5. missmurdermystery

Hello everyone! I’m new to blogging and I’ll be writing books reviews on my blog. I highly encourage the readers to suggest what books I should be reviewing. I hope that you can help me. In return, I’ll be checking out these new blogs as well since it would be a great guide for me too. Thank you and God bless!

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Caring and daring

I know someone who was so caring;
Who made a mistake that was so glaring;
People said he was daring;
I wondered if he was caring or daring;
Or both daring and caring;
I like that you are so caring;
But to make it big, you must be daring;
Your courage has to be glaring.
Are you daring?
Is your courage glaring?


Sunshine Blogger Award

Well folks, we have two posts on one page.  Although it’s not what I planned for this evening, my morning post has decided to make an appearance too.  I couldn’t get the ‘Publish’ to work.

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #8

I am having problems today with publishing this post, so I’m going to copy the title on to Word, paste the completed writing and hope it works.  Be blessed where ever you are and we are thankful for our food and drink today.

I am having Natural Yogurt with Pumpkin seeds, dried Dates, Wholemeal Pitta bread with Flora and a glass of water.  I am thinking of the many things I need to do, apart from the writing, those I have started and need to be finished, start the autumn cleaning.

Having read a post on Reader ‘Blackout’ by Brendon, he had a Motor Vehicle Accident and do take a look at how he was feeling before and after it happened.  I am happy he is well but should get some rest.  I am sure I speak for all to wish you good health.




sunshineThank you Keith Haney of revhead.org for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award.  It’s truly great to receive an honour for doing something I love.

The rules:

Thank the person who nominated you.

Answer the questions set.

Nominate bloggers for the same award.

Set the questions for your named bloggers.

Show the logo with the post.


What do you love about blogging?  

I love sharing inspirational stories from my personal and work experiences.  I’ve met some wonderful people who write on  varied and interesting materials.  Through my writing I am able to let my Christian faith touch other bloggers.

What is your favourite song?

I’ll give two songs- ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin and Psalm 23 as a song

What is your dream job?            

A Wedding Planner who likes to write on health and well living for all, couples and families.

If you could exchange your life with anyone for one day, who would that be and why?

Ban Ki Moon and I would decree a ‘Build not Ruin’ for the whole world and every delegate, person and country have to listen, obey and never change back to wars, conflicts and persecution.

 Your secret romantic fantasy?

A trip on the Orient Express through Europe and it would be a bonus if it was a honeymoon.

What are your habits that you hate most or want to change?

Procrastinating, which I have been working on.

Your most embarrassing thing that happened to you?

Being desperate to pee.

Your favourite colour?


Your motivation in life?

To guide my children, grandson and any youth to achieve their potential.

Craziest thing you would like to do in life that you were not able to?

Experience the landing of a Harrier Jump Jet.


The bloggers I nominate are-

Mr Ngobesing Romanus






Zainain Shah




Please answer the same questions.

Why no longer caring?

Why are you no longer so caring?
You are not what you used to be;
Who has replaced me in your heart?
You used to be so caring,
And that made me happy;
I felt loved;
Then all of a sudden you changed;
How do I explain this?
Why did you change?
My heart still burns for you
But yours seems so cold;
How do you expect me to feel?
I want you to know that I am not happy;
And want you to do something about it;
Please, bring me out of my dark feelings.
Tell me if you are ready to do it.