Have an attitude of gratitude….

Counting the blessings

May you wake with Gratitude

What is that bothering you ?

We are human beings.Most of us lead a so called ‘busy life’.Many claim so.

These are Covid days and you are cursing Everyone and the Almighty in particular  for all the uncertainties and the life not being busy.

What is happening actually ?

Once you are 18 + your responsibilities increase and before you realize,you have a family adding to your burden.

You are stuck with your work or go on changing the jobs,and you are ever busy chasing money and in the process make heavy losses instead of becoming rich.

Now you start comparing yourself with others whom you feel, leading a better life than yours, in spite of you better qualified.

At one stage with all the disappointments and dissatisfaction abound,you become dejected,sometimes depressed even violent,cursing yourself and rest of the others and now it’s the time for you to start the blame games.

Since you are a God fearing person you start looking up for help from the Heaven.

You become angry soon because you wished a quick fix because you are sincerely praying,but strangely remembering Him only during times you are in crisis.

By now you are getting agitated and annoyed because God is taking His own time,even testing your patience.

You begin to feel that He not listening to you and you start wondering whether His presence is real and wondering whether to continue to pray thinking Almighty wasting your time ! !

Covid times making your life miserable.

You start Doubting His credentials.
Why you feel God never answers your prayers ?

You are too distracted.

Now what ?

My friend,there is no need to lead this kind of wretched life.

This is not what life offers you.

Life is not wretched

Unknown to you,God has already given you His choicest blessings since you are His creation.

There are hundreds of special moments happening in your life to celebrate rather than to criticize.

Although you may feel nothing great happening ,remember you are always blessed by Him.You are much better off than the most of the people.

You may not be rich,but you have a loving family,good friends and most importantly your basic needs are met.What else you need ?

Read this

A young woman was sitting at her dining table,worried about taxes to be paid,housework to be done and to top it all her extended family was coming over for festival lunch the next day.

She was not feeling very thankful at that time.

As she turned her gaze sideways,she noticed her young daughter scribbling furiously into her notebook.

“My teacher asked us to write a paragraph on ‘negative thanks giving’ for homework today” said the daughter.”She asked us to write down things we are thankful for,things that make us feel not so good in the beginning,but turn out to be good after all”

With curiosity,the mother peeked into the book.This is what her daughter wrote.

” I am thankful for the final exams,because that means school is almost over.I am thankful for bad tasting medicine,because it helps me to feel better.I am thankful for walking up to the alarm clock,because it means I am still alive”.

It then dawned on the mother that she had lot of things to be thankful for ! She thought again……

She had to pay taxes but that meant she was fortunate to be employed.

She had housework to do but that meant she had a shelter to live in.

She had to cook for her many family members for lunch but that meant she had a family with whom she could celebrate.

We generally complain about negative things in life but we fail to look at the positive side of it.What is the positive in your negative ? Look at the better part of life and make your everyday a great day.


Any lessons ?

How many times you counted your blessings ?

I doubt.All the time you are busy complaining and pleading with the Almighty.

Don’t think of the things you didn’t get after praying.Think of countless blessings God gave you without asking unknown

“The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles” Unknown

That one day we all remember to thank God is on ‘Thanks giving day”,for the good things that have happened or happening.

Surprisingly people remember this day for the delicious food.I may be wrong and you can correct me.

Please share your thoughts.I appreciate.

Thank you.Namaste 🙏🏻
Philosophy Through Photography

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CMA, called to be the light

Catholic Men association,
We are called
To be the light;
We are called
To take the lead;
We are called
To show the way;
That is a big duty;
And a big challenge;
That cannot be taken
Lying down;
We are called to shine
And brighten the way
For all to see;
To take the lead,
For others to follow;
Are we conscious
Of that responsibility?
That is a leadership role
We cannot neglect;
We are the leaders;
Let’s not shy away;
Let’s not abdicate our role;
And sit and watch;
Let’s get going;
Let’s lead!
Many are waiting
To follow our lead;
At every level,
Let’s be at the forefront;
Let’s not follow behind;
If we follow, who leads?
We are called to be the light.

20 characteristics of fake members of the Catholic Men’s Association, CMA

The CMA has both authentic members and fake members.

Are you an authentic or a fake member?

If you are not an authentic member, you are a fake member.

Let us look at who a fake member is. Then you can know where you fall.

  1. You are a fake member of the Catholic Men ‘s association if you don’t attend meetings.

  2. You are a fake member if you don’t pay your annual dues.
  3. You are a fake member if you do not pay contributions as agreed upon at a general meeting.
  4. You are a fake member if you do not participate in the activities of the group.
  5. You are a fake member if you do not respect laid down rules.
  6. You are a fake member if you embezzle or mismanage the finances of the association.
  7. You are a fake member if you do not have the necessary uniforms.
  8. You are a fake member if you do not get for yourself the necessary documentation.
  9. You are a fake member if you do not participate in corporal works of Mercy organized by the group.
  10. You are a fake member if you do not attend Mass on Sundays and Holy days of obligation.
  11. You are a fake member if you are not prayerful.
  12. You are a fake member if you do not support your Bishop and priest and Church projects.
  13. You are a fake member if your bevaviour is wanting.
  14. You are a fake member if you have the habit of beating your wife.
  15. You are a fake member if you are noted for drinking and getting drunk.
  16. You are a fake member if you tell lies.
  17. You are a fake member if you have the habit of gossiping.
  18. You are a fake member of the CMA if you spend your time tearing the CMA leaders apart.
  19. You are a fake member of the CMA if you have the habit of criticising instead of supporting your Parish priest or other priests.
  20. You are a fake member of the CMA if you have the habit if discouraging fellow Christians from giving alms to the Church and making other contributions as requested by the church authority.

Now, are you a fake or an authentic member?

Why did you join?

Do you belong
To the Catholic Men’s association?

Ask yourself:

Has belonging to the Catholic men’s association made you different from what you were before?

If you join the Catholic men’s association and remain the same, then you have wasted your time.

So tell me:

Why did you join the CMA?

Some people join the CMA to wear the uniform and show off in public as a CMA member.

Some people join to get a post in the group and pull their weight around.

Some people join to make money.

But none of these should be why anyone should join the CMA.

We should Join the CMA to grow in our faith;

To be stronger in our faith;

To be great in our faith.

If you are in the CMA
And still talk like somebody
Who is not in the CMA,

Too bad for you;
If you are in the CMA,
And still behave like somebody
Who is not in the CMA,

That is worrisome;

If you are in the CMA
But do not have
Any of the qualities
Of St. Joseph,
Then you are a fake CMA member.
You are wasting your time
In the CMA;

If you are in the CMA,
And are not prayerful,
Then you are not in the CMA.

If you are in the CMA,
And are not kind to the poor,
Then you are not a true CMA.

If you are in the CMA
But are dishonest
You are not a true CMA.

If you are in the CMA
And continue to
And promote lies
On social media,
Know you are a fake CMA.

If you are in the CMA
And continue to steal
And embezzle state funds,
You are a sham CMA.

If you are a CMA
Be a great CMA;
Be a committed CMA.

If you are a CMA member,
Be a man of intergrity;
As every CMA member
Should be!

Know the leaders: The Archbishop of Bamenda Archdiocese

The Archbishop of Bamenda, His Grace Andrew Fuanya Nkea is the third Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

The Archdiocese of Bamenda is the Metropolitan See of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda.

The Holy Father appointed Bishop Andrew Nkea to this position on 30th December 2019.

He took canonical possession of the Archdiocese on Saturday 22 February, 2020.

In this position, he has replaced a great prelate, the Right Reverend Cornelius Fontem Esua, who was Bishop and Archbishop for 37 years.

Archbishop Nkea’s motto is “In spiritu et veritate” – in spirit and in truth. Like Pope John Paul II, he believes that “only the truth can set us free. We must always stand for truth…even when people misunderstand us and when we go through suffering. ”

To Archbishop Andrew Nkea, “real worship, real service, real love, real communion, and real friendship can only be in spirit and in truth.”

His coat of arms is a shield containing five images.

Why a shield?

He comes to his new position as Archbishop of Bamenda fearlessly with the shield of faith in his hand. Hear him: “The Shield represents the Shield of faith which St. Paul refers to in Ephesians 6:16 when he says that ‘in all things take up the shield of faith, with which you may be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one.”

He is aware of the challenges of the Bishopric. But he is ready to face all the trials and difficulties with the prayers of his patron Saint, Saint Andrew, the apostle.

He believes that becoming an Archbishop is not by his power but by the power of the Holy Spirit. He believes that whatever work he will do will not be by his power but by the power of the Holy Spirit who accompanies him.

He is determined to bear witness, throughout his Episcopal Ministry, to the truth and nothing but the truth, for, to him, “The only way to fight falsehood is to preach and stand for the Truth.”

Hear him: “I will depend completely on the Spirit of Truth, whom Christ says when he comes, will lead us to the complete Truth.” (John 16:13).

Like the good Shepherd who is ready to give his life for his sheep, Archbishop Andrew Nkea will be a good Shepherd to ‘all the priests, religious men and women, all Christ’s lay faithful, men and women of good will, and all God’s children. ”

The Archbishop has always committed his “priesthood under the patronage and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Christ and mother of Priests.”

He will continue to do just that. He writes: “Once again, and in a special way, I commit my episcopate to the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose son died on the Cross for our salvation and who has called me to his service.”


Archbishop Andrew Nkea begins his episcopate in the Archdiocese of Bamenda armed with the shield of Faith, with full trust in his master Jesus Christ, he will preach the truth, fearlessly, ready to die for the truth. He completely surrenders himself to the care of the Holy Spirit, mother Mary and his patron Saint, Saint Andrew. He will be a good Shepherd to the flock under his care.

Let us all pray for this brave prelate, that God may protect him from all harm and sustain his wisdom, energy, strength, courage and steadfastness.

All the information given in this post about our Archbishop has been culled from the explanation of his coat of arms which he himself has given.

It is my wish to accompany all the Bishops of my Ecclesiastical Province in their Ministry to enable the flock they Shepherd to better understand them and open themselves to be shepherded.

If you like what we are doing, why not do same in your Diocese or Ecclesiastical province?

I invite communicators in the other dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda to forward to me any information on the activities as well as the homilies of their bishops so that we can break them down for a better understanding by the flock.

Let us renew our zeal for the Catholic Faith.

Take a good look at yourself

This post was originally written for the members of the Catholic Men’s Association, CMA. But finding many points good for everybody, I opted to share it here:

  1. A CMA member must know the virtues of St. Joseph. Do you know the virtues of St. Joseph?
  2. A CMA member must live the virtues of St. Joseph. Do you live the virtues of St. Joseph?
  3. A CMA member should be an exemplary Christian. Are you an exemplary Christian?
  4. A CMA member should be a good and faithful husband. Are you a good and faithful husband?
  5. A CMA member should be a responsible family head. Are you a responsible family head?
  6. A CMA member should pay his statutory dues promptly. Do you pay your statutory dues promptly?
  7. A CMA member should attend all regular meetings. Do you attend all regular CMA meetings?
  8. A CMA member should belong to a small Christian Community where he lives if it exists there. Do you attend SCC meetings?
  9. A CMA member should not fight with his wife. Don’t you fight with your wife?
  10. A CMA member should not fight with anybody. Don’t you fight with people in drinking places and other public places?
  11. A CMA member should not misbehave in public. Don’t you misbehave in public?
  12. A CMA member should not indulge in gossip. Don’t you indulge in gossip?
  13. A CMA member should not slander anybody;
  14. A CMA member should not indulge in criticising the Catholic Church and her leaders. Don’t you indulge in criticizing the Catholic Church and her leaders?
  15. A CMA member should not go into quarrels with a Catholic Priest. Do you go into quarrels with Catholic Priests?
  16. A CMA member must give alms generously without grumbling. Do you give generously to your church without grumbling?
  17. A CMA member must contribute towards the realization of his church projects. Do you contribute to carry out Church projects?
  18. A CMA member must not be jealous or envious of those who are doing well. Aren’t you jealous or envious of people who are doing well?
  19. A CMA member should not cause the death of anyone in any way. Have you never caused the death of another person?
  20. A CMA member should not be an accomplice in causing the death of a fellow human being. Have you never been an accomplice in causing the death of somebody?
  21. A CMA member should not cause or be partisan to an abortion. Have you never caused an abortion or assisted to cause an abortion?
  22. A CMA member should not bring politics into the CMA. Do you not try to bring politics into the CMA?
  23. A CMA member must not bring politics into the Church. Do you not try to bring politics into the Church?
  24. A CMA member should not tell lies. Do you not tell lies?
  25. A CMA member should not help to spread false information on social or traditional media. Do you not write and forward lies on social media?
  26. A CMA member should master the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Do you know your Catholic doctrine?
  27. A CMA member should know the Liturgical calendar of the Church and respect it. Do you know the liturgical calendar of the Church and follow it?
  28. A CMA member should know and obey the precepts of the Church. Do you know the percepts of the Church and obey them?
  29. A CMA member should go through Mary vale institute;
  30. A CMA member should be proud to be a Catholic;
  31. A CMA member should proudly pray the Trinitarian prayer in public;
  32. A CMA member should know the CMA prayer and pray it regularly;
  33. A CMA member should know the CMA anthem and sing it confidently when it is being sung;
  34. A CMA member should be sincere, honest and accountable in all financial matters;
  35. A CMA member should never drink and get drunk, let alone misbehave due to alcohol intake.

You may not be a Catholic reading this but I think you can find many useful points for you.

The new Bishop of Mamfe

The new Bishop of Mamfe;
The new Chief Shepherd
Of Mamfe,
The new Pastor
Of the one family Diocese
Of Mamfe,
Do you know him?
Anxiety is rife;
All want to know
Who is that favoured one?
He is unknown;
For now, God alone knows;
But he can be no other
Than a Shepherd of great qualities;
A dedicated and devoted fisherman;
Who has proven his worth
In the eyes of the Lord?
In his divine wisdom,
With his unfathomable mind,
God alone knows;
He alone makes the choice;
From among his shepherds,
He calls the Chief Shepherd,
The choice is his;
Yes, the Chief Shepherd
For the Diocese of Mamfe.
Is somewhere among us
In the Holy Catholic Church;
He is among many;
The one on whom God’s hand
Is placed;
You cannot know
Even if at this moment
You are looking at him;
God alone will tell the world,
At his chosen time;
Through the signatory power
Of the Holy Father,
Let us pray
That this choosen one
Will best please the Lord;
That this chosen one
Will best deliver the goods;
That under his leadership
The Gospel will courageously
Continue its journey
Throughout the territory
Of the Diocese of Mamfe.
Almighty God,
Thank you immensely
For the new Bishop of Mamfe,
Who you have already chosen
in heaven;
May you grant him all the graces he needs,
The wisdom, good health,
Stamina, courage and passion
For the spread of the gospel;
The times are challenging
With many uncertainties;
Only you can protect him.
into your hands, we commit him
All the rest of his life;
This is our prayer
Through Christ our Lord, Amen!

I have discovered where you can get your miracle

If you are looking for a miracle, you can find it. I have discovered where you can go and get your miracle. Miracles happen all the time. Do not continue to suffer when one miracle can transform your life; lift you from darkness to light; from oblivion to stardom.

Read this story titled “Ndenge, the Catholic young man”.

Ndenge was a Catholic young man, who worked as a salesman in a Catholic shop. His salary was too small and did not enable him to take care of his family and the other things that he had always dreamed to do.

He prayed everyday for God to touch his employer’s heart to augment his salary. Unfortunately, though he attended Mass daily and prayed for many years, his prayer bore no fruit. It seemed to be falling straight on deaf ears.

Ndenge felt discouraged and sad. One day, his hope was raised by some fellows belonging to a new church called “Abundance Church “, who stopped by and told him that if he came to their church they would pray for one night only and a miracle would happen and he would be happy; if his employer did not raise his salary, he would get a new and better job.

It sounded very tempting, but Ndenge was not someone to give in so easily. He turned down their invitation and said he was not going to jump church to get a miracle.

The fellows did not stop wooing him to join them. They visited him often, gave him money from time to time and were ever ready to come to his aid in times of need.

Ndenge was impressed by such loving care and began to take an interest in such loving people. Soon, he decided that after all, they were so caring and he had no reason not to go with them.

When he told them of his plan to join them, they were overjoyed and showered him with more money and gifts.

He planned to go to the new church the next day after work. That meant he would turn his back once and for all on the Catholic Church.

The next day, he got up feeling ill, but knowing if he did not go to work he would not be paid, he made an effort to go.

Shocked he was that day, that as he was about to close for the day, he got a letter from his employer terminating him.

He had never felt so desperate before. What consoled him was his new and kind friends. He was now more anxious than he had ever been to join their Church.

As he was driving home after work, he got a flat tyre.

“What a day!” He screamed. Everything seemed against him. He went to the boot of the car to get out the spare tyre and found it flat as well.

Surely, he had never had such a terrible day in his life. He looked up to heaven in prayer and asked Mother Mary to intercede for him.

He had not finished when a Mercedes car pulled up with a gentleman on the steering. This man offered him a ride. As they drove along, they chatted. The man offered Ndenge a new job with a salary twice that of the job he had just lost. His employer was a rich and kind Catholic.

Ndenge loved his new job and enjoyed it with all his heart. He felt he couldn’t get anything better. In fact, it was a dream come true as his employer also became his best friend.

That afternoon, his new friends waited for him in vain. He was not going to come again and would never do. He had already got his miracle.

“You don’t need to leave the Catholic Church to get your miracle,” he later told his fellow Catholics. “I found mine in the Catholic Church. So too can you.”

Dear Proud Catholics, let no one deceive you that their church is better than yours. Let no one deceive you that their church is a factory for miracles.

Let no one deceive you with a sweet tongue, gifts and money to leave your church and join their church in order to have miracles.

Let no one deceive you by always being by you and showing you love and care and promising you miracles.

Their church has been created by someone like you. Your Church, the Catholic Church has a divine founder. It is the only Church with a divine founder. That Divine founder is Jesus Christ. Your Church is the Mother Church.

Miracles occur in the Catholic church everyday. Miracles happen to Catholics everyday. The greatest miracle happens during Holy Mass when bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus Christ. You don’t need to leave the Catholic Church to go looking for your miracle.

I am proud to be a Catholic

I love everyone I meet. I do not discriminate. Your religion is not a barrier to me relating with you. I love you. I relate with Christians, Moslems, etc very well. But I am really proud to be a Catholic. I don’t hide this. In public I am happy to pray the Trinitarian prayer openly at occasions to identify myself as a Catholic.

But do you know? I don’t go into arguments with people about their faith or my faith or why they may not believe or practice as I do. I keep that aside. It’s not necessary. I discuss faith issues only with other Catholics.

I like people to freely practice their religion.

The world can be an excellent place if we stop judging other people’s religions and discriminating on religious lines.

To me, love should not be limited by language, color, religion, geography, politics etc. We should love all because everyone is created in the image and likeness of God.

Some people criticize us Catholics even other Christians also do. I do not get angry at them. I forgive them. I believe that anyone who understands the Catholic Church would not criticize it.

This post may tickle you to want to go into a debate with me about my faith. I will not. People take offence when you prove them wrong. My such arguments end badly.

I prefer you keep your faith and I keep mine. I respect your faith, you respect mine. Only God knows who is right, who is wrong. And if God wants to convert anyone, he will do it at the right time.

Once again, I wish to say I am proud to be a Catholic. If you are a Catholic reading this, I hope you are proud to be a Catholic?

We have a community Worldwide called Proud Catholics Movement Worldwide.

You can join if you like. It’s a vibrant Catholic community.

This is our WhaatsAp link:https://chat.whatsapp.com/LGmEhq2DZn1LpVXXTakgvn

This is our Telegram link:https://t.me/joinchat/MlEhjBDH5XpPo5Vt6amLtQ

Thus is our blog: https://proudcatholicsworldwide.wordpress.com

We are journeying together as proud Catholics, growing in our faith by learning from one another and others, helping one another to become confident and bold in professing our Catholic Faith, and living the Catholic Faith truly so that others can see the light of Christ shining in and through us.

We are a virtual ongoing formation community through sharing, presentations, supporting one another, loving and supporting our priests, Bishops, religious and Holy Father through prayers, love and otherwise.

We know we will meet all sorts of challenges. We are ready to surmount them. Our focus is to grow in our knowledge of the Catholic Faith; follow the Catholic Faith as it has been handed down to us by the Teaching Authority of the Church; and to participate with joy and happiness in our SCC, Mission Station, Parish and Diocese, to build Christ’s Church on earth.

Please, pray for us. You may also join us. God bless you.