Have faith in others

How much faith have you in others?
I have great faith in others;
You should have faith in others too;
But be careful as well;
Not everyone is good;
Not everyone is sincere;
Not everyone can be trusted;
Many look like they should be trusted
But cannot be trusted;
They are sweet outside
But bitter inside;
They shine outside;
But are dark inside;
Therefrom much evil comes in the world;
The world is good;
But also bad;
The world has good people;
But also bad people;
Have faith in others but be prudent
And have God as your shield.
The plans of the evil ones will never
Prevail on you,
With God on your side.


Think before you share


We live in a world where if someone actually wants to s/he can locate where we live and show up at our doorsteps without invitation.

IMG_0025 sharmishtha 17.2.16 sm (1)That is why we should be very cautious about the things we share in internet, social medias, as we all may know that once you post something in social media, it often stays there for years, even if you delete it, remove the post it may pop up from one place or other, so, before you post something that may affect you in future think at least fifty times.

We all go through bad patches, spat with family, tiff with co-workers, bad terms with employers but sharing them online may not be a good idea, if you want to vent out write a story and stamp it as a fiction and be careful not to use the actual name, you may of course give your characters enough resemblance but not too much to sue you when you become a millionaire!

After all, who can say that the person who hates you most is not following your blog? Your facebook page/profile and keeping copy of all your slips and mistakes to use them when the opportune moment comes!

To share your ravings against your ex when a new love is by your side, your anger against your ex co-workers after you have changed your job or your boss after you have made up with him/her?

People who said God put our tongue behind cage for a reason said it right. You should apply the same theory to your fingers too, because they do most of the talking.

Sharmishtha Basu is author, who is right now fully engrossed with her twin zines- Agnishatdal and Agnijaat. She loves to write about life and experiences and is honoured to be a part of a fantastic site like “Success Inspirer”.

You can check her out at daintypetals.wordpress.com or write to her at sermistabasu@gmail.com or sharmishthabasu@hotmail.com

Too dangerous

There is wicked ever present creature
Who goes by the name Devil;
I have seen him at work lots of times;
This evil fellow is always at work;
He never sleeps, never rests, never;
He is for ever causing harm;
Destroying what others are building;
He does not like good to prevail;
He enjoys evil;
And if you smile with Him,
You are gone;
He grips you and takes you captive;
He is to be shunned;
Stay off his path;
Too dangerous to be allowed near you.

Life’s dirty tricks

Life has many dirty tricks;
Or what do we call them
If not life’s dirty tricks?
Life will lift you high up
In the sky,
And let loose its grip on you
And you come crashing down;
What do you call this
If not a dirty trick?
Look at the gutters!
They are all packed full;
And these same ones glittered
And sparked yesterday;
What went wrong along the line?
High up today,
Far down in the gutter tomorrow;
That is the life I see everyday;
Truly, life has its dirty tricks;
Beware that life does not play
Its dirty tricks on you!

Flashy guys

Have you realized that there are some people who are very flashy and tend to intimidate you with their flashiness but when you go further you find that they have nothing to offer?

Do not let anybody intimidate you with flashiness. It is usually said that empty vessels make the loudest noise.

Do not be surprised if it turns out that the guy who looks so flashy has nothing to write home about. Beware of flashy guys! They may be dangerous.