Brilliant performance (Be inspired today 406 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Really not surprised at all;
Rather, I am impressed;
And overjoyed;
Your performance
Has been brilliant;
Exactly what we want;
When you work and sweat,
And harvest abundant crops,
That calls for feasting;
That is what I want us
To do;
When it’s time to work,
We work;
When its time to feast
And celebrate our work,
We have to do so.
This is the time to feast,
And celebrate our work.
We have worked;
And made it.
Our performance is brilliant.


You’re 8 today

Happy birthday to you, dear;
8 good years have slipped by;
Very unnoticed;
Not a short time at all;
But short
Compared to the number ahead;
The journey has only begun;
May it be long but enjoyable;
Potholes, you can’t avoid;
Neither can you evade
All the steep hills, valleys
Stony paths and slippery ground,
But the Almighty will always
Equip you when you get there,
To sail through delightfully,
With flying colors.
A very happy birthday to you!

Celebrating love (poem 54 to my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Celebrating love

The writing on our love board
Is a beautiful, sweet one;
The story it carries
Has the sweet taste of refined wine;
That lovely story of our love;
Taking off from romance
And safely landing on romance;
Passing through
The difficult channels
Of challenges,
And near divorce;
The normal trajectory for all
Durable marriages;
Do you remember our down days?
When everything was bleak?
When all seemed lost?
And irredeemable?
Thank God we held the forte:
And our hope tank
Though seriously rocked,
Innumerable times battered,
Was hardly empty;
Never for once went dry.
We have reason to celebrate.
Let us celebrate our love.

Reason to celebrate

I see good things coming;
I see beautiful things
Right ahead;
I see the things I need;
The things
That are good for me
Coming to me in abundance;
I cannot thank God enough
For his goodness to me;
I see them
Coming to you also;
I see many nice things
Flowing to you
From heaven;
Many lovely blessings
From God;
Good reason to celebrate.
To thank God.

Love fills the air

❤️❤️❤️ Love fills the air;
Look how it sails
Like clouds
Across the sky;
Its flavour is sweet
Like fine refined wine;
Like a Christmas meal;🍓🥑🍎🥕
Like the stars;
Like the flowers🌷🌻💐
In the garden,
It beautifies millions
Of hearts💟💟💟💟💟
Across the world;
On this lovers day;
Call it Valentine’s Day.👫👫👫
Sail on love;
Like waves in the ocean
What can man have
That is sweeter than you?💃

Wao! World Radio Day!

Can you imagine a world
Without your sounds
Being bombarded
In our gentle ears?
Your name is Radio;
An instrument of information
And communication;
Through your airwaves,
Far and near
Are broadcast to known,
And unknown;
You are a tool for learning;
A source of entertainment,
Fruit of technology;
Product of the human mind;
As we celebrate your day,
As World Radio Day,
Yours is an exalting duty;
On you we depend to enhance
Unity, harmony and peace
Among all the people;
To continue to help us
Live better, healthier lives;
But while you are
So well used by some,
To make the world
A global village,
And a better place for all,
You are abused and misused
By irresponsible fellows;
Who have made lies telling
Their art;
And through them,
Much destruction
You have caused,
You have ruined people,
And destroyed many lives
And property;
You are yourself very much threatened by technological advancement,
Yet, you remain unshakable;
Who can thank you enough
For what you have done?
And are doing?
For a long time to come,
You will be there for us.
The winds of Television
And Internet will shake you,
You will tremble but not fall;
Happy World Radio Day
To all who love you!