Who is this man?

Who is this man?
Wonderful man,
Whose name
Is pronounced
Loud and clear,
Billions of times daily,
In all continents
Of the world.

Who is this man?
Wonderful man,
Born in a little city,
Whose birth day
Is remembered
Months ahead,
And after intensive preparations,
Is celebrated by all
The world.

Who is this man?
Amazing man;
Whose name alone
Puts money into
Billions of pockets;
Who enriches
Those who love him
And those who hate him.

Who is this man
A man among men;
Source of energy,
And happiness
For many.

Who is this man?
So simple and great;
Who loves friends
And foes alike;
Feeds friends and foes
Welcomes all,
Friends and foes,
Without discrimination.

Who is this amazing man?
Who stands for Justice?
Who is an example?
Who is so simple?
Who experienced untold
Yet, never complained?
And offered himself as sacrifice
For the world.

Do you know this Jesus?
Do you know this Christmas?
Do you know this son of Mary?
What do you know about him?
Is he your friend?
Does he put food on your table?
Doesn’t he put money
Into your pocket?
Isn’t life better for you
Because of him?


Independence day!

Independence day!
4th of July;
What a great day, indeed!
World History was made;
Not American history alone,
The history of the world;
The American Declaration
Of Independence;
A new nation was born;
Freedom was gained;
A birth yet untold;
A new beginning
The entire world recreated;
What a precious commodity
Freedom is;
It opens new doors,
To new possibilities unimagined.
May every human being
Be blessed,
To have the freedom so desired;
To realize their potential
To the full;
And the full potential
Of the land!

Thank you a million

What a happy father I am!
And that is because of you;
How can I thank the Lord enough?
You made me a father O Father;
And not any kind of father;
You made me a happy father;
You gave me the loveliest children
In the whole wide world;
I am a proud father;
And so when you tell me
“Happy Father’s day”,
With all my heart, I accept.
And I say “Thank you a million!”

Chrism Mass 1019: the faith of the people is strong

Some people are strong in their faith. It is a good thing when the faith of the people is strong. Chrism Mass is usually an occasion in my Archdiocese to measure the strength of the people’s faith.

Judge for yourself through these pictures.

The Ministers are processing; the people are singing, dancing and offering their gifts to God through the Church:

Bonne journée internationale de la femme

Au moment où le monde tout entier célèbre la journée internationale de la femme, c’est un très grand plaisir pour moi de souhaiter à toutes les femmes du monde entier une excellente célèbration.

Vous êtes des braves personnes. Le monde ne saura exister sans vous.

Que tous vos efforts soient récompensés.

Merci et au revoir.

Women of the world by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Women of the world;
Wherever you are;
Love and peace to you
International women’s
Rights day;
Hold your head high
As you celebrate this day;
Be proud to be a woman;
A mother to men and women,
A wife to a man,
A daughter to parents,
A sister to a brother,
A friend to a friend,
Your challenges are enormous,
So too your opportunities;
You are up to every task;
May woman stop being victims
Of domestic violence!
May gender equality hurry
To become reality
Everywhere in the world!
It is not by mistake
That you are a woman;
It is by divine design;
Crafted to be the flower of
The human spirit;
The source of beauty
Of the human heart;
The sun
That gives light
To a dark world;
Honey to sweeten the tea of life;
You are moving gold;
And incomparable
Together with men,
You mould tiny creatures
Body, mind and soul
From birth to vibrant men
And women;
Kings and queens;
Great warriors;
Great peace makers;
Of the world.
In pain you are there;
In sorrow, you are there,
In moments of joy,
You are a joy;
Happy women’s day to you.

How are you celebrating the Valentine’s day,this time ?

Valentines day

Valentine’s day is the day,when all over the world, LOVE is celebrated.

It’s celebrated on 14 th February of every year.

Just think for a second.Are we true to the spirit of Valentine’s day ?

Is it necessary to wait for this day to express love ?

Instead we can  show this love in every day of our life.

Don’t you think true love is the one,which is beyond conditions ?

True love should be forever supportive.

Love should be constant both in times of happiness and sorrow.

Of late, we have become busy in  showing off love ,instead of taking solemn pledge of Love !

And on the Valentine’s day,funnily we exaggerate our Love !

To show love you must buy something and this is  where industries are making a kill on this day,defeating the very purpose of Valentina day.

I guess we are over rating the day !

Money, money,money,it’s so funny !

My take, Love never fails,instead people fail on love.

“Love never dies a natural death.It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source.It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals.It dies if illness and wounds,It dies of weariness,of witherings,or tarnishings.” Anais Nin

Thank you

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