“The challenges of life are God’s way of building your mental muscles. They toughen you if you don’t allow them to crush you.” Romilia quotes


Challenge to the USA

Hello America!
Lovely, nice people;
Good, great country;
Land of freedom;
Land of democracy;
Land of opportunity;
Today is 4th of July;
You celebrate
Declaration of Independence;
What a great day!
With a clarion call; A big challenge;
As you celebrate
The day you changed
The course of history;
And gave it a better direction.
You are a great nation,
By many, far and near admired;
Role model;
We count on v you
To continue to show,
And light the way
That the world must follow;
Of recent, worrisome signals
Have raised their ugly head;
Democracy appears to be
On the slab for slaughter;
The values of light
Gradually rubbed in mud
And trampled upon;
Integrity overthrown
By pocket power;
Letting out waves of worry;
And fear across the continents;
Can we continue to count on you, America?
Is America still ready,
And able to champion
The struggle
To free the world
From the fangs and tyranny
Of unscrupulous persons?
That is your challenge,
4th July country;
Land of freedom and democracy.

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Let’s be leaders (Be inspired today 182 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When one day ends,
Another day begins;
Each day comes
Carrying on its head,
Its own load of realities
Weighing it down;
A mix of blessings
And challenges;
Though more challenges
We, in our numbers
And negativity tend to see.
Each day comes
Challenging us to leave
Our comfort zone
And dare to venture
Into new territory;
To explore,
To test,
To discover;
To conquer;
To either lead or follow;
Who will take the challenge?
As for me,
I will;
I will venture;
I will risk;
I will think outside the box.
I will leave my comfort zone
And lead the way;
I wasn’t born to follow;
I was born to lead;
I know the way;
I will move;
I know where to go;
And how to get there.
And what I don’t know,
I will learn;
Follow me!
As I take the challenge;
As I leave my comfort zone;
As I think outside the box;
And lead the way.
What of you?
If you want to lead with me,
Let’s go!
Jump on the train;
Others will follow us.
Let’s not be folliwers;
Let’s be leaders!

New word Challenge 2

Our new word today is insipid
What does it mean? How can it be used in a sentence?
Can you write a story? A poem? A piece of drama using
The word insipid?
Set your mind to work. Be creative. Why not simply  make
some sentences with this word or give synonyms.
You have the leeway to do as you like.
If you write a post, send us the link.
Thanks for participation.

Kindness challenge day 2

Have you done a kind deed today?

Intend to do or say something kind?

Appreciated some one?

Complimented someone?

A wish?

Get well wish?

These are all acts of kindness. Why not share with us? Go to the Comment box, please. Even appreciating this post and encouraging us are acts of kindness.

Be kind to others. That kindness will come back to you a hundredfold.

A tad of kindness makes the world better.

The kindness challenge

I like when people
Are kind to me;
I think others will also like
If I am kind to them;
Hence, I spare no opportunity
To be kind to someone:
I like to be of help;
I like to support others;
To collaborate;
Isn’t it a good thing?
I believe the world needs
And that if we were all kind
To one another,
The world would be sweet.
Let us each be kind
In our own little corner,
In our own small way;
That can go a long way,
Can’t it?.
It can;
Thus, I encourage you,
To show a little kindness
On a daily basis.
That, I try to do.
Let’s challenge ourselves;
Call it the kindness
Or kind act challenge;
By which we show kindness
In words and or deeds
To someone at least,
On a daily basis;
Or do we say weekly basis?
Let me know what you think;
If you are in for this,
Please,say so;
That would be kind of you.

This post was inspired by a comment about kindness made on my site by Chris Of Living Healthier and Happier blog.

New Word Challenge no 1

Hello fellows! How’s your week? Amazing for me.

New things coming up. Your New Word Challenge.

What about it?

You have to grow in your word vocabulary. Language is power, you know. And you can grow into an iroko just by learning one new word a week.

It mustn’t be high-sounding or jaw breaking word. Just let it be a word you want to get into your functional vocabulary.

No better way to do this than writing about it and sharing.

Every week, we will invite you to send us your new word for the week by sharing our own.

First, you will write, post on your site, then send us the link, or ping.


So easy!

Talk about your new word any way you like: define it, use it in a sentence, ask a question or questions about it, talk about it etc. It’s left to you to decide.

Let me set the ball rolling:

My new word for this week is Millennial.

This word is becoming very common all over the world. But still many people don’t know it. I will get this word into my functional vocabulary by looking up its meaning and using it often. You can join me to make millennial part of your functional vocabulary. Who is ready to join me?