SIWO Photo Challenge no. 1

W   E    L   C  O   M     E

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  1. Happy blogging!

We are challenged

We live in a wide, tall

And deep world;

Whose ways even the most brilliant

Cannot boast to fully understand!

Some things we know,

Some are above our capacity

To know;

Or understand;

We live with others,

And that is the hardest challenge

we face;

How do we share all the things

Of the earth,

Which we came and met

And will soon leave and go?

This simple question keeps the world

On its toes everyday;

We think;

We imagine;

We calculate;

We talk;

We plan;

We worry;

We become angry;

We quarrel;

We fear;

We fight;

We kill;

All because of who gets what?

It looks a shame, doesn’t it?

And intriguing;

Hard to understand;

That brilliant minds like ours

That are inventing all types of machines,

That are solving all types of problems;

Taking us to the moon in minutes;

And to the bottom of the sea;

Taking and keeping us in space,

Enabling us to explore the universe;

Enabling us to communicate with one another no matter where we live

In seconds,

Are unable to share what we came and met,

And will leave and go

Without quarrelling ,

And fighting,

And killing one another;

What is the matter with us?

What is wrong with us?

Greed will not set us free;

The desire to grab all for self;

Caring not about the other;


The thirst for power;

The desire to command;

To dominate others;

And be feared;

And respected;

And honoured;

And worshipped;



Yet, at the end of it all,

It’s vanity;

All is vanity;

Vanity of vanities;

And a whole mockery;

That we boast of what we can do,

That we do marvels,

But cannot do the basic;

A simple thing like living together

In peace and harmony;

It’s bullshit!

An insult to human intelligrnce;

And we are challenged;

Humanity is challenged;

Stop all these inventions

Which, of course, are excellent,

And find a way to live together first;

For what is the use

Having everything to enjoy the world

But cannot enjoy the world

Because we cannot live together;

Because we suspect one another,

Fear one another;

Doubt one another?

Do we know our priority

As inhabitants of the earth?

Everything is our common heritage;

We came and met it;

And will go and leave it;

Everything is given to us free;

All is to share equally

To all.

Stop wasting time on things that matter less;

Focus on what matters;

Spend time on what matters;

Concentrate on what matters;




Find ways;

If you do it well,

Then we have accomplished our mission here.

If not, too bad for us;

We’ll continue to argue;

To quarrel;

To fight;

To kill one another;

To destroy the very thing

That we claim to be protecting.

Get more likes without strain no 5 while building your language power without strain

Idiom of the day:

To keep abreast of (or with)

This means to keep level and up to date especially with one’s rivals.

Now you can earn as many as four likes on your site by making a sentence in the comment box with this idiom.

Happy blogging!

Who can find an answer? Can you? Tell us, no 12.

Why are some countries advancing and others are not?

When you get to some countries, you really admire they way they are. When you get to others, poverty is repulsive.

Why can’t the poor countries learn the ways of the rich ones and develop like them?

Who can say something about this?

Who can find an answer? Can you?Tell us, no 8.

I hear of wise men. I have not heard about wise women. Aren’t there wise women? Are only men wise?

Tell me if you know;

Tell me if this worries you too.

Some people think this is gross injustice to women; the suppression of women, the violation of women’s rights.

Tell me what you think.

Have there been women who have qualified to be described as ‘wise’?

Who can find an answer? Can you? Tell us, no 7

How wise are people today? Were wise men only in the past?King Solomon, Socrates, Plato, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Confucius, Einstein, etc. People of the past were super brilliant, or how?

Yet , what I see my grand children do at 5, I am at a loss. I have to ask my kids to teach me or I am in darkness.

Who says it’s not hard to understand?

Are the greatest minds the world has known of this generation or of past and gone generations?

Tell us if you know;

Tell us what you know;

Tell us even how you feel.