I love what I do

I love what I do;
I love my blog;
I enjoy working on it;
I find blogging so amazing;
I keep meeting new bloggers;
Making new friends,
Strengthening relationships,
Learning and growing;
It’s not easy,
Though it sounds so sweet
The way I put it;
It’s quite tough;
Often frustrating;
And many times, I am tempted
To quit.
But I dont;
I have resolved not to quit,
Come what may.
I have also resolved
To love it;
To face the challenges,
To make sure
That I overcome them.
Success awaits me.
Knocking at my door;
Asking to be let in.
That is what I will do.


Take things as they come

I am meditating;
Asking and answering questions;
Life is so complex;
Full of challenges;
But many questions
Seem to have no answers,
One must take things
As they come;
Not as one thinks
They should be.
That is maturity;
Are you mature?
Are you ready to take things
As they come,
And not as
You want them to be?

Fighting Goliath

The empty colosseum is packed full of reservations, and seats fill with great expectation. It’s a historical day spectators longed to watch, so bets are placed in back alleyways. Peasants mutter amongst themselves, “There’s no way this guy can win… just no way!” The upper echelon dressed in their finest apparel. Shoes are shined, and the gloves are donned. A gasp from the crowd signifies the arrival of dignitaries. Today, May 1, 1884, a significant event in history will occur!

Hours before the gates opened for the crowds, Moses Fleetwood Walker stood alone on home plate. He leaned on his personal bat and knew he would be fighting Goliath. Moses was the first African-American man to play in Major League Baseball. No black man ever stepped foot on a baseball field. It was a fight to be a part of this lustrous history-making moment. The battle is on!

Image of Moses Fleetwood Walker courtesy of Wikipedia. 1856-1924

We must face constant challenges in our life. Some battles we think we can never win, and yet some are so great as was the case for David. He walked into the arena to fight his opponent. Though David was a poor, peasant man, he was rich in his love for Christ Jesus. His strong faith, just like Moses, was on his side, so how else, but in God’s name, could he lose?

1 Samuel 17: 1-54

Moses Walker, too, stood at home plate and looked over into the right field. He knew what he had to do if he was going to conquer the masses. Would anyone accept a black negro playing baseball? Moses, like his protégé, was about to change the world forever and all by himself.

I leaned back in my chair and thought for a moment. Is there a way one man can make a difference in the world we share? I thought of Noah first, and then the Moses in the Bible. Some great inventors with blessed imaginations struggled with hardships. And… even Jesus ascertained the difficulty of changing the world. So, he encourages us to fight our Goliaths by staying in prayer. Believe God’s wonderful promise for He is always in control of your life. David knew he couldn’t lose if his faith stayed strong for we all must fight the earth’s serpents. This is how we can make a difference!

Many people suffer from health issues which only a miracle can cure, and some struggle with finances. Others fight the system while a few battles the governing authority despite their honesty. Every living thing on earth grapples with trying times, but it’s how you respond to the Goliaths that count. Remember, it is God’s purpose for you to experience the adversities. What will you learn from them?

The shouting now grows louder beyond the gates of the stadium. Moses Walker stands alone, just like the Moses’ and the David’s before him. Armored with only a baseball bat and faith, he is about to take on the world. How can he win? It’s simple –  God, perseverance, and prayer. He is ready for the pitches adversaries throw at him from every direction.

As the sun awakens the long shadows, cast your doubts out the window. Perhaps say this prayer with me…

“Father, we ask You to be here with us in our times of dissolution. Help us focus on our future. Give us protection, Lord, while we stay in prayer and think of you. Help us discern the lesson You wish to teach us through every hardship. Thank You, in the name of our Father, for helping us fight the Goliaths of everyday life. Amen.”

It is only God who can bring us a promise and our greatest gifts. Faith is the internet messenger which sends prayers far beyond our imagination. While we stand on our own home plate, remember… you can’t make a home run if you don’t swing! Give it your best, in the name of the Almighty.

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It’s raining (Be inspired today 360 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

It’s raining;
And to some people,
It’s a sorrow;
To others,
A wonderful joy;
All a question of attitude;
How you see the blessings
And challenges of life;
There are people
Who get knocked out
By the least challenge;
Others who are elated
By challenges;
They welcome them;
And masterfully turn them
Into blessings;
Indeed, challenges are good;
They make you strong;
By building your muscles.
They sharpen your wits;
And push you to be creative.
I see challenges
On my path as blessings;
Great opportunities;
To bring out the best in me.

Challenges are good (Be inspired today 350 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I like challenges;
Its your problem
If you don’t like challenges;
Challenges are good;
Don’t wave this aside
Until you ask me why
And hear my response;
There are many reasons
Challenges are good;
They draw you closer to God;
Or do I say push?
They push you closet to God;
We have challenges
Where I am;
And everyone is on their knees;
Church houses are full;
Always full these days;
Everyone starts their day
With a prayer,
And end it with a prayer;
It was never like this.
Honestly, challenges are good;
And many people put on
Their thinking cap
When challenges come;
The result is more creativity;
Better production;
If you sail through life
Without being challenged,
That is not a good thing
For you;
You will be soft
Like a vegetable;
Challenges toughen you;
And life demands
That we be tough not soft.
If you’re tough,
You will break through.
If you are soft,
Life breaks you.
So, welcome challenges,
Challenges are good.

You have to be strong (Be inspired today 258 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

It’s another day;
Another set of challenges;
It’s a new day;
The start of new struggles;
You have to brace up
To face the odds;
Bear in mind
Life is not a bed of roses;
And if you make yourself
A vegetable,
Of course,
Tell me what to expect;
To survive
In our present world,
There are no two ways;
You have to be strong.

Those challenges (Be inspired today 246 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I see challenges ahead;
So many obstacles
On the way;
But who is intimidated?
I am not;
Instead, they spur me
To double my effort;
Challenges are meant
For people to overcome.
And I am ready to do so.
You can’t go far in life
Without challenges;
So my friend,
Don’t be worried
That you face challenges;
They are for your good.

Face the bull (Be inspired today 243 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I am, indeed, very happy;
I still have
Some good distance
To cover
To reach my target;
It means
I must work harder;
This is a big challenge;
And I want to say,
I am up to the task;
I want to do things;
And I don’t, at all, fear
The challenges that life
Poses to us, humans;
We have to be ready
For them.
What I know is,
They make you stronger
Unless you give them
A chance to break you.
Face the bull
By the horns
And emerge more powerful.

Hope for the rainbow

As you pursue
Your goals and dreams
In life,
If you find yourself
In the middle of
The storms of
The ocean of life,
Which from all sides,
are bombarded on you,
And the hit as a hammer
On a nail,
Bear in mind
Life is a struggle,
Despair not;
Battle on,
All your wisdom and energy;
Hope always for the rainbow
To show its head
In the horizon.
Such is the nature of life;
Never has it been easy
Nor will it ever be;
From when you are born,
Till when you depart
From this world,
It is full of challenges,
A ceaseless battle;
You must fight on
While hopefully waiting
For the sun to shine,
If you relent or give up,
You will be swept off
Your feet by the storms.
Hope for the rainbow,
It will come.