A personality that charms every body

Building a personality that charms every body

Making yourself charismatic

What have you been doing to build your personal charm? You can a charismatic personality; a personality that charms every body.

I would like us to take a walk along the paths of SIWO’s charismatic personality journey.

You can become charismatic. I encourage you to go for it.

It will be a good option to go right to the beginning of it all.

A charismatic personality is a wonderful asset. You can never regret investing in acquiring such a personality.

Enjoy your charismatic personality flight.


She is such a charm

This beauty you see,
Is a real beauty;
What a charm, indeed!
Not a social media affair;
And not a distance Relationship;
Now, it is real;
When I talk now
I know to whom I am
So beautiful she is;
Looks so kind and caring;
I thank God for
The charm
That she is;
She knows how to keep you happy.
I do, indeed, admire her;
She is such a charm.

I thought I was done with you

woman and man holding hands while walking between rock formation

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

I thought I was done with you;
That is why I heaved such a sigh
Of relief;
How mistaken I am!
Your beautiful words again
Have mercilessly pierced my heart
With love;
Leaving me totally defenceless;
Why are you so irresistible?
What is this charm in you
That holds me captive to you?
Each time you extend a hand
Of love to me,
I find myself skipping excitedly
Like a little school kid
To grab it
As if it were a gold medal
I had won in the championship
Of the season.
Yet, it doesn’t take you long
To dump me on snow;
Tell me the magic spell that
You have to win my heart.
Can I have it too?
So I can pour on you and make you
Prisoner of my heart for ever?

Your charm intrigues me

Dear sweetheart,
Your charm continues to intrigue me;
I have tried to stop
Thinking about you
But failed;
I can’t get you out of my mind;
I can’t get you out of my head;
I can’t get you out of my heart;
And each time I see your face,
I am speechless;
You are permanently
In my thoughts;
And in my heart;
I have succeeded to resist
Everything I don’t like to do,
But I doubt if I can resist
Your lips;
Which look like made of nectar.
Do you know what makes you
So irresistible?
You have a charm which no other
I know has.

Don’t look at me!

Where did you get those eyes?
They are causing trouble in my life;
Don’t look at me!
I can’t think again;
When I look at you;
And see those glittering eyes
On your face;
I cannot reason again;
At the same time,
My heart beats faster
With love;
What did you put in those eyes?
Is it a charm or a spell?
Don’t look at me;
Don’t look at me again;
You will land me in trouble.