This week’s livestream show

If you missed my livestream this week and would like to check it out. Please click on the link below. Tomorrow I post my first short story of 2019. I can’t wait for you to read it.

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How was your day today No. 7

This is your chat forum.
You are free to say whatever is in your mind at this moment here.
Share what you did today.
Talk to other bloggers.
Tell how some post touched you.
Say how someone impacted you.
Say the challenges and thrills of the day.
Are you happy or sad?
Say something to somebody.

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How was your day today No. 2

I hope you enjoyed the day. If you did, share with us the thrills. Don’t leave out the down side. We are all created to journey together and be one another’s support. We like you to get support here; to find love; care, understanding, friendship. Let’s give and get help through sharing. Comment on one another’s comments and sharing, giving love, support, compliments. If someone is down let’s lift them up. If someone’s light is shining, let’s celebrate with them. What better way can there be to share love, joy, happiness. Let’s be family.
I love you!

How was your day today no 1

Can divorce be avoided?

Can divorce be avoided?

There are many marriages that end in divorce when it could have been avoided. What do  you think?

They end in divorce not because any of the spouses is bad but because they lack the tools to live successfully together taking that they have profound differences coming from their personality styles, different filters or backgrounds.

Sincerely speaking out on what can make you sue for divorce can be a good way to help those of the opposite sex know what they should or should not do in marriage.

We must not take for granted that people know what can lead  to divorce in their marriage.

If you don’t mind it, I would like us therefore, to share on this:

  • What are some of the things that you would not accept in your marriage?
  • What are the things that turn you off completely?
  • What would make you sue for divorce without blinking?