US 2020 election Unless you are blind

Unless you are blind,
The writing’s on the wall,
So bold and clear;
There are no two ways
About it;
Americans, too brilliant
To make a mistake;
That will bring dowb
Their honour down;
Sure, on November 3,
A wise choice, they shall make;
They shall choose truth,
Over lies;
They shall choose excellent leadership,
Over mediocrity;
They shall choose democracy
I’ve dictatorship;
They shall choose
To consolidate what their founding fathers fought for,
And won for them;
They shall choose to uphold
The foundational values
Of their nation;
They shall choose sanity
Over insanity;
They shall choose love,
Over hate;
They shall reject racism;
And divisive language;
And dictatorship,
And vindictiveness.
You can be confident;
Americans will make
A wise choice;
And reject mediocrity;
November 3
Will be a great day
Not only for America
But for America and
The whole world.
The writing is so clear
On the wall that
Even the blind see;
And they cannot allow
Anyone to meddle
With their affairs;
If someone should do it;
And go free,
I will stop calling them
The world’s greatest nation.

Can you change God’s plan for your life?

Can you change God’s plan for your life?

That is a good question. And I like it because it is on an issue which boggles many minds. This is the issue of destiny or predestination.

Can we change our destiny?

Answering this question will clarify many persons, indeed.

I used to wonder who makes us run into trouble.

Who is responsible for our failures?

Is it God who makes us fail? Why would God, who is so good, make us fail? Is it God who gives us a destiny of poverty or suffering?

These are also questions that bother many people.

They used to bother me; but their answers have become clear to me.

God has given everyone of us a free will to make our choices in life.

Life is determined by the choices we make.

These choices determine whether we are successful or unsuccessful, happy or sad, good or bad, wicked or kind.

I know this sounds straight and simple; but it is far more complicated than it appears.

I guess some people will ask: who makes us choose one thing or the other. Is it not God? Can we do something if God does not allow it?

The answer is God has allowed the freedom to choose totally to us. But He assists us if we seek His assistance.

Also, He has given each one of us a Guardian Angel to help, guide and protect us from the devil who is permanently scheming to win us into his kingdom.

Guardian angels are available to come to our assistance whenever we solicit their help.

The unfortunate thing is that many of us turn neither to God nor to our Guardian Angel to get the help we need!

The help and guidance we get from God or our guardian angel must not be taken as a forgone conclusion.

There are conditions under which we get God’s help or the help and guidance of our guardian angel.

God has set the rules for us to follow. If you respect them, God will reward you by giving you what you ask for.

If you do what God asks you to do, God will do what you ask him to do for you.

What does this mean?

It means that if we follow God’s word as contained in the Bible, God will respond to us by rewarding us in some way especially to do what we are pleading with him to do.

The world is made of two forces – good incarnated by God and evil, incarnated by the devil.

If you do good, it means you have opted to go with God. You are on the side of God. You have chosen God over Satan.

God will put you among his friends and you will enjoy the rewards of being his friend. He will give you what you ask him for if it is good for you.

If you do evil, then you fall on the side of the devil who rewards you for choosing him. And what does he give you as reward?

Of course, you can’t give what you don’t have. You give what you have. The devil commands the kingdom of evil. All the evil in the world belongs to him; and that is where he draws from to reward or pay the wages of all those who serve him.

This is how the world operates. God does not cause evil to befall anyone. It is the work of the devil facilitated by the individual by paying allegiance to him.

We keep dancing forward and backward between God and the devil, good and evil is also permanently in our lives.

We are co- workers with God for good in our lives or co- workers with the devil for the evil we have in our lives.

When a good thing happens to us, it is not good luck. It is the result of our collaboration with God.

In the same way, evil is the fruit of your collaboration with the devil. If you do not collaborate with the devil, you cannot have evil in your life.

You may ask: what happens when you do nothing but somebody comes to you and creates a problem for you?

If someone sets out to create you a problem, but you are not in the devil’s kingdom when he comes, he will not do what he sets out to do.

To commit sin of any kind is to take a seat in the Devil’s kingdom. And when you are sitting in that kingdom, any kind of evil can happen to you. The devil is the one who, at that time, decides what to give to you.

You must have heard the quote that the evil that men do lives after them. Yes, when we do evil, we do it to our self. The same evil may not befall us but the devil will reward us. This means we will experience evil in some way.

This clearly tells us that the best thing to do is to stay off evil. Avoid evil and evil will avoid you. Do evil and evil will follow you.

Talking about God’s plan for your life. God has a range of options for your life. He has given you a free will to make choices for yourself. These choices either take you to your purpose or away from your purpose.

Since the world is a dual world, built around good and evil, while God has a plan for your life, the devil also has a plan for your life. This plan is a range of options that you freely choose from.

It is left to you to follow God’s plan for your life or the devil’s plan for your life.

The choice is yours.

Waste not your vote

When you caste your vote
On voting day,
For a president,
Do so wisely;
Vote for a candidate
Who will deliver the goods;
Not a fake candidate;
Make a wise choice;
Waste not your vote
Can you guess the one
I won’t vote for?
A fake politician;
Whom I know will fail woefully;
Will be mercilessly thrashed
By his rival;
A candidate who’s not worth his salt;
Who, though he may call himself
A consummate leader;
Is not better than
A primitive village chief;
Some make themselves fools
By sheepishly following such,
I wouldn’t do anything
Of the sort;
Will he deliver what he promises to deliver?
He never will;
If he pledges not to let us down,
To make us great;
It will be a sweet melody
In your ear;
But will he make us great?
He will let us down;
Soil us;
Make us mean;
And others will look down
On us;
We become the laughing stock
Of our day;
See them make a mockery
Of us;
Should we continue
To trust him?
To hold him in high esteem?
To follow him?
And stand by him?
Wouldn’t that be damn stupid?
You do not trust someone
Who doesn’t have any reason to be trusted;
Someone who isn’t serious;
Someone who is dishonest;
Someone who’s dubious;
If I were you,
I wouldn’t be duped
A second time.
One would be a fool
To be duped
By the same person,
On the same issue,
I can assure you,
He will fail woefully.
Waste no time with him!
Mind you!
We are in the realm of politics;
But everything should not go;
Let us not sacrifice our cherished valves
On a fake altar of
Our country first.
Let false promises not derail us.
We should not lose focus!

The new Bishop of Mamfe

The new Bishop of Mamfe;
The new Chief Shepherd
Of Mamfe,
The new Pastor
Of the one family Diocese
Of Mamfe,
Do you know him?
Anxiety is rife;
All want to know
Who is that favoured one?
He is unknown;
For now, God alone knows;
But he can be no other
Than a Shepherd of great qualities;
A dedicated and devoted fisherman;
Who has proven his worth
In the eyes of the Lord?
In his divine wisdom,
With his unfathomable mind,
God alone knows;
He alone makes the choice;
From among his shepherds,
He calls the Chief Shepherd,
The choice is his;
Yes, the Chief Shepherd
For the Diocese of Mamfe.
Is somewhere among us
In the Holy Catholic Church;
He is among many;
The one on whom God’s hand
Is placed;
You cannot know
Even if at this moment
You are looking at him;
God alone will tell the world,
At his chosen time;
Through the signatory power
Of the Holy Father,
Let us pray
That this choosen one
Will best please the Lord;
That this chosen one
Will best deliver the goods;
That under his leadership
The Gospel will courageously
Continue its journey
Throughout the territory
Of the Diocese of Mamfe.
Almighty God,
Thank you immensely
For the new Bishop of Mamfe,
Who you have already chosen
in heaven;
May you grant him all the graces he needs,
The wisdom, good health,
Stamina, courage and passion
For the spread of the gospel;
The times are challenging
With many uncertainties;
Only you can protect him.
into your hands, we commit him
All the rest of his life;
This is our prayer
Through Christ our Lord, Amen!

When will you marry?

This is for those who are not married?
I want to know
What you are waiting for;
When will you marry?
Are you waiting for Miss Right?
Or Mr. Right?
If you are looking for Perfect,
Let me assure you
That particular individual
Is still a long way off;
Mr. Right and Miss Right
Are hard to find.
You will grow white hair
Waiting for Mr./Miss Right.
And why should you?
How right are you?
Why do you want right
When you are not right?
If you are not married,
Make up your mind and get in.
Stop looking for what
You will never find.
There is no Miss Perfect;
And no Mr. Perfect anywhere
In the world.
No Mr. Right, no Miss Right.

The choice is not yours

Some days are like birds
In the sky;
Flying freely up and down;
What you do not expect
Is what comes your way;
Freely flying like birds
In the sky;
It may be good,
It may be bad;
All is
It’s what you never
Expected to have;
Which says much
About the life we live;
No one can say
What God has for one;
You may desire a thing
And the exact opposite
Is what he gives you;
But sometimes
What you desire
Is what exactly he gives you;
What you desire;
The choice never is yours;
Always the choice is his;
You need, he knows better
Than you;
You have to put your trust
All in him;
Whatever is good,
Ask and he will decide;
If it’s in stock,
For sure, he will give you.

The reason many fail (Be inspired today 231 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you stand at the bottom of a mountain and look at its summit, most likely you will feel intimidated and tempted to give up.

This is the deciding moment for you. What you do at this moment defines the direction of your life – whether you are moving forward to success or to failure.

You may choose to give up or to undertake the journey.

Of course, to give up is to opt for failure. If you decide to start climbing, that is the first but major step that puts success in your life.

A very high number of people in the world allow the challenges on their path to success to intimidate them and make give up.

Because they are caught in this trap, there are so many failures in the world.

Only a few who don’t shy away when they see how challenging it is to get to the mountain top become achievers.

To be an achiever, do not let anything stand between you and the mountain top where your golden crown is found.

Once you know where your treasure is, sit down, work out your plan and go for it.

Of course, you don’t work alone. What people can achieve working together is far beyond what someone, even a giant can get working alone.

So don’t go alone. Get partners. And your number one partner is a partner who surpasses a million partners and that is God.

I don’t need to belabour the point. A word to a wise is sufficient.

Do not fall among the losers. Fall among the winners. Don’t do like the losers do for you will get what they get. Instead, do as the winners. You will get what the winners get.

Labour not in vain

We are all on our way;
We are always labouring;
If I am not
On my way to success,
I am on my way to failure;
If you are not
On your way to success,
You are on your way
To failure.
No one stands still;
Always on the move,
One way or another;
Make sure you are going
In the right direction.
Make the right choice;
Take the right decision;
Choose wisely,
Otherwise, you will labour
In vain.
Labour not in vain.