What are you choosing

As you wait
For what is ahead,
Are you hopeful,
Or in despair;
Hope builds;
Despair destroys;
One is positive;
The other is negative;
And since choice
Determines outcome,
You have to be careful;
So you indicate to me;
And let me know;
Which of the two
Do you choose?
Are you choosing victory
Or defeat?
As for me
I am for victory.


Are you called and chosen?

If I tell you “many are called”, you will most likely add:

“but few are chosen.”

This is an adage that we chanted when we were in primary school.

And it is true as we see clearly every where in the world. Jesus had many disciples but only 12 of them were chosen to be apostles. Why did he choose those he chose? Think about it.

Many are called to be Christians, but only a few are chosen to be pastors in the vineyard. Why are they chosen? It is something to think about.

Many are called into a football squad but only some are chosen at every match to defend the colors of the team. Why are those who are chosen chosen?

Those who are chosen are not necessarily the most qualified but those who are willing. As commonly said, God does not choose the qualified. He chooses the willing and qualifies them. Thus, being willing puts you in a position to be called. Then when you are called, you are equipped and then you become qualified..

It is a great privilege to be called and chosen. God alone calls and He alone chooses. But to be called and chosen, you have to be willing. Then He will equip you. He will qualify you.

If you are willing to do what is necessary to succeed, God will call you, choose you and equip you.

If you are willing to do what it takes to succeed in marriage, God will call you into married life and equip or qualify you to succeed.

This holds same for all fields of in human endeavor. Be willing. God will call and qualify you.

You must always choose like a winner

If you don’t choose like a winner, you cannot be a winner.

People choose like losers but want to win. It’s not possible.

They are probably not aware of the importance of the choices they make or that are made for them.

Are you aware that you are the product of the sum of all the choices that have been made for you and that you have made since you were born?

That is a fact which we all need to know.

Every choice that you make or that is made for you, either makes you a little, or mars you a little.

No choice that you make or that is made for you leaves you in the same position. It either takes you a little towards success or a little towards failure.

At the end of the day, your life reflects your choices. If you make more wise choices than unwise choices, your life will be successful.

If you make more foolish choices than wise choices, your life will be a failure.

This means that you must not make choices in life haphazardly. Give careful thought to the choices you make.

Make sure they are choices that enhance good not evil; that build not destroy; that bring happiness not sorrow.

The world is experiencing so much sorrow because of the wrong, evil choices that many of us make. We choose to carry out wrong actions and the result is suffering for ourselves or some others; and sometimes for ourselves and others.

If you have not been giving careful thought to the choices that you have been making, you better turn over a new leaf and start doing so from today if you want to succeed.

If you do this, you will avoid many of the pitfalls that can cause your downfall.

As a take-home, always choose like a winner not a loser so as to become a winner or to confirm your position as a winner.

Make a choice

food healthy people woman

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You can choose to be happy
Or to be sad;
You can choose to be positive
Or to be negative;
You can choose to be active
Or to be sluggish;
You can choose to be responsible
Or to be irresponsible.

You can choose to be kind
Or to be wicked;
You can choose to be talkative
Or to be silent;
You can choose to bring light
Or to bring darkness to the world;
You can choose to be friendly
Or to be hostile to others.

You can choose to promote love
Or to promote hate;
You can choose to promote harmony
Or to promote conflict in the world;
You can choose to promote peace
Or to promote war;
you can choose to promote unity
Or to promote division.

What do you choose?
Do you choose excellence
Or you choose mediocrity?
Do you choose to serve others
Or to lord it over others?
Do you choose to say the truth
Or you choose to tell lies?
Do you choose to create problems
Or to solve problems?

Who are your friends?

woman falling in line holding each other

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Who are your friends?
Are they positive
Or negative?
Are they smart
Or sluggish;
Who are your friends?
Are they lazy
Or hard working?
Are they responsible
Or irresponsible?
Who are you friends?
Are they winners
Or losers?
Are they ordinary
Or extraordinary?
Who are your friends?
Are they focused
Or scattered?
Choose your friends
With great care

Which is which?

Which is which?
Do you love to love,
Or you love to hate?
Do you hate to love,
Or you hate to hate?
Which is which?
Love me;
Don’t hate me;
I love to be loved!
And hate to be hated.
Hence, I love others;
As I want to be loved;
I don’t hate others;
Just as I don’t want
Anyone to hate me.
Love others,
As you want to be loved.
Let us make our world
A love world
Not a hate world.
So tell me:
Are you for hate
Or for love?
Which is which?