God chooses whom he likes

God chooses whom he pleases;
God chooses whom he calls;
God chooses whom he favours;
God chooses whom he befriends;
Because not all of us
Are the same;
Some in heart are pure;
Some, far from pure.
And God does not look outside;
God looks inside;
And sees further than
All human eyes can see.
Look into him;
He will call you
If he is pleased with you ;
It is all his choice.
God chooses whom he pleases.e
God decides what he does;
Look at the birds high
In the sky,
God alone made them so;
Look at all the trees,
And the hills, the valleys
And the rivers,
God chose to make them so;
God chooses who he pleases;
God creates what he likes;
Look at the seas raging so,
God made them what they are;
God chose to give us a Saviour,
That was all his choice.
He could have done otherwise,
But he chose the way he did it;
God chooses what he does.
And his choice is final,
Because of all possible options,
It is the best ever.