What is good about a day like this?


December Month

December month;
What a busy period
Of the year!
Many activities already
Lining up;
Selling and buying
Do top the list;
Followed by church going
To church goers;
Usually a thrilling
Time of the year
When we think fondly
Of loved ones;
And send them messages
To warm their hearts.
Love messages
We too do receive.
A great time of the year,
Indeed. it is;
Shall you be part
Or absent?
Christmas is we call it;
Soon jingle bells;
But before then Advent;
When the coming
Is announced of the Messiah.

He is always there

He is not far from us;
He is nearer us than we know;
He is with us and in us;
He is for us;
He is in the know of our troubles;
He is aware of our fears;
He is also aware of our worries;
He is so caring and so loving;
He is wherever we go;
He is where we are coming from;

His name is above all names;
His name is powerful;
His name is a household word;
His name is redeemer;

He is called king of kings;
He is called Messiah;
He is called king of glory;
He is called Lord of Lords;
He is called Wonderful;
He is called Awesome.
He is always there to help you.

Make Christ Known and loved day 1

If you are a Christian, you are called to make Christ known and loved. Join us to discuss the topic:
Developing a relationship with Christ.
Is it necessary to develop a relationship with Christ?
What type of relationship should we have or develop with Christ?
How do you develop a deep relationship with Christ? Your answers are awaited if you believe Christ should be better known and loved.

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The Living Word

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Have you heard of
The Living Word?
I am talking of
The living Word of God;
What does that mean?
Who knows?
Who can say what it means?
For those who don’t know,
Let me say it;
When Christians talk of
The Living Word of God,
They are talking of Jesus Christ;
Yes, Jesus Christ;
Did you now that?
That is it;
Christ is
The living Word of God;
The Bible is
The Written Word of God;
When we read the bible,
We hear the voice of God;
We hear God speaking to us;
Hence, we meet God;
And have a conversation with him.
Meanwhile, Jesus is
The Word of God made flesh;
Everyday, make sure
You get in touch with
The Word of God made flesh;
The Living Word of God.
When you read the bible
You meet
The Living Word of God;
When you meet
The Living Word of God,
You meet God.