Quote ( city life, village life)

“Which is better? City life with all its modern facilities and pollution and high crime wave or village life with clean air but no portable water, no electricity, no medical infrastructure?” (Romilia Quotes)

Frustrated bitter sad

I am frustrated;
I am bitter;
I am sad;
I come from the village;
I am a village boy;
I want to go to the city;
I want to live in the city;
I want to be rich;
I want to live in luxury;
I wonder if I have a chance;
I wonder where to begin;
I have no job;
I have no education;
I know nothing but poverty;
I was born in poverty;
I have grown in poverty;
I swim in poverty;
I bathe in poverty;
I live in poverty;
I see people living in opulence;
I see them in mansions;
I see some in ivory towers;
I admire them;
I wish I could be like them;
I think everyday about my life;
I cry every night;
I know not what lies ahead;
I see no light ahead;
I really want to succeed;
I am worried;
I am frustrated,
I am bitter;
I am sad.
I want to succeed;
I want to shine as others;
I want someone to help me.


My village

I am a poor village boy
I was born in a village;
I grew up in a village;
I know my village;
But today,
I live in the city;
That is not my village;
I want to go back
To my village;
Where my roots are deeply
We must join others
To build my village;
As others built the city;
And made it a place to be,
We shall build our village;
We can’t abandon it;
And fill the cities;
The cities are saturated;
We must go back
To our villages
Wherever they may be,
And build them;
And make them places to be;
That will be admired
By others;
Who will want to come
And live there.

Back to my roots

I was born in a village. Today, I am a city boy. I want to go back to the village. It will be hard for me to recognize my village, though. I have been away for many years and may not know the village any longer; and the village may not remember me also. It’s been a long time, indeed.

But, I am tired of the city. I don’t want the city any more. What I want now is the village. I want to go back to the village. I want to go back to my roots.

Who will take me to my village? Who will teach me how to live in the village? I won’t know how to live in the village, having lived in the city for such a long time.

I wonder if I will find my way in the village. This is worrisome. Will I find my way? That notwithstanding, I want to go back to the village; and live as best I can.

I want to go back to my roots.

My City Challenge day 3

Hi friend!

I haven’t heard from you about your city. What’s happening? You have a beautiful city, don’t you?. Why don’t you let us know about it? Please, please, give us the name of your city; and if you don’t mind it a little information. We are dying to know.

You may also talk about your best city in the world. Why you like it etc. Somebody told me today Sri Lanka was beautiful. Do you know about that?

Lovely day to you.

#call-for-action, #city

My city Challenge day 2

Tell us anything about your city today. Is it quiet? Turbulent? What activity has caught your attention? Have you told us the name of your city already? If not please, do. Is there anything interesting about your city that you think others can come to visit? Say something no matter how short it may be.

My city is called Bamenda. It is a small city in Cameroon. If you don’t know where Cameroon is, let me know. I will be delighted to tell you.
Thanks in advance for being part of this challenge.

#blogging-challenge, #city

My city challenge day 1

which is your city? Do you love your city?
If you love your city and are proud of your city, tell the world about it.
What do you like about your city?
What do you like about your city today?

You can put your city on the world map by talking about it everyday. This challenge offers us the opportunity to do this. Everyday, say something about your city – what you like about it, what is happening there today, what is interesting, what visitors can visit etc.

Say the good and the bad. Express your happiness and sadness. Talk about your city and read what others are saying about their city.

Painting ‘New City’

Painting titled ‘New City’ by Michel Montecrossa

Description ‘New City’, Mirapuri, 2013, acryl on canvas, 20,5×20,5cm

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: http://www.MichelMontecrossa.com

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