Happy I reached bottom (Be inspired today 89 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I fell for long;
Prayed to reach
Bottom fast;
But it didn’t come;
I prayed harder;
And finally it came;
I reached bottom;
And felt so happy;
Do you know why?
I could start again
To climb;
I couldn’t fall again;
I could only climb;
I was happy I could
Start climbing again;
Ever since I am on it;
I am climbing;
One day
I hope to reach
The surface,
God being my helper.


Your Mount Everest

What is your mount Everest?
Everyone should have their Mt. Everest.
Their highest peak in life;
On which they set their eyes, heart and mind;
Which they daily strive to climb;
With determination, courage, and faith;
To conquer someday;
Decide now!
What is your mount Everest;
And begin at once to climb;
Who knows?
You may, like many before you
Get to the summit.
Good luck on your climb!