More Colorful birthdays

Have you noticed that we now have more colorful birthdays on this site?

I have really enjoyed the last two birthdays. This is the fruit of the delicate fingers of our sweet Ranjeeta who is now running the Happy Birthday Club. She organized a colorful birthday party for our sweet friend, Tessa Yesterday she did the same thing for Sasha.

Bravo to you, Ranjeeta for the innovative touch! Keep shining!

I hope we have all stopped by to wish Tessa and Sasha Happy Birthday!


Today is her birthday!

Her name is Sarah. Today is her birthday. Happy birthday sweet friend!

Name: Sarah
DOB: September 9th

Hello Happy birthday Club members! Sarah is waiting for you at home for her birthday celebration. Jump into this train to get to her home.

Love to you all.

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Get our community support

If you are in our community, you will enjoy our community support. No General, it is said, no matter how great, can fight and win a war alone. Do not try to go it all alone on the blogosphere. All over the world, people are grouping together to draw strength from one another and achieve their dreams.

What people can do working together, none of them can do alone. The vision of Success Inspirers’ World is to be a platform where all inspirers come together and not only make their voices heard but support one another and realize their dreams. If your blog is out to help people achieve their dreams or become better, this is where you belong.

We have one instrument working very well in this community:the Solidarity Bloggers’ Society. These are people who are participating in the Solidarity Support Challenge. If you are not yet in, please, join.

Another instrument of support in the Success Inspirers’ World is the Happy Birthday Club. Club members visit members on their birthday and wish them a happy birthday. That is a way to drive more traffic to their sites. It is really good.
If you are not yet a member, join for free. Give the following information in the comment box:
1. Your name
2. Blog name
3. Blog url
4. Day of birth
5. Month of birth.

For more of the things that are offered you here, visit this page.

Happy blogging!

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A party we missed

Hello friends! Do you know the birthday party we missed? “Amazing Birthday Ever 24 July 2016”. Aki is one of us in the Happy Birthday Club but we did not have the information about her birthday. That’s why we missed the party. But it’s never too late to wish our loved one a happy birthday, is it? Just jump there right away and say something  to her: Amazing Birthday Ever 24 July 2016

Are you a solidarity blogger?

Solidarity bloggers are people who blog in solidarity. They visit and support one another as best they can. If you are a solidarity blogger, your name should be on this list.

If your name is not on it, you can still enroll. This is where its done.

You can also go straight to the comment box and register there. Give your name, blog name url and if you like, say what you blog about.

You can also  join the Success-in-blogging club. Register here.  It’s a very good thing to join a club.


Solidarity Support Challenge day 101


We have hit one hundred days of journeying in this challenge. Our joy overflows. Thank you for making this challenge such a success. More and more people are coming on board. Success can never be hidden. Success brings more success. You will see that as we journey on, more and more people will join us. Be confident of the future; and shun anything discouraging. Below you will find our bloggers of the day. Visit their blogs; like their posts and comment.

This challenge is for both Solidarity bloggers and members of the Success-in-blogging Club. You are all welcome!

1. faithmillie

2. rosevoc2

The list of those who can participate in this challenge is found here though you can still register and start participating. Indicate in the comment box if you want to join either the forum or the club.

Are you on this list? Check!

On the list that follows, you will find the names of the members of the SOLIDARITY BLOGGING SOCIETY. These solidarity bloggers have opted to blog as a team . Team work is a very good way to achieve success in blogging, and, indeed, in life. Working together as team we support one another. When we fall there are team members to lift us up. I thus very warmly congratulate all of us who have accepted to work as team. Just go through the list to see if your name is on it. If it is not and you want to join the team, register in the comment box. Go through the list and check your name. Continue reading

Hello Club Members!

Motto: Think together, decide together, act together, for the good of all

Hello Success in Blogging Club members! Delighted to see many of us in this lovely club. You are all welcome. Now it’s time to start business. In a club we are friends aren’t we? We cater for each others’ interest.

What is the way forward? I know this is what we are all waiting for; which is good. Don’t forget it’s a club. We’ll think together; decide together; act together for the good of all. I am only your host and facilitator.

Let’s put our thinking cap. What do we do? Any club activity that you have in mind? I propose we take off time to know fellow club members

At the end of your visit to a club member tell fellow club members what you have done. Invite club members to your site. Let’s go. Action speaks louder than words. Fly don’t crawl!