My vibrant appeal to you

To you I make this appeal;
My vibrant appeal to you;
Straight from my heart;
Make no mistake, voting day;
Ensure you get it right;
It will be too expensive
To make a mistake;
And too hard to correct;
I urge you to think twice;
Put selfish interest aside;
And the common good ahead;
Community, people, country First, individual after;
Humility in charge,
Let pride have no chance;
We must live as family;
No matter our skin color;
Being only one God’s people;
God loves us all;
Color not a separation;
The heart all that matters;
Racism be killed and buried;
Never again must it take up
It’s ugly head,
In our world so beautuful.

Insecurity: a worrisome reality

Insecurity is rocking the world. In no country, to the best of my knowledge, are people 100% safe even if countries like Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria and Denmark have good safety reports.

It seems, everywhere, unscrupulous people have taken control; and the situation is very much out of hand; and keeps worsening.

Insecurity is a top trauma of our times in countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and Venezuela.

We look up to the police for a solution.

Yes, the police are required to play their role; to come to our aid; and, in some countries, they are helping; but not everywhere. We have seen instances where the police are the problem instead of the solution.

Even in countries where the populace have confidence in the police, let no one fool you. They cannot handle it singlehandedly. A community can only be safe if the people elbow the efforts of the police, by coming together, to discuss, strategize, adopt and implement measures to keep the community safe.

We have seen how such action has curbed the peril of insecurity in some places. This needs to be multiplied.

If we are waiting for the police or public authorities, we shall do so until the cows come home.

Security is an issue whose importance cannot be overemphasized.

We know, of course, that if we spend precious time running up and down or worrying about our safety in the day or at night, we will not have time to do what we should be doing to enhance our success and standard of life.

Hence, we cannot gloss over the problem. That is why we are challenged to assume our responsibility, and make sure that security reigns in our homes, our streets, our market places, our countries and in the world.

Hello November

Hello loving community!
Welcome on board
The November plane!
We shall be flying high;
Transition from low
To high altitude is now,
And shall be done fast;
Do well
To fasten your seat belts
Hope you will enjoy the journey;
If you need any services
The hostesses are at your disposal;
You have enough to eat and drink;
Sleep when necessary;
But if you sleep too much,
You will miss much of the beauty of the journey;
Safe and enjoyable journey
To all!

January Babies

To all those who were born in January, we all join our voices together to say, “Happy Birth Month!”.

We know that you have individual birthdays, some which have passed and many that are still to come.

In this community we have the practice of joining our members on their individual birthdays to celebrate but accept this collective one.

Starting this January, as we are doing now, every month we shall join our voices to wish a Happy Birth Month to all those born were that month. Thereafter, we shall join the celebrants on their individual birthdays.

Many thanks to our beloved Ranjeeta Nath Ghai who has kept the Happy Birth day page in our community going.

May God shower you with his blessings, dear Ranjeeta!

Again, “Happy Birth Month” to all of you who were born in January irrespective of the year.

Love to you all.
SIWO International.

Hello SIWO community!

man wearing blue suit jacket beside woman with gray suit jacket

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Hello friends! Hello SIWO community! It is a real pleasure for us to extend greetings to you this day. We are overjoyed to see the enormous progress SIWO has been making.

We have reached 9000 followers. Our page views and likes continue to. grow impressively. You are the reason this is happening.

We thank all of you, our friends; our community, who have remained faithful to SIWO. You are the best we find on the blogosphere.

On our part, we are committed to giving you our best and supporting you to reach your full potential through inspiring, motivating, encouraging and edifying content. Nothing can replace such content to make the day great.

Together we will continue to break new grounds. The sky is our spring board.

We love you.


Hello everyone! Here is a series of poems/thoughts/ramblings on the theme “Perfection”.



I wanted to be perfect!
Tall and slim,
With chubby cheeks and high cheekbones,
With a sharp jawline and perfect eyebrows,
Not a hair out of place;
Molding my body in a shape that is unnatural to its origin,
Telling myself that I am worthy only when I reach a certain standard.
I wanted to be perfect!



What is perfection?
A child’s knee with no bruises?
A baby’s bottom with no rashes?
Or a mother’s heart with no fear?



Each instance in your life is perfect
You remain perfect as you grow
Because you learn;
You learn that who you were 10 years ago
Was the best you could be Then
And the person you are Now
Is the best you can be Right Now

If you want to write a poem, a thought, a short story, a sentence or anything on this theme, link it in the comment section below and I’ll make sure I’ll check it out.

Thank you for reading.

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Flash Fiction : Button(s)

I’m back to writing with a flash fiction!

Here’s my take on the July 5 prompt.

Granny Ruth made the best cookies in the world. They were sweet, crunchy and filled with chocolate chips. Alice was staying at her grand-mother’s place for the holidays, and though she already had her share of cookies for the day, she wanted more. She had seen a cookie box on a table in Granny Ruth’s room, so she tiptoed in and tried to reach the box, pushing from the sides, for the box was too far from the edge of the table. The box fell and all she found were buttons, small, big, patterned and flower-shaped instead of cookies.

Thanks for reading!

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Are We Setting the Church Back 2,000 Years?


Philip Yancy shares this story in his book, “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” “At the height of the Cold War, Billy Graham visited Russia to meet with their political and religious leaders. Many conservatives in the US criticized him for not taking a more prophetic role. One accused him of setting the church back 50 years. Graham responded, “I am deeply ashamed.

Teaming up is a must for bloggers

It has been revealed that there are 440 million blogs on the web. Amazing, isn’t it?

To make it in an arena where you are competing with 440 million people cannot be chocolate to eat.

The secret I believe, lies in people teaming up. What we can do together, we will hardly do if we are each working separately.

Can you imagine my gratitude to God who inspired us to start setting up a team for SIWO?

I don’t advise anyone to go solo in this game of blogging. If you cannot set up a team, join one. We are ready to welcome you into our team. Just let us know you are interested.