Which is better?

Which is better?

To tell the truth about a bad situation and make someone cry or to tell a lie about it and make someone happy when, indeed, they should be crying?

We usually say the truth is bitter but must be told; but told with charity.

Lies are often sweet to hear but in the long run hard to chew and swallow.

I recommend the truth even if its bitter. Aren’t we told only the truth will set us free?

Don’t have any doubt about which is better.


Stop comparing and competing and envying others

Stop comparing yourself with others;
Stop competing with others;
Don’t envy another;
Go at your own pace;
Run your own race;
There’s no first;
There’s no last;
There’s no loser;
There are only winners;
We all are winners;
You are a winner in your time zone;
Your time zone is you time zone;
Different from every other person’s time zone.
You are a winner in your own way;
Some live to old age;
Some die young;
Some die before they are born;
Where some are starting,
Others are ending;
Obama retired as President at 55;
Trump started as president at 72;
A man became CEO at 25;
Was hailed as the smartest guy in all the world;
But he lost his job at 40;
And died at 50, a wrenched man;
The press described him as
The dumbest person who ever lived;
Another picked up his first job
At 40;
Became CEO at 50;
Rose to the highest office at 60;
And lived up to 90.
A fellow graduated as the valedictorian and was hailed all over the country but ended 25 years later on the payroll of the one who barely clinched a pass.
Don’t compare;
Don’t compete;
Life is not a race;
Life is not a competition;
Life is not only for the swiftest;
The roads are many;
We go at different paces;
And must only arrive at our own time;
No need to compare;
No need to compete;
No reason to compare;
No reason to compete;
Run your own race;
Run nothing but your own race.
You will arrive
When you are due to arrive.

Daily Chat Forum No 35 politics

British politics and US politics;
Compare and contrast;
British elections and US elections;
One is noisy and one is quiet;
One is ever long and one can be shorter
Than you can imagine;
One finds no difficulty electing a woman;
One proclaims women’s rights but
For a woman to be elected
Is an uphill task.
Can you say anything?

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Hillary and Trump

Can you compare and contrast the front runners in the US presidential election? Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differ enormously.

During elections, voters compare and contrast the candidates. This helps them to decide who to cast their vote for.

The American election is very interesting because the candidates contrast enormously on the issues.

When the two parties shall get their nominees for the November duel, the campaign shall become even more thrilling. The voters will be sure of the two candidates that they must compare and contrast.

It is not clear who the nominee is likely to be for the Republican Party with so many people casting doubts on Donald Trump’s competence to represent the party; but for the Democratic Party, it looks like Hillary Clinton will be the nominee except there is a dramatic off-set along the line.

Whoever finally is nominated, the media will play a decisive role to x-ray the candidates to help the voters compare and contrast them; and make a well informed choice.

To contrast and harmonize

One is white, and one is black;
The two are products of God’s Mind;
Both are beautiful in my eyes;
Each in its own way a masterpiece.
God in his wisdom,many colors did create;
Made to contrast, made to harmonize;
The beauty of God’s nature share to all.

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