Falling and rising

We live in a world
Of many twists and turns;
Winding and sliplery roads;
Straight, ones are rare;
It’s hard to understand;
A complex world,
When you look ahead,
You must also look behind;
When you look up,
Also cast a look down;
Don’t look one way alone;
Or stay in one place;
And believe that’s where
The world ends; far from it;
It is a wide world;
With lands and oceans;
Mountains and seas;
Where we fall and rise,
And fall again
And rise again;
Always falling and rising.

Make marriage work

Marriage is super complex;
Though, it can be thrilling;
You can make it sweet;
If you don’t fold your arms
And wait for it to work,
You deceive yourself;
It’s really difficult;
Like the stone cutters job;
If you keep hammering,
You will shatter the rock;
There are tools to use;
To make success easy;
Communication tops the list;
You have to dialogue;
Talk to each other;
Talk with an open mind;
But don’t only talk,
You also have to listen;
And listen attentively;
With an open heart as well;
Choose words with care;
And be the first to love;
Make your relatiobship a priority;
And speak to your spouse
In their language of love;
To actually guarantee success,
Put God at the center;
Make him your senior partner;
And after you have done all,
Let patience play its part.

Take things as they come

I am meditating;
Asking and answering questions;
Life is so complex;
Full of challenges;
But many questions
Seem to have no answers,
One must take things
As they come;
Not as one thinks
They should be.
That is maturity;
Are you mature?
Are you ready to take things
As they come,
And not as
You want them to be?

Questions of life

Each time I think
About life,
Many questions come
To my mind;
I cannot find Answers
To many of them;
Life has many
Unanswered questions;
But that should not
Keep us worried;
That’s how life is meant
To be;
You will find answers
To some of questions
That boogle your mind;
But to many,
You will find no answers.
And there is nothing
You can do about;
You have to take it.
And let life continue.
Nothing is wrong
With seeking to know;
But do not think
You can find all the answers.
And don’t say because
You don’t find an answer
It does not exist.
The complexity of life.

Life is complex

Life is not easy;
At times it seems easy,
But it’s not at all;
Life is complex;
At times, you get it right,
At others, you get it wrong;
St times, you think
Your answer is right
Meanwhile it is wrong;
At times, you think
Your answer is wrong,
Meanwhile, it is right.
That is the complexity
Of life;
If someone tells you
Life is easy,
Tell them they are lying;
Or they know what
They are talking about.

Why do certain things happen?

Why certain things happen
The way they do,
It’s hard to explain;
Many happenings in life,
God alone knows;
Nothing, indeed, happens
For nothing;
Always, there’s a purpose;
Carefully designed by God;
Thus, a thing may look Unfortunate,
When it is actually fortunate;
You must never despair;
You may appear to be losing,
When you are winning;
You may appear to be going backwards,
When you are going forward;
You may appear to be going downwards
When you are going upwards.
That is life;
The complexity of life.
Hard to say you know it all.

Many things too mysterious

Not everything can you know;
Not everything can you understand;
Not everything can be explained
To you;
Must you know it all?
What you cannot understand,
You cannot understand;
Leave it;
Others may understand;
That’s okay;
Ours is a complex world;
Many things too mysterious;
And no one can know it all;
We will only know some
And leave some.
Don’t rack your brain
Too much to know everything.

Love complexity

Love has a complexity of its own;
Who has ever understood
This complexity I so clearly see?
It’s so complex,
It gets me completely confused;
We love people who don’t love us;
We want to die for people
Who care little about us;
Someone will love us when we don’t love them;
Someone will want to die for us;
When we care little about them;
Its so complex I don’t understand;
We run after someone
Who runs away from us;
We run away from someone
Who runs after us;
We feel like dying that someone
Has not loved us;
We are even mad and bitter;
Yet, they are fine;
It’s so complex isn’t it?
I find it so.
Love has a complexity of its own.

Even the devil has friends and supporters

If you think it’s only God who has friends,
You are mistaken;
Very mightily mistaken;
Even the devil has friends and supporters;
And many of them as such;
If you also think only good people have friends,
You are mistaken;
Very mistaken;
Wicked people have friends and supporters;
And many of them as such.
You mustn’t think only good people succeed,
That would be a mistake;
A very big mistake;
Evil people succeed as well;
And succeed very well.
And if you think that only clever people succeed,
You are mistaken;
Very mistaken;
Some dull people succeed;
And succeed very well.
Ours is a complex and complicated world;
The answers don’t always come in straight lines;
Very often they come in crooked lines;
What works today may not work tomorrow;
If you have a dream, go for it;
All will definitely not be for you;
But some will surely be for you.
We each have our friend and our supporters;
Both God and the devil
Have their friends and supporters.
What does this mean to you?