Compliments are good

Can you recall what
You said to me as a compliment?
It was a compliment
That touched my heart;
A lovely one indeed;
As soon as I heard
Your words,
A broad smile graced
My face;
And it shone like light
In a dark night;
Sincere compliments
Are good;
They can be magical.
Give them often,
To warm someone’s heart.
And I pray others may see
Your good work
And pour compliments on you.


Family Quarrel

family quarrel
No family is perfect ! We argue,we fight,we even stop talking to each other at times,but in the end family is family….the love will always be there.
Definition :To quarrel is to fight — but usually not physically. Quarreling is a fact of life, occurring between the best of friends, in the happiest of marriages, and between parents and their children. It is a disagreement about something. Why we quarrel in the very first place ? Somewhere I read ( I am not able to recollect the source) what is known as BIG 5 causing friction, leading to argument. 1.Money,, 3.raising kids, and work.Of course one can broaden the BIG 5 into various sub-classes. Disagreement can lead from just anger to outburst of pent-up feelings. The quarrels can stretch from very few initially to increased frequency over the time. The reasons can be from silly to far serious issues. The whole problem is because none is willing to admit their mistakes, continue the arguments,even competing with each other, with ego factor playing an active role. Whenever there is dispute remember,
“Family problems come in all sizes and shapes.Some are short-lived,easily managed,while others are more chronic and difficult to handle” unknown
What I am trying to tell is that it takes time to deal the problems and one must be patient.One must realize that,
“Families and their problems go on and they are not solved….they are dealt with”. Roger Ebert,
When we are friendly with the entire world ( don’t say…. this is because of survival instinct ),why can’t we show same friendliness to our family members? You know the old adage
“You can choose the friends,but you can’t choose the family”
In other words,since blood is thicker than water, all the more you can’t afford to quarrel with your family members.Why don’t you compliment the other for the good things in them How best to avoid family quarrels ? Some tips which I think,can help! ( My 12 commandments ) 1.Stay calm in spite of the urge to respond angrily.Never raise your voice. 2.Be a good listener. 3.Reduce your emotional scale to zero. 4.Let there not be communication gap.Make it clear as to what the other person is saying and meaning. 5.Impress the other person,what actually you meant or intended to do. 6.Never bring the past or unrelated issues. 7.Try to solve the problem and not to win the argument. 8.Put yourself in the others shoes. 9.Don’t stockpile your issues and vent at a stretch irrelevantly. 10.forget & forgive 11.Take it easy. 12.Have faith in the Lord.
“Problems are like washing machines,they twist us,spin us,knock us around but in the end,we come out cleaner,brighter and better than before” – unknown
What are your thoughts ? Thank you.   Philosophy through photography image credits-pixabay,

Delicacies for the heart

Do other people’s words
Ever touch your heart
As they do mine?
When I receive compliments,
Or words of appreciation
From others, as I do often,
They get right to my heart.
I call them a delicacies
For the heart.
I recall with joy,
Some of these delicacies
From some lovely souls,
That fell in my ears
Like gentle showers
Of blessings
From the Most High God
In heaven.
What magical words indeed!
I felt elevated and motivated
To do more myself,
To generate beautiful words,
To warm and adorn the hearts
Of others.
You don’t know
What sweet words mean
To the human heart;
Sweet compliments are transforming.
The world is thirsty for
Words of beauty from human lips.
Roll them out whenever you can;
We need them to embellish
This lofty gift from our Master
Called the world;
They are beautiful flowers;
Sweet, soft, mellodious words; Compliments;
Delicacies for the heart.

You are a blessing

So sweet, indeed;
You are so sweet;
You are a blessing;
My blessing;
A blessing to me;
But not to me alone;
Too good for me alone;
To others also;
You are a blessing
To your family;
Your lovely spouse;
Your kids;
Your neighbours;
Your community;
To the whole world;
As he commanded,
I love you so very much.

(Inspired by and dedicated to the lovely Yamina of love- Faith- Soul)

You have an awesome team

If you have an awesome team,
Like our team at SIWO,
You will be on top,
And you will be fine.

If in your team
Everybody is committed,
Like us at SIWO,
You will do marvels;
And you will be fine.

If you have an awesome team;
Like the SIWO team we have;
You will get amazing results
And you will be fine.

If in your team,
Everybody is highly motivated,
As we are in SIWO,
Your flag will be high;
And you will be fine.

If you want peak performance;
Let everyone do as we are
Doing at SIWO;
You will have peak performance;
And you will be fine.

If in your team,
Everyone has a good heart,
Like everybody has at SIWO,
You will be fine.

If you put the common good
Ahead of personal interest,
Like we do at SIWO,
You will be fine.

If you want to do the impossible,
Build a top team
Like our team at SIWO,
You will be fine.

If in your team
Everyone works hard
For the success of the team,
Like we do at SIWO,
You will be fine.

If every person is free
To bring out their best,
Like we are at SIWO,
You will do great things,
And you will be fine.

If your team is so amazing,
Like our team at SIWO
Be sure you will achieve much;
And you will be fine.

If you have a team of people
Who love other people,
Like our team at SIWO,
There will be nothing
You cannot do;
And you will be fine.

Pour out more compliments

A sincere compliment, I do love;
It makes my heart brightly glow;
And my face to shine like the sun;
It puts a smile on my face;
It gives my heart a lot of warmth;
And I have a sense of self-worth;
I do sincerely love compliments;
And yours are often so special;
You know the right words to use;
And you put them so beautifully;
If compliments can do such good;
Why don’t we pour out more of them?

Compliments are good

I have just been reading some excellent stuff about compliments. I do really believe in compliments. A genuine compliment can light up one’s day. It does happen to me. I have received compliments that have electrified me and lit up my day. Thus, I like to give them also with the belief that if they can have such a great impact on me, they can also have on others.

My compliments are motivated by a desire to spread beauty and get people to bring out the best in them. There is so much beauty buried in you and I and every other person and does no good if allowed dormant. A compliment will stir it and let it rise to the surface. Though just a little thing, the whole humanity is taken one tiny step on the right direction.

We can change the world and compliments are a great tool to do that. I do encourage that we be more generous with our compliments. Let them flow. Once a compliment is genuine it can never be over done.

When I come across some work that I admire, I find it hard to withhold my admiration and once I admire it, I want to let the person know. To say the least,compliments are good.

Compliment someone now!

Do you feel like me
When you receive a compliment?
Compliments make my heart glow;
I mean sincere compliments;
And it’s easy to know them;
I also like giving compliments;
A lot of people do
Marvelous work;
But nobody to take note;
And compliment them;
Whereas a good compliment
Can make a heart glow with joy;
Look around you;
Find something someone has done;
And give them a sincere compliment;
That will make the world better;
Not just the person complimented;
The whole wide world.

Sweet compliments

Sweet compliments never wear me out;
They are a treasure in my ears;
Ever sweet to hear;
Here come some sweet compliments
For you:
You are beautiful;
You are the best;
I love you;
You are charming;
You are sweet;
You are a darling;
You are fantastic;
Your work is excellent;
You are a sweetie;
Do you doubt?
But why?
You were created in the image of God;
Which of them is sweetest in your ears?
Which compliment touches your heat?
Which compliments do you like the most?
That one is for you.