Faith will make you fine

Be bold my beloved;
That is imperative;
Be courageous;
Be confident;
Don’t be intimidated
By anyone;
Many people fall short
Of their potential,
Because they allow others
To intimidate them;
Why should you do that?
Dont you believe in God?
Isn’t your faith strong?
Faith gives courage;
And confidence;
It makes you bold;
Therefore, get faith;
That will make you fine.
Depend on God;
That is what I do.


Counting on you

I count on you, my Lord,
I count on you;
I count on you, this day;
I count on you;
I count on you for my success,
I count on you,
I count on you for my happiness,
I count on you;
I count on you for my joy;
I count on you;
I count on you for my protection;
I count on you;
I count on you for my breakfast,
I count on you;
I count on you for my lunch,
I count on you;
I count on you for my dinner,
I count on you;
I count on you for everything,
I count on you;
I count on you because
You have it all.

Confidence, faith and courage

Have confidence in yourself;
Have faith in God;
Have courage to do the things you know are right;
And shun the things
You know are not right.
Have the audacity to dare;
Have the nerve to risk;
For without the courage
To risk,
You cannot achieve much
In this world;
Confidence, faith and courage
Are three powerful weapons;
With which you can achieve
Many things in life;
Without which
Not much can be achieved;
If you have confidence
In yourself,
You will go far;
Be confident
You have what it takes,
To achieve what you want,
Have faith in God,
That he will lead you through,
Have courage
To do what you should do,
You will surely make it.
And make it big.
Confidence, faith and courage.

Never will he fail me

I trust my God;
My creator, I trust;
I believe him;
I believe what he tells me;
His word is true;
At all times, it is true;
Right now,
My fortunes are mixed;
But still, I am happy;
It is not the end;
The road is still long;
And better things lie ahead;
I shall not relent;
Instead, I shall double my effort;
And I know,
When we say yes with conviction,
Heaven too says yes.
I put my trust in heaven;
In He who created me;
I know and believe
He will never fail me.
Never will he.
His word never fails
Those who put their trust
In it.

All will be well (Be inspired today 229 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When you hand a need
To the Almighty God,
Do not doubt
That he will fill it;
Have confidence;
He never fails those
Who believe in him;
Put full trust in him;
And see what he’ll do;
If your request
Requires a miracle,
God is a specialist
In miracles,
A great specialist
In performing miracles;
He will do one for you.
He makes miracles
In their billions daily.
You only have
To be confident;
All will be well.

Who gets the point?

man standing beside his wife teaching their child how to ride bicycle

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I know at times you doubt
Whether or not you are
On the right track;
Even right now, I can guess
You are doubting;
Let me ask you a question:
Why do you doubt
What you should not doubt?
With all the faith you have,
How can you doubt?
Except you are going alone,
You shouldn’t doubt;
If you put God at the center,
You shouldn’t doubt;
The secret is to put God
At the center of your plans;
And go ahead with confidence,
Because when he is in charge,
Everything goes well.
Do you get my point?
Who gets the point I am making?
I am just encouraging you.
Don’t doubt.