Be calm and confident

At all times, be calm and confident.

Stop fearing and worrying.

Fearing or worrying means you don’t trust in God. Those who trust in God are calm and confident no matter the circumstances.

Be calm and confident no matter the difficulties you are going through.

Believe that God will get you out of whatever difficulty you find yourself in.


People I admire

I admire people who are courageous. In fact, I like anyone who is courageous. Courage is not given to everyone. Hence, anyone who displays this rare quality enjoys my esteem.

Confidence is another admirable quality I find in people.I admire people who have this quality. They speak and act confidently.

The world respects people who are bold. I am not left out. If you speak boldly, people will respect you.

I admire people who are humble; who do not think too highly of themselves; and do not look down on others.

I admire people who are kind of heart; who feel for others; who have compassion.

I admire people who are considerate. If care how others feel, and like to see others well treated.

Be confident in faith

Why are you afraid
Of the darkness
When you believe in God?
Why are you worried
About what may happen
To you
When you trust in God?
Why do you doubt the future
When God has promised
To take control of your life?
God gives assurance,
He will sail you through
The turbulent waters
Of the present situation
To safe shores;
You have to be bold,
Confident and courageous
In faith;
Know that the angels of God surround you
Wherever you go;
They will guide you,
Protect you,
And lead you safely
To your destination.


Communication can mean a
Big difference;
Communication is the key;
If your communication is
If your communication is
If your communication is confident,
If your communication is
If your communication is charismatic,
If your communication is
You stand a good chance
To win
The hearts of those who
Listen to you;
Which is success for you.

You mean so much

You don’t know what you mean
To me;
You mean so much to me;
I don’t know if I can
Do without you;
You are my backbone;
You are the pillar of my life;
With you, I am confident;
As my life moves as I like;
You encourage me;
You inspire me;
You motivate me;
I pray you to continue
To be in my life;
Continue to stand by me;
Continue to help me,
Continue to do those things
Which will help me
To be the person
I am meant to be;
Your encouragement is valued.