I congratulate you

I do warmly congratulate you;
You have held fast
To your lofty dream;
You have not surrendered.

You have tenacity of purpose;
That is the winning spirit;
Many, with the losing spirit,
Surrender easily.

They pack their bags
And go home;
Not the champion’s spirit.
And not at all encouraged.

You have kept on going;
With faith and confidence;
You have displayed courage;
I say, “Bravo!”; I applaud you.

More power to your elbows;
The happy rewards, to reap,
When the time is ripe.
I do warmly congratulate you.


You did it, Kallie, bravo!

Bravo, Kallie
On the publication
Of your new book;
Yes, you did it;
Beautiful book;
Sweet title:
“I did it, I”m published.”
You did it sweet friend;
You are a source
Of inspiration
In our community;
Forward ever, dear friend!
You have only just begun;
You are highly motivated;
And you love giving service
To people;
Keep on going;
The sky is your springboard.

World shapers

Tribute to the:
Great thinkers,
Great artists;
Great writers;
Great leaders;
Great politicians;
Great poets;
Great philosophers;
Great teachers;
Great inventors;
Great scientists;
Great explorers;
Great musicians;
Great thinkers;
Great communicators;
Great motivators; and
Great inspirers;
Who have shaped
The world;
I thank them;
And feel motivated
To contribute
My quota to shape
The world.
What of you?

Letter to Jacqueline Obyikocha

Dear Jacqueline,
It is the joy of Success Inspirer to inform you that since we published your interview a week ago, it has remained at the top of the chart as the most viewed post. This is a great sign of the interest that people have in what you are doing and the impact you are creating on the web. Had we an award to give you, this would have been the moment; but we don’t. Take this letter as our way to congratulate you. May you keep shining!
The Success Inspirer
Management Team.


For anyone who wishes to visit Jacky’s site, it’s found here: http://acookingpotandtwistedtales.com/

Jacqueline Obyikocha

Congrats are welcome

Today, I reached fifty thousand hits on my site. What a great day for me! When I started blogging, reaching this figure seemed like pulling down a mountain. Here I am today.

What lessons do we draw as we celebrate?

That many of the things that look impossible are actually possible. All you need is to get the right people on your side; work very hard using the right tools and persist.

For the past one year three months, I have had the right people on my side. In fact, the best people on my side. That is you and the others. I have worked very hard. I persisted when the going was tough.Today I celebrate 50.000 hits.

How can I ever thank you enough? You all contributed so much to this. In short, it’s all your doing. Even when I failed to reciprocate your kindness, you never gave up on me. You stayed on with me giving me and the world a wonderful lesson which I will never forget:love should be selfless and unconditional.

Once again, I thank you with all my heart and wish that God may abundantly bless you. If you like to know the gift I would appreciate on this occasion, I would like your ‘like’ on this post and your word or words of encouragement.