What is best to conquer?

If you take delight
In conquering,
Let me tell you
What’s best to conquer;
And what not to conquer;
And what’s best to come.
Don’t conquer women,
Some men spend their lives
Conquering women;
That is not what
You should conquer.
Don’t conquer men;
Can you guess?
Millions of women are out
Today trying to
Conquer men;
Another bad choice
Of what to conquer.
Don’t conquer money;
Money may not be bad
But can be dangerous;
Before you open your eyes,
You are in ruins;
If it is not how you
Search for it,
That ruins you,
It is how you use it.
Don’t conquer power.
Power corrupts;
And can destroy you
Faster than you imagine.
If you must conquer power,
Be careful how you do it,
Lest you burn your fingers.
Don’t conquer fame;
Or stardom;
Conquer hearts;
Conquer people with love;
God wants us to conquer
The world with love;
Conquer the hearts
Of fellow human beings
Not for selfish reasons
But for selfless reasons.
Conquer the heart of God.


Love truly conquers

You heard it said;
Love conquers;
I agree;
Love truly conquers;
Love opens all doors;
Love is the master key;
Where there is love,
Anger disappears;
When your love tank
Is full,
Joy fills your heart;
Where there is love,
Hate disappears;
And when hate goes,
Conflict and war go.
Let us plant love,
And more love
In the garden of our
To grow and bear
Abundant fruit.
That will be peace,
unity, harmony and joy.

How Can You Conquer the Perplexed? — Michael J. Fite

“Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge.” -Khalil Gilbran

For today’s inspiration, I want to share how you can conquer the perplexed people and things in your life. When you do become perplexed, it can be a moment that could leave you lost, confused, and unsure about how to comprehend and understand what you have seen or heard. Whenever you are perplexed, use this as an opportunity for you to gain knowledge and understanding so that turn whatever is perplexed into someone or something simplified.

Remember that for every person or thing that is perplexed, there are questions and answers; if you take the time to ask questions, you will eventually find the answers.

How can you conquer the perplexed?

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How Can You Conquer the Perplexed? — Michael J. Fite

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-Michael J. Fite

More shall be conquered

The limit of your vision, my friend,
Is not the limit of the world;
What you cannot do,
Don’t think
No one can do;
The world is full of talents;
What has been conquered
Is less than what is still to be conquered;
While some see things and say
This cannot be done;
Others see them and say
This can be done,
And go ahead to do them.
Ours is a world of marvels;
What has been done
Is nothing compared to
What will be done.
Let’s be hopeful and live in faith;
The best is still to come.