Daily Chat Forum No 35 politics

British politics and US politics;
Compare and contrast;
British elections and US elections;
One is noisy and one is quiet;
One is ever long and one can be shorter
Than you can imagine;
One finds no difficulty electing a woman;
One proclaims women’s rights but
For a woman to be elected
Is an uphill task.
Can you say anything?

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The real and the fake you

The ‘you’ others know
Contrasts sharply with
The ‘you’ that you really are;
The ‘you’ you don’t want others to know;
Contrasts sharply with the ‘you’
You like everybody to know.
The ‘you’ inside your mask,
is different from the ‘you’
Outside your mask.
The fake ‘you’
Contrasts sharply with the real ‘you.’

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Hillary and Trump

Can you compare and contrast the front runners in the US presidential election? Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differ enormously.

During elections, voters compare and contrast the candidates. This helps them to decide who to cast their vote for.

The American election is very interesting because the candidates contrast enormously on the issues.

When the two parties shall get their nominees for the November duel, the campaign shall become even more thrilling. The voters will be sure of the two candidates that they must compare and contrast.

It is not clear who the nominee is likely to be for the Republican Party with so many people casting doubts on Donald Trump’s competence to represent the party; but for the Democratic Party, it looks like Hillary Clinton will be the nominee except there is a dramatic off-set along the line.

Whoever finally is nominated, the media will play a decisive role to x-ray the candidates to help the voters compare and contrast them; and make a well informed choice.

To contrast and harmonize

One is white, and one is black;
The two are products of God’s Mind;
Both are beautiful in my eyes;
Each in its own way a masterpiece.
God in his wisdom,many colors did create;
Made to contrast, made to harmonize;
The beauty of God’s nature share to all.

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Sharp contrast

I know them so well;
I was present when they were born;
They were cute little twins;
Who grew into a sharp physical contrast
To each other;
The one was dark, the other was fair;
How does this happen?
They come from the same womb;
Have the same parents;
Were born on the same day;
But one is dark;
And the other is fair.
Have you seen this?
How does science explain?