If you cannot…

If you cannot, you cannot;
Accept it;
Don’t pretend;
If you cannot do a thing,
And are sure and certain
You cannot do it,
Leave it;
Don’t force it;
Things that are forced
Are not good;
They end up bringing trouble;
It is good to stretch your arm
To know how far you can go,
But don’t overdo it;
Know your range;
Know your limit;
And stop there.
Bear in mind that it’s not
Everything that you can do;
We humans have our limits;
Don’t try to fly like a bird
Because you don’t have wings;
And were not meant to fly.
Aim high;
Dream big;
Be ambitious;
Put your eye on
The golden crown;
But once you are sure,
And I mean sure,
That something is above
Your capacity,
Put your hands off it;
Stay clear of it.
Don’t bite
More than you can chew;
And don’t force to chew
What you cannot chew;
You risk teeth destruction.
Be realistic;
Accept reality;
Only a fool tries to go
Against reality;
Wise people go with reality.
But remember every coin
Has two sides;
Let nothing limit you
From soaring to the ends
Of the sky;
If only you see it’s what
You can do.


Critical times

The times are critical;
Many decisions are radical;
We cannot afford to be indolent,
Yet, we must be prudent;
Although God is in control,
We have to play our role.
If we do what we should do,
And go where we should go,
God will do the rest
And we will have the best.


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Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #57

Everyone has something to smile about if they put their mind to it.

The mind is thinking a 1000 thoughts a minute and visualising some too.

The visualisation of ideas is fun for the beholder.

The beholder dreams what can be done with this creativity.

Creativity involves many people for it not to remain selfish,

Selfish ways can become quite dangerous,

And that can surely wipe off the smiles.

A world without smiles is no good to anyone.


Poetry is not the food to replace my Elevenses but it take over the time to eat.