Let’s look into the issue of couples who always quarrel

How is your relationship with your spouse at this moment?

Is it excellent? Cordial? Manageable? Or hostile?

There are couples whose relationship at this moment is very good. They are on very good terms. Current is flowing between them.

There are others whose relationship is at its lowest ebb. They don’t want to catch each other with the eyes. They are not on good terms.

Do you know what can happen when a man and his wife are not on good terms?

A lot can go wrong.

Much has gone wrong for many couples for this reason.

Many families have experienced untold suffering just because husband and wife were not getting on well.

Many people leave their homes in the morning feeling sad; carrying long faces, unable to smile.

They stay in that mood all day at work, and go back home in the evening with the same low spirits.

Go to investigate and you will discover that they, husband and husband, were at loggerheads before one or both of them left the house.

It may simply be that food money was not given. It may be there was a careless exchange of bitter words. It could be some external influence.

It is very easy for someone to run into an accident just because the person left the house quarreling with the spouse.

If you are angry when you drive it can be risky. You can easily hit somebody or another vehicle hits you; or you run into a ditch.

When couples quarrel, they must quickly get over it. No one says couples can go completely without quarrelling, but don’t quarrel and let it go for too long.

There are many men who have left home and gone drinking carelessly because they quarrelled with their wife and did not reconcile.

Look at the dangers to which he is exposed: he is exposed to being poisoned; he can drink and get drunk and run into one kind of trouble or another; he can be robbed, beaten and even killed, etc,.

These are things that have happened. It is very dangerous when a man and his wife are always quarreling. Their lives are not safe.

A lot of spouses fall prey to temptation to cheat on the other when they are always on bad terms.

When some people see you looking sad , they like to take advantage. Some will give you misleading advice which will worsen matters for you.

You may find your husband’s friend who is very friendly and sympathetic, but the next minute, he will be wanting to date you.

Unfortunate! Instead of helping you in trouble, he wants to sink you further into the sea.

Women are no better. A woman will know that you have problems with your spouse and pretend to be showing sympathy. The next minute, she will invite you home. Soon, she will want you to leave your wife and marry her.

A couple that is always at loggerheads, hardly progresses as they should. Frequent quarrels retard progress.

How can they progress when each person will not be ready to sit down and discuss with the other? Sitting and planning together requires that the couple understands each other; that they work in harmony; in synergy. And working in synergy as couple generates tremendous power.

You must avoid frequent quarrels with your spouse. If you quarrel often, one person or both of you could die easily as a result.

It is true that human beings are not God, and not even angels or saints. You must from time to time have some misunderstanding; but quickly resolve the differences. Do not let it go on for ever. Do not go to bed with an unresolved quarrel with your spouse.

Bear in mind that couples that are always at loggerheads are very likely to end up in tears

16 things to do or not to do to your spouse

  1. keep your spouse happy.
  2. Appreciate all the sacrifices your spouse makes for you
  3. Do not do things you know will anger your spouse.
  4. Do not make your spouse worried about your love.
  5. Help your spouse to have self confidence and self esteem
  6. Avoid criticizing your spouse.
  7. Be caring and kind to your spouse.
  8. Love your spouse with all your heart.❤️
  9. Be faithful and do not cheat on your spouse.
  10. Do not compete with your spouse.
  11. Collaborate with your spouse.
  12. Make your relationship with your spouse a priority.
  13. Do not take your spouse for granted.
  14. Do not run down your spouse in front of others.
  15. Be supportive of your spouse.
  16. Always fan the fire of your love. Add , if you think of more.😀

A prayer for marriage

O God, our Heavenly Father,
You instituted marriage
And decreed
That man and woman
Shall leave their parents
And come together,
Bound by love
To live happily
For the rest of their lives;
It is not always easy, O God;
Help all couples,
To be happy;
Many are not happy;
Help couples to enjoy peace
And harmony
Instead of quarreling
And fighting on a daily basis.
Fill all husbands and wives
With the spirit of Love
And respect of you law
For marriage.
Grant them the wisdom
To find peaceful solutions
To their problems;
And be shining examples
In their various communities;
This is our humble prayer
Which we submit to you; Amen!

Happy couples

Couples must equip themselves with the tools for a successful, happy marriage if they want their marriage to be so. More than thirty couples assembled at the Paul VI Memorial, Pastoral Center in my city to ground themselves with these tools. Emilia and I are not of the formation team this time, but as marriage leaders, we are in the organization.

Married couples in 2015



This is my New Year wish to all of you,
Married couples:
Dear loving couples,
My best wishes to you for a most enjoyable
Couple relationship in 2015!
May the good Lord who instituted marriage
Grant you the wisdom and good heart
To make your marriage what He wants all marriages to be!

May your marriage hit the sky in love, fun and sunshine in 2015!
May you be aware, however, that this will only happen
If you make it happen!
May you thus spend every single day in 2015 making sure
You put more love, fun and sunshine in your marriage!

May you ask yourself every day
What you have done for your marriage!
May you never be tired of asking
If you have done enough for your marriage to succeed!
May you borrow every day from one time U.S. President JF Kennedy and ask
Not what your spouse has done for you,
But what you have done for your spouse!

May you be granted the wisdom to know why many marriages
End on the rocks when they shouldn’t have!
May you understand that the spouses in such marriages
Fail to put in what is needed,
Because they think their marriage should succeed on its own!
May you understand that no marriage succeeds on its own!
That if you see a couple that shines and is admired,
T hat couple has worked hard for it.

May you be a perfect pair
May you understand that God did not make any mistake at all
To make you husband and wife!
But rather that he found you a perfect pair!
May you understand then that you have no reason not to succeed!
May you, therefore, not take your spouse for granted in 2015!
May you continue to fan the flame of love in your marriage in 2015!
May you never let the fire of love between you and your spouse die!

May your marriage shine!
May God be ever present in your marriage in 2015!
May your marriage shine, radiate and light up

The world around you in 2015!